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Pointless to sell AC for £10 mil (especially if Newcastle go down).Brendan should at least utilise him up until January as we will be without Suarez until October and Borini and Sturridge are prone to injury.
29th Apr 2013 9:36
29th Apr 2013 9:58
"Big Andy we need you"
29th Apr 2013 10:13
"Andy Carrol should be sold so that Ngoo will take his place in our squad. YNWA"
29th Apr 2013 10:30
"Don't need Carroll if we could snatch Remy for 8L. Even losing out, it'd still look like we was winning with a 2L net gain on that deal."
29th Apr 2013 11:30
"Andy back to cover Luis's absence? And then sell? Not sure but I think we'd have to get £20m for him really, so he'd have to have a great 6 games for us. "
29th Apr 2013 12:09
"Use him as a plan B for next season. He is capable of banging in up to 15 league goals per season when in form. The same applies to both Borini and Sturridge. LFC are in the top 3 in terms of goals scored so I will be shocked if money is wasted in the summer for another attacker. A solid CB should be the priority! "
29th Apr 2013 13:16
"Why Michael Ngoo went on loan but not on pre-season tour continues to baffle me. This guy has been on fire in the Reserves for years. Really hope he gets a chance against Indonesia/Thailand/Melbourne this summer and proves his worth."
29th Apr 2013 14:26
"Warrior, RedOx- Ngoo has talent but still very young and too lighweight for front line in BPL. Playing well for Hearts and Reserves is one thing, put him up against the likes of Kompany and he would get squashed. Not knocking the guy, I actually prefer him over Sterling, he's just not ready and the coaches know it."
29th Apr 2013 14:31
"Bring Andy back. Selling for 10M = 25M LOSS. Very bad business. Remember- he came to us same time as Luis, he was injured, and not match fit. We were playing poorly and disorganized. We now play with shape and purpose. We win a lot of corners but are really no threat. We also play down the wing as much as anybody, still no threat. Keep Andy, buy Remy. Striker problem done and dusted."
29th Apr 2013 14:48
"Surely alot of clubs will be looking at Andy now in England and Europe! We should get a good price for him 17m min! I would like to see us move for a player like Damiao, Benteke or Hooper!"
29th Apr 2013 15:18
"Eurochampsfo rkeeps 29th Apr 2013 14:48,Are you sure lots of clubs in England & Europe want Carroll? That is a good news! But I don't think clubs in Europe want Carroll as a football player ."
29th Apr 2013 15:19
"Eurochampsfo rkeeps 29th Apr 2013 14:48,Are you sure lots of clubs in England & Europe want Carroll? That is a good news! But I don't think clubs in Europe want Carroll as a football player ."
29th Apr 2013 15:20
"Eurochampsfo rkeeps 29th Apr 2013 14:48,Are you sure lots of clubs in England & Europe want Carroll? That is a good news! But I don't think clubs in Europe want Carroll as a football player ."
29th Apr 2013 17:34
"PoolBoyUSA - Keep Andy and also buy Remy? Now that makes no sense at all since we will have 5 strikers. "
29th Apr 2013 19:04
"luis7??9- Agree that 5 strikers seems a lot. There is method to my madness though. A lot (not all) of big clubs have 4 quality strikers. Until Luis returns in October that is what we will have. He may or may not reinsert himself and have immediate impact. We all know that symmetry doesn't reappear overnight. Contd....."
29th Apr 2013 19:08
"The time off for LS will give the others a chance to shine and build their value. IF Luis returns to full form, and IF Luis can behave himself, then we can sell one of the others in January window. If it happens to be Carroll, then we SHOULD get more than the 10M I keep hearing about. Point is: better to have too many than not enough."
29th Apr 2013 20:40
"Wish we could convert Big Andy into a central defender, he would be fantastic for set pieces and corners, attacking and defending just a thought, just wondering. If only."
29th Apr 2013 21:14
"PoolBoyUSA - I would prefer LFC signing defensive players since this has been the problem for us this season. We have scored plenty of goals but also conceded a lot. I think 5-3-2 for next season would walk us into top 4, assuming we sign a top quality CB to partner both Agger and Skrtel. "
29th Apr 2013 21:15
"PoolBoyUSA - 5-3-2 would also allow both fullbacks to push forward and be used as wingers. It would allow both Coutinho and Gerrard to push forward and help both strikers whilst Lucas plays his CDM position to help the 3 CBs out. "
29th Apr 2013 21:27
"Luis7??9- I like the way you think. That formation would be deadly. I also think that had our defense been as solid as last year, we would be on 65+ points right now. We get Martin Kelly back next year and I rate him quite highly-was gutted when he went off vs ManU. Contd..."
29th Apr 2013 21:28
"You're right about goals, we could have bagged a few more, but it was not the problem this year. I don't want Suarez to go anywhere, but I think we have to seriously consider life without him. "
29th Apr 2013 22:01
"Also- Doesn't have to be Remy that we buy. To state the obvious- Benteke looked pretty good today! "
29th Apr 2013 23:06
"If AC stays away from bad influence/s he'll be back at Anfield next season. If not...sell!"
29th Apr 2013 23:06
"Pool, Ngoo can never be that strong guy that we want him to be if we can't brood him into the squad. Also, getting Remy should not be the priority right now since he has same style of play with Sturridge."
29th Apr 2013 23:10
"Please, we should stop targeting top four, Lfc is good enough to win the league, let's aim for the moon(premier league le) so that even if we don't land there, we'll fall on the stars(top 3) "