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LFC are in the top 3 in terms of goals scored this season so I will be shocked if Brendan signed any attackers over the summer. A CB should be the priority!
29th Apr 2013 12:10
29th Apr 2013 12:58
" Stephane Sessegnon at 28 is too old for us and does not fit the bill! I wouldn't mind Xabi even though he is 31 because he breathes Liverpool!"
29th Apr 2013 14:04
"very good player, and would fit in well here, but the guy has to want to come here before we start chasing him"
29th Apr 2013 14:06
"at luis7??9 What?????? Yes it is good that we are 3rd in terms of goals scored but we still need more attacking talent! We should now be aiming to be number 1 in goals scored!!!!! "
29th Apr 2013 14:06
"We still need another striker to add to our goals, another winger who is world class, another playermaker who can score aswell!!! Then yes a couple of center backs and a defensive midfielder! Then we can compete with all teams!"
29th Apr 2013 14:30
"Eurochampsforkeeps - We have Andy coming back and will have 4 strikers for next season and you think we need more? As mentioned before, the attack has been sorted. Brendan now needs to sort the defensive side of things. "
29th Apr 2013 15:25
"BR, you need to give Seb Coates a chance... He's not Young Player of the Copa America for nothing. YNWA"
29th Apr 2013 17:39
"vseow - Coates needs to be loaned out to a championship club. He only has the height and needs to prove himself before even making the bench for us. "
29th Apr 2013 22:12
"i hear fabregas is no longer wanted at barca. he'd fit right in and could be a major step forward in showing our intent"
30th Apr 2013 7:04
"Doubt Fabregas would sign for us. If he returns to the PL, expect him to join Arsenal."