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Hendo is imroving steadily. Has potential to be a great signing. Hope he remains consistent. Walk on....YNWA
28th Apr 2013 14:49
28th Apr 2013 14:53
"Great news Hendo! Just need to keep working hard, and raise lowest level. YNWA!"
28th Apr 2013 15:01
"hendo will turn out to be a top player! "
28th Apr 2013 15:22
"Go wan Henderson Kid. .. Good Work..."
28th Apr 2013 16:17
"why buy Allen when we got Hendo..."
28th Apr 2013 17:36
"Proving the critics wrong. Good on U lad! Keep improving. Ye have little faith."
28th Apr 2013 17:39
"Why does everyone at love talking about hendo & not coutinho? He still hasn't proved himself to me"
28th Apr 2013 18:10
"Hendo is better than Cleverley who is only in the England squad because of his United shirt. Henderson has improved, hes looking more confident on the pitch and eager to impress following the stick he got last season."
28th Apr 2013 18:31
"Well done Hendo. One thing to note is how he and Sturridge have experienced playing together on a regular basis for England U21's. That undersanding was evident yesterday. Questions remain as to whether BR see's him as a first teamer once Allen returns and possible signings in that position in the Summer? Hendo's doing his chances no harm at present."
28th Apr 2013 19:53
28th Apr 2013 20:18
"We need players who can play and score where it matters.In the big games Henderson can't even make a 10m pass accurately.We seen that last week.With the amount of money spent on him he was supposed to deliver right away.Instead, some fans on here still shamlessly talk about his "improvement" all season as if he was a player from the Academy. "
28th Apr 2013 20:22
"habeshakop zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Friend of Osebasa?"
28th Apr 2013 20:31
"Look at PC who is 3 yrs younger & signed for half the money spent on Hendo.He is a talent of the higher order and showing it from the very moment he started playing in an LFC shirt.He is the type of player we want here.Not Henderson or Downing who come "alive" every 5-6 games when we play the smaller teams!Roy Hodgson didn't want both and rightly so."
28th Apr 2013 20:45
"Habeshakop - It is funny that you share the exact same views as Osebasa - hmmmm................"
28th Apr 2013 21:02
"ReformedReda hendo, you can join us when you open your eyes to the reality.Most people don't differ on things very clear to see.You better reform your views just as you did your username ."
28th Apr 2013 21:23
"Just goes to show, play him in his natural position and he shines. Put him on the wing like Kenny did and he's like a lost soul. I'm glad Rodgers recognises where he is effective and has nurtured him well."
28th Apr 2013 21:26
"I'd rather not join U/Osebasa and Buddha if you don't mind......I may be Crazy but I'd rather be crazy on my own."
28th Apr 2013 22:09
"Great that the stats are now confirming what many of us believed from the start - that Jordan is an important player for the team."
28th Apr 2013 23:55
"All our players need to be given time to improve! YNWA!"
29th Apr 2013 1:37
"it seems that Henderson learns a lot from the Captain plus his true great potential...keep it up Henderson, YNWA"
A Red In My Bed
29th Apr 2013 5:11
"More and More impressed with Hendo. And, I have to admit, Downing! Keep going/improving as you are lads. (And Luis' been done twice this week! 10 game k***g Ban AND second best player?! Beyond a joke!) yNwa"
29th Apr 2013 8:36
"I have always rated him and I believe he can be a good long term replacement for Stevie G once the legend retires. I am convinced that is what King Kenny bought him for "
29th Apr 2013 11:03
"Hendo, you have proved your doubters wrong. You never stop & you have improved immensely. I hope BR recognises your role in the side & can sell Allen. We seemed a lot more complete selfless passing team. YNWA"
29th Apr 2013 17:02
"Henderson, Carroll and Downing have all come in for much criticism simply due to the amount paid for them. Carroll and Downing should of been bought for half their fees and i'm sure if that was the case with Carroll, then he wouldn't of gone on loan. BR it seems felt that Andy was too an expensive liability and who's value may decrease if he wasn't played regularly. "
29th Apr 2013 17:03
"Hendo however, i feel we would recoup the amount we paid if he was to be sold or even make a profit on him. It's time to forget the fee and judge him on his impact to LFC. This season alone i feel he made a major impact."
29th Apr 2013 19:00
"great lad great a t I t u d e and has improved immencely YNWA JH"
30th Apr 2013 13:00
"Hendo has been great this year, hard to believe people are still critical of the guy. His work rate and movement are great and his passing is improving. Hes also chipping in goals. Well done Hendo, delighted for you"