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I thought so. 11 tackles by Lucas - totally dominant and some people had the cheek to say he didn't play well - clueless!
29th Apr 2013 8:36
29th Apr 2013 10:28
"now just do it every game lucas starting with the bitters this weekend."
29th Apr 2013 10:42
"Well played Lucas, another important performance by you"
29th Apr 2013 10:55
"well done lucas, well plyed YNWA"
Billy B girl
29th Apr 2013 11:11
"Fantastic Lucas YNWA"
29th Apr 2013 11:37
"Bit like Hamann was in some games-fairly invisible and yet vital."
29th Apr 2013 12:30
"11 tackles! Immense."
29th Apr 2013 12:33
"What Lucas does great is keep his positional discipline and break up the opposition's attacks. He's not only a great tackler, but a great passer as well. We've got goalscorers in the team, so keeping clean sheets will be vital. For fear of stating the obvious, if the other team are on nil, then it always gives us a chance to win the match. Keep it up Lucas!"
29th Apr 2013 13:55
"Yes well played Lucas, Hendo and all the team. Everton on sunday will be a real test. It would be a great end to season if we can overtake them for 6th and move on "
29th Apr 2013 14:19
"Yep! Voted him to be man of the match. Coutinho was really good, but the way Lucas tackled and protected our back four was really impressing. Hopefully he will have a good preseason and he stays fit so he can be back to his best when new season starts."
29th Apr 2013 17:19
"Lucas was pure class. "
29th Apr 2013 17:23
"Lucas had his best game of the season. It seemed he was back to his very best against Newcastle. He won't get the plaudits that the goalscorers and assists get but he was probably the main reason we won the match."
29th Apr 2013 17:55
"He is a class player one of the 6 -7 real important players we have in the team!"
29th Apr 2013 18:05
"Henderson doing really good . Fair play to him"
30th Apr 2013 2:09
"Newcastle were horrible...can't judge LFC v mediocrity."
Stan Still
30th Apr 2013 7:09
"Well played Lucas! He will lift the world cup next year, and he will shine in that Brazilian team. Don't be surprised if he is one of the main stars of the tournament."