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we should not be buying any players from QPR!
29th Apr 2013 11:23
29th Apr 2013 11:35
"Crap 1 thing that makes this rumour just media crap is the wages Remy is on around the 90-100k mark we wouldn't pay that for a relatively unproven player these days & rightfully so. Especially when really he isn't a type of player we are in desperate need of, we have DS,LS,FB & a host of young potential prospects coming through that plays his position. I would be happy with Eriksen,De Vrij. "
29th Apr 2013 12:12
"Go to Arsenal please since they will need you. They do not have any strikers capable of scoring 15+ league goals a season. "
29th Apr 2013 12:31
"I would rather activate Benteke's release clause"
29th Apr 2013 13:15
"Liverpool will get success only if fenway bring back rafa he will be available at the end of this season so don't waste time won 1match n lose 3 get rid of him plz "
29th Apr 2013 15:22
"You've got to be kidding....No thanks."
29th Apr 2013 16:30
"no get Benteke and give villa Borini and some cash"
Always A Red
29th Apr 2013 17:20
"I may be wrong but isnt Benteke just another Andy Carroll - tall, nuisance, scores with head and feet...someone please tell me how he fits into BR's plans and AC does not - YES to Loic Remy, but for wages!"
29th Apr 2013 20:24
"I keep looking in the gossip columns for signs of a defender, which is surely more important than more strikers, as Carra is almost finished and Martin's future is a little uncertain! "
29th Apr 2013 20:58
"100% agree with 'always a red'. Also, todays one season wonder could be next seasons flop and I don't think benteke warrants the 20 odd mil villa will undoubtedly ask for. Eriksen and Sakho would be my two priorities. Sakho is young, captained PSG when he was 20, and wants to leave due to lack of playing time. Dani and he could strike up quite the defensive pairing imo "
Ed Looney
29th Apr 2013 21:13
"Doesn't make a lot of sense. We have scoring. What's killed us is mistakes on defense. When the guys we HAVE already on defense make the right decisions, they are superb, but, if there's a communications problem, then, probably, Skrtel will be joining Carra as needing replaced."
30th Apr 2013 1:47
"if he's good, why the hell qpr is thank you"
bloodred like wine
30th Apr 2013 4:27
"Benteke is the one for me"
30th Apr 2013 9:37
30th Apr 2013 16:24
"At least, Remy is much better than Andy Carroll."