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I don't understand why we need him when we have Sturridge. His style of play with place and good finishing is exacly the same as Sturridge's. ... And he is older. I think this will be a miss Brenny...
28th Apr 2013 13:15
28th Apr 2013 14:14
"Turned down Liverpool & Newcastle to join QPR? I can only think it was the money. We don't need him anyway!"
28th Apr 2013 15:16
"We have 3 strikers that can play as the central striker already so i dont really think we need another one. The way we were set up against newcastle is the our best formation & the way BR would prefer. Going by that i think Coutinho is perfect where he was Sturridge through middle hendo was brilliant allen could play that role also its more back up for where lucas & SG were playing & downing. "
28th Apr 2013 15:21
"Remy, another winger, another striker would improve our attack. Remy can play as a winger or a striker. Then a player maker like Eriksen our attack would be strong with plenty of options."
28th Apr 2013 15:23
"Where hendo was yesterday my opinion Eriksen would be amazing there but if hendo can keep playing like he did there & improving then he deserves to be in the team. Downing has been playing well but i think Suarez would be a better option on the right if Sturridge can keep yesterdays performance up through the middle going. Coutinho was just outstanding yesterday perfect position for him."
28th Apr 2013 15:34
"I disagree. Loic Remy is more Dirk Kuyt than Daniel Sturridge. Yes he's quick, but he's robust."
28th Apr 2013 16:18
"if luis or sturridge were injured we could do with someone like remy he would be a good buy.."
28th Apr 2013 17:14
"BR there are better strikers out there and remember this guy snubbed us once to join a struggling club."
28th Apr 2013 17:20
"I heard bayern munich want to sell mario gomez. Wanna try? But only if Suarez go."
28th Apr 2013 18:04
"Not going to happen, we dont need him, just bring back Carroll if we want different options up front."
28th Apr 2013 18:30
"After todays performance I would give him a miss YNWA"
28th Apr 2013 19:45
"Would be very interested in Gaston Ramirez, then maybe Loic Remy and Ola Toivenon. Lukaku looks the Biz as well."
28th Apr 2013 19:47
"Forgot to mention Erikson, he would be a great aquisition."
28th Apr 2013 20:15
"I think Liverpools best formation would be a 5-3-2 with both fullbacks being pushed forward. BR needs to sign a solid CB and he can be used with both Skrtel and Agger. The midfield trio would consist of Coutinho, Lucas and Gerrard with Sturridge and Suarez up front. "
29th Apr 2013 1:35
"to add more depth in the squad....why not, he's a good striker..."
29th Apr 2013 4:57
"luis7??9... dont agree with that formation, would be a good option cause i like GJ and JE going forward but full backs are underrated and like our 2 have pace and often get back and cover slower cbs. think the way we play is best with wingers who can adopt to a 4-3-3/4-5-1/4-2-3-1. "
29th Apr 2013 5:02
"as for Remy, he is nothing like Dan S... can score the odd decent goal and has ok pace but doesnt have the balance, skill or creativity of our lads, would definitely be a back up. that said for cheap he would be ok back up. Andy might come back but he wont want to be a super sub, and sorry but he is average at best when the ball is on the ground "
29th Apr 2013 8:42
"No no no just a mercenary, that's why he went to QPR. "
29th Apr 2013 14:21
"For 8 mil this is a good bit of business as a good winger and can cover for either Luis or Sturridge, no one wants to lose Luis but hes missing for the first 6 games of next season anyway and its important we start well. if we could get Erikson and a world class CB as well with Carrolls return we will be set for a good season ahead. LFC YNWA "