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I would love the away kit to be that white 1 Reina is wearing...and maybe he can wear the 'red' when playing away!!! :D
2nd May 2013 1:40
2nd May 2013 3:31
"I saw this on a leaked version website. Like the home strip but if the away and 3rd kit is anything lyk the ones that were leaked, i hate them.! :( more than this yrs kits"
2nd May 2013 3:57
"Would love it had they left off the "LIVERPOOL FC" running parallel to the pinstripes. Absolutely terrible idea. Makes it look cheap. Learn that less is more."
2nd May 2013 6:20
"10/10 for me :)"
2nd May 2013 6:46
"Reina gk kit is outstanding.I hv nvr had a gk kit as getting one but after i am sure that our gk no.1 vl still be reina."
2nd May 2013 7:25
"Really love liverpool writings on the stripes but the collar reminds me with MU's jersey a couple of season ago"
2nd May 2013 8:11
"I really like it they have got the blend of retro & new style perfect, job well done in my opinion. I really hope the away & 3rd kit are not the 2 others I've seen tho, we shall see but really hope it wasn't them as they are shockingly bad. "
2nd May 2013 8:53
"Must try harder"
2nd May 2013 8:56
"these warrior kits all look like Sunday market rip o, so cheap and tacky. Get this in your heads warrior, old kit dose not mean out performance will replicate that of old! I miss the shankly gates on the badge too that old school one makes it look cheap and fake!"
2nd May 2013 8:57
"Much much bertter than the current one :-) and the GK-jersey is tremendously looking good I hope SS version willbe available as well that will do for me :-) "
2nd May 2013 9:07
"Like it. So Munich show Barca tip tap is not always king. Stability, power and pace too. New signings: Carroll, Sterling, Kelly, Allen, Coates, Hendo, Downing, Sturridge, Couthino. Exciting. Add maybe 1 or 2 but give the talent a chance. If suarez goes buy stars. I miss mascherano most for the ankle biting. Alonso is great but hard to balance in our mid."
2nd May 2013 9:44
"8/10 for this one. I am praying that the images I have seen for the new away kit and 3rd kit are not true! As someone else has said, the away kit should closely resemble the new GK home kit. The 3rd kit should then be all yellow. As with the home kit Warrior, stick to tradition with the away kits. Sales will increase massively if they do this!"
2nd May 2013 10:22
"The kit is cool and very attractive. All we need is the players feeling comfortable in it. Good kit"
2nd May 2013 11:29
"'brainlessmoron'- how ever did you come up with your username? And now a list of 'spotless' sponsors- ."
2nd May 2013 11:29
"Gerrard has to be the LFC player with most kits!"
2nd May 2013 12:34
"Thank God it now seems as if Warrior has dropped their awful "We come not to play" tagline. I keep feeling that we won't turn up to play all season long."
2nd May 2013 12:48
"I REally Like the New Home Shirt, think it Looks REally Smart and Presentable. YNWA REDS. "