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SUBLIME!!!!!!were are the doubters now!!!
28th Apr 2013 11:21
28th Apr 2013 11:28
28th Apr 2013 11:39
"the look on pardew's face says it all, priceless."
28th Apr 2013 11:49
"feel Jordan is the next Stevie G, born leader, passionate, quality! Great future in the Red shirt is for him!"
28th Apr 2013 12:12
"Looks like Pardew's gonna slap Brendan :)"
28th Apr 2013 12:28
"woow nice to see reina celebrate like bolini"
28th Apr 2013 12:28
"woow nice to see reina celebrate like bolini"
28th Apr 2013 12:28
"woow nice to see reina celebrate like bolini"
28th Apr 2013 12:52
"Hope Cameron was watching that, whats worse Cameron,a bite on the arm or you crippling the poor and disabled of this country open mouth after your brain has worked"
28th Apr 2013 15:17
"Newcastle played badly because we made them look bad!!! Come on LIVERPOOL! YNWA!"
28th Apr 2013 15:57
"Deejayrickylee, well said mate! Suarez is a blinding role model compared to the PM and his sickening elitist cronies. JFT96 YNWA"
28th Apr 2013 16:01
"What a shame Stevie G got subbed though, could've been the full 3420, perfect season! Next year, Stevie lad, next year... YNWA"
28th Apr 2013 16:59
"Fantastic result but Pardew's face after that humiliating defeat was incredible. Lmao!!!"
28th Apr 2013 17:04
"Danny S- keep doing the 'wriggly arms' for as long as you want pal- cos they follow goals scored for the reds. "
28th Apr 2013 18:02
"Just shows what can be done when the team is fired up. They did that for Luis, I'm sure. Keep thinking of the injustice done to your team mate and win our remaining three games. YNWA"
28th Apr 2013 19:12
"U think guy at right on photo 2 is about to say the F word? =)"
28th Apr 2013 20:53
"We all see the we just need the consistency "
29th Apr 2013 2:05
"Would BR played Hendo if lousy Allen was available ??"
29th Apr 2013 11:06
"hope there's no witch hunt on reina biting his glove YNWA"
29th Apr 2013 12:06
"ill slap him if his jacket gets any nearer wenger's "