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Tiote's stamp?
29th Apr 2013 10:47
29th Apr 2013 11:12
"Coutinho.... He is a special talent"
29th Apr 2013 11:33
"lfcredi - Tiote isn't a Liverpool player, ergo his stamp will be ignored... condoned, even, because it was ON a Liverpool player..."
29th Apr 2013 11:46
"How that Tiote went that whole game without even a booking is beyond me. 1st half the late diving tackle on Coutinho was rash dangerous then he swung his arm back at head hight & caught Coutinho in the throat the ref even went over to have a word with him about it but let it go no card? The amount of late & clumsy tackles he made in the first half alone how he escaped a card is mad. "
29th Apr 2013 14:07
"This is the type of tripe i expected from such a rag which was all for hanging Luis out to dry i didnt see an out cry about Tiote's stamp but then didnt expect to. Luis showed the FA for what they are hypercrites when he questioned his 8 match ban to Terry's 4 now FA supporters can grovel. LFC YNWA"
29th Apr 2013 14:12
"The FA the SU. and this rag the Mirror will all condon foul tactics against Liverpool players as our fight for Justice has shamed the lot of them and they ar not likely to forget that, but we are LFC and will never walk alone neither will LUIS SUAREZ. Bite us we bite you back. LFC YNWA"
29th Apr 2013 14:30
"Well put Kawakaman...."
29th Apr 2013 16:37
"must buy players Benteke, Diame, Alonso, Sanchez, Vertohgen ,Ogbonna or kurt Zouma..out Borini, Caroll,Coates,Downing, Jones, Shelvey..Henderson, Suso.."
29th Apr 2013 18:41
"Wouldn't mind us buying Colochini and that Swededish defendewr Olson from West Bromwich Albion, now that would give our defence some steel. "
30th Apr 2013 3:28
"Tiote's stamp could have been career ending and yet the FA lets it go? That is in the same malicious category as Suarez's bite... So, they tolerate & condone deliberate actions of misconduct like Tiote's but ban Suarez for 10 matches.... FA needs a change.. UBAHHHHHH!"
30th Apr 2013 12:22
"yay downing !! :)"