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well done lads
28th Apr 2013 9:37
28th Apr 2013 9:40
"Well played boys- keep it up!! Ooredoo, doo,doo, build a stadium for me......"
28th Apr 2013 9:47
"i personally dont think we were great i think they were terrible i have seen us play much better football this season but well done lads"
whacko jacko
28th Apr 2013 9:48
"fantastic all round performance gr8 football to watch n savour. well done lads , do same next week and finish strongly JFT96 , YNWA"
28th Apr 2013 9:50
"Simply brilliant"
28th Apr 2013 10:04
"Good work lads! Aim for the PL le next season as the Main objective to win it. Top 4 is simply not good enough for LFC. Shame on the hypoctrical FA and the London anti-LFC press!"
28th Apr 2013 10:06
"PC + DS + JH all fabulous yesterday rest were great also good subs a perfect day for a red, really looking forward to next week hope we beat the bitters, YNWA."
28th Apr 2013 10:09
"Good work lads! Aim for the PL le next season. Top 4 is not good enough for LFC. Winning the PL le should be the main objective."
28th Apr 2013 10:09
"It's a team effort games! Great players like Gerald jus provide that little sparks! There's no one-man show, that clearly show it today! Great great performance. Beside the great result and performance, the grumpy face of Alan Pardew jus made my day even better. "
28th Apr 2013 10:10
"Newcastle were bad yesterday but we were still great, well done boys!!! Coutinho is a little star!! Mr Sturridge great also if a little selfish with the ball. And Jordan, you have come so far, well done mate for ignoring the haters and working so hard on your game!"
28th Apr 2013 10:11
"Anyone notice the similarities between tiote wanyama and frimpong all fairly decent DM players but all a bit rash in the tackle."
28th Apr 2013 10:24
"Pls never let this winning get into ur heads."
28th Apr 2013 10:38
"They need to get the winning mentality and sustain it by winning matches. That's the way to do it! Consistency in winning well and winning ugly!"
28th Apr 2013 11:00
"People saying Newcastle were poor, however this may be because in the first 20 mins we were outstanding! Hendo is always improving!"
28th Apr 2013 11:05
"Well played lads.Never mind those who say Newcastle were poor thts the whole idea behind football to make the opposition look poor."
28th Apr 2013 11:06
"Second goal was just pure class. Couti is magic and what vision. Poor opposition maybe, but we took advantage and that's what a top team should do. Now go and put one over our great rivals next week-end. YNWA"
28th Apr 2013 11:12
"It has to be said that like the Swansea result at home, Newcastle made no attempt to defend and did all they could to ensure we won. That said a good result in an absolutely awful season. If FSG think this seasons performance is acceptable for this club, they are mistaken. Patience with our owners is thin and getting thinner. "
28th Apr 2013 11:15
"Well done Hendo. I was very critical of your performance last week where I felt you were running about aimlessly like a chicken without a head, but today boy, you played very, very well and if you keep playing like this, you will keep your place in the first team, and deservedly so. Well done Jordan. YNWA!!"
28th Apr 2013 11:18
"And little Philippe.....what a player. The little maestro can really pull the strings in midfield. He showed some strength today and great vision. Well done lad. YNWA!!"
Dede 7
28th Apr 2013 11:21
"i think next season we should aim for the trophy. that way if we dont get it we can find our selves in top 4. going in a season aiming for top 4 just is very risky. coz when you dont achieve your target you normaly fall short slightly. The aim should be playing for the League le if we want top 4. YNWA."
28th Apr 2013 11:54
"dhd39 do you remember the Reading game? Finished 0-0? Remember? Give credit they finished the job off today!"
28th Apr 2013 11:55
"Henderson played with confidence and accomplishment. I didn't notice any silly little mistakes from him yesterday and Jordan seems to be trying hard to iron them out of his game. That's the spirit! Go on son, score a few more."
28th Apr 2013 11:56
"alot of teams got away with a good tumping this year we will only get stronger ynwa.."
28th Apr 2013 12:01
"feel Jordan is the our next Stevie G, born leader, passionate, quality! Great future in the Red shirt is for him!"
28th Apr 2013 12:08
"Some comments on here are as bad as comments made by so called pundits whenever we win convincingly its always the opposition were poor and no credit to a great display that made the opposition look bad, well played lads you were awesome."
28th Apr 2013 12:12
"Great performance and result. That is what happens when you start games with high tempo right from the off! But we need to do it consistently, at times we look like world beaters and other times like a championship side. Pitty this has come too late for this season but if we can win our last 3 games we should finish above our small neighbors!"
28th Apr 2013 12:14
"redfergal - youre bang on re setting high tempo early"
28th Apr 2013 12:22
"As long as we play this kind of mental...there is no-one to stop us.Maybe it was that..we cant smile when we train or play games..Fight like hell at pitch without smile on face.YNWA."
Save us Kenny
28th Apr 2013 12:23
"Newcastle were poor, and it looked easy. Coutinho was great, but got marked out the game by Chelsea. We have the same look as Arsenal, playing nice stuff, but will come up short against more physical sides..."
28th Apr 2013 12:26
"Well done!! even tho Newcastle was awful, its not easy to come up with a performance like yesterday and scored 6 after the suarez incident/ban... 10 games is injustice, coming from s**ting FA it wasnt a surprise but suarez nearly became top scorer after the 1st ban maybe he will break a record next season ...not saying that he should get ban every season tho :)"
Save us Kenny
28th Apr 2013 12:27
"Hendersons coming along, but we need more power as well as another match winner. Bring Andy back, another skillful winger, get Alonso or Strootman, a domineering centre back to replace JC, back up LB and GK. "
28th Apr 2013 12:50
"Save us Kenny, i cant fully agree with your last comments ...strengthening yes, we badly need it but bringing a certain player curenly on loan back ...kindly no, i cant voutch for that. If we cant sell or no other options than him coming back then so be it.."
28th Apr 2013 13:03
"west ham have alledgely said they wont go any higher than 10m offer, we cant let him go for that,maybe 15m + diame."
28th Apr 2013 13:04
"Great work to you too Hendo, you have really grown this season and created a career for your self at LFC, YNWA!"
28th Apr 2013 13:35
"Save us Kenny Aren't Newcastle a physical side?Taylor,Tiote,Sissoko, Gutierrez and De Buchey who was sent off? Newcastle's heaviest defeat since 1925!!!!Give the team some credit!!!"
28th Apr 2013 13:59
"ReformedRedahendo,It is a joke to rely on the likes of Hendo & wish to be one of the top teams.The fight for top place requires at least two coutinho level midfielders ,a real striker that can help Suarez,a Lucas level CM,a RB to replace Jhonson & a real deputy to Pepe.Only then we can talk about going up the table.Not with the SDs or the Shelveys."
28th Apr 2013 14:28
"After the gloom of the last week that win was a real tonic. Most managers are reluctant to sign players in the January window but Brendan made two excellent buys with Coutinho and Sturridge. They both showed their class yesterday. Coutinho was Man of the Match for me. Great win!! ynwa"
28th Apr 2013 14:28
"Habesha Kop some truth in what you say to the extent that if we had that we could challenge for the le, I prefer to be more realistic and live on this planet, one step at a time , first the top 4 and CL then build upwards from that, Yes we need players but there is no way we will get 6 top quality ones this year."
28th Apr 2013 14:44
"Let us not be carried out after a win over a team in the relegation zone.look at the teams fighting for a CL place.One point really matters there where as at this time of the season the 3 points from Newcastle will take us no where in the table .Is it not a pity to have nothing to fight for for half of the season?Definitely half the team and the managerial place need to be sorted out."
28th Apr 2013 15:01
"Cant wait to play neverton- come on u reds!!!!!"
28th Apr 2013 15:02
"some people would still find a reason to moan if we won the league, get a grip! weve not had the best of seasons but give praise when its due"
28th Apr 2013 15:35
"Henderson is top player, you must be joking, he is awful non skilled slow midfielder, scoring two easy goals upon near relegated team is not going to erase the bad season he had."
Save us Kenny
28th Apr 2013 15:40
"The lads played really well, but Newcastle didnt show up. We do go missing under pressure or by physical sides, we need some more beef, especially in midfield and CB. Maybe not Andy, but another strong attacking option if needed. I can see us getting bullied by the bitters, see how we cope then..."
28th Apr 2013 16:32
"great performances all around for the lads as well as BR. JH's role and position were spot on as well as PC in the middle delivering through balls instead of on wing. DS great movement as well. Nice to see the young guys up front share and move the ball together. Of course all the boys played well but nice to see the young lads playing unselfishly and for one another. "
28th Apr 2013 16:54
"Great Team performance, no one player is bigger than the Team. PC was strong, challenged and won 50/50 balls, must play with that level of physicality to stay in the middle of the pitch where our #10 should be. JH, again, great movement and commitment box to box as well as closing down opponents."
28th Apr 2013 17:01
"Superb again Jordan. Really impressed with your continued improvement. Keep it going lad. "
28th Apr 2013 17:10
"This guy looks like he never gets tired on the pitch & he's started adding goals to his game which makes him an even better player. YNWA Hendo!!!"
Save us Kenny
28th Apr 2013 17:29
"Bayern want Luis. Dont even think about selling him."
28th Apr 2013 18:07
"I hate it when people come here and say rubbish. If you truly believe that whenever we win, the opponent's poor and the team does not deserve the credit then you should as well accept that whenever we lose, the team we played was so outstanding so we dont deserve the blame either. Grow up."
28th Apr 2013 18:15
"Original 75 - are u drunk lad - anyone can see hendo has improved- i think your the one whos joking"
28th Apr 2013 18:38
"Original 75 has got a point though if we're going to be honest, He has 1 - 2 good games in the 2 years here's been here. Well done to him but does every realistically think here's good enough to keep his place if we're wanting to get into the top 6 - never mind 4 and then challenge for the le? Because I don't? But well done Hendo."
28th Apr 2013 18:38
"so are some saying Newcastle were good? or even average? They didn't even mark half our players. Seems like commenting on reality is a bad thing these days. Like as if a grip on reality has been washed away by a tide of FSG bullsh!t."
28th Apr 2013 18:43
"The facts are we can't beat big teams, Hendo and others haven't been consistent which means the team haven't been consistent which means yeah, we'll play great and destroy teams one week, but the next week down the line we'll lose to someone who is in a relagation battle, to be what we want to be at... we do need CONSISTENT players, who don't only play well when the winds blowing south. "
Save us Kenny
28th Apr 2013 18:53
"The table doesnt lie. We are 7th, Newcastle are 16th for a reason. I wouldnt get too excited yet. See if they keep Suarez and learn from last summer, getting decent signings tied up nice and early this time so they can settle in. "
28th Apr 2013 19:00
"Seeing some people complain about money but even if we did let Andy go for just 10m, with whatever we get for Suarez it'll be a decent transfer kitty to strengthen with!"
28th Apr 2013 19:10
"Justified his recall? Proved he was wrongly dropped you mean. If Suarez passed more - we could play like this every week. Yesterday was a proper TEAM game."
28th Apr 2013 19:10
"Justified his recall? Proved he was wrongly dropped you mean. If Suarez passed more - we could play like this every week. Yesterday was a proper TEAM game."
28th Apr 2013 20:28
"TOPLIVERFAN - Echo that comment.Without sounding too negative LS does work hard but he often loses possession and causes our players to get drawn out. yesterday we played simple/attractive and devastating football."
28th Apr 2013 20:51
"Topliverfan- can't argue with that post. "
Save us Kenny
28th Apr 2013 20:56
"Are you crazy, Luis has 30 goals, many created from nothing but skill. I think we have been much better without BR insisting on Joe Allen, whos been poor all season "
28th Apr 2013 20:58
"If we can play like this next week and with the same conviction and atude I will be delighted. powerful performance from Sturridge and Coutinho but all round great team performance. "
28th Apr 2013 21:02
"if we can beat neverton Fulham and qpr and chelski beat neverton we will get the 6th place,"
28th Apr 2013 21:19
"I see the moaning minnies are creeping out. I would hate to be so sad, miserable & pessimistic as they are. I bet they sit in filthy clothes in a dark corner rocking back & forth cursing their life and blaming everyone else for their pitiful existence. "
28th Apr 2013 21:21
"TOPLIVERFAN proper team game, i think some of you are getting carried away. the funny thing is that, it is one game after suarez got the ban and some are already making conclusion ...dont be surprise when reality strikes back ...inconsistency... then maybe some of you will take into consideration that Arsenal was really...awful :)"
28th Apr 2013 21:34
"i mean newcastle :)"
28th Apr 2013 21:35
"Ladies and gentleman, lets enjoy yesterday. I have just spent time with different fans of other teams and they were all waxing lyrical about us. I had a Chelksi fan crying that they sold us one of their best players (Sturridge) for a song. Lets unite and be happy as we have a common enemy - The FA. "
28th Apr 2013 21:35
"How do we know if we will be better with or without suarez? Is suarez a team player? Are we a one man team?will we be better without him? Well we have 10 games to find out!!!!!' So for now be happy with our 6-0 win"
28th Apr 2013 21:35
"We have more points than last season, more goals & more clean sheets. I think that you could conclude from these facts we are improving."
28th Apr 2013 21:39
"Eadie71- well said"
28th Apr 2013 21:44
"buddha130642 a good initiative but some of the comments are "itchy" ..needs arguing :P"
28th Apr 2013 21:45
"I am surprised that there are any grumbles at all. Yesterday was a joyous day. I have been walking on cloud nine ever since. What a performance. In Coutinho, we have the heir apparent to the great midfielder's of the past. His eye for a pass is stunning and he rouses excitement in us. I am beaming..."
28th Apr 2013 21:53
"Coutinho is a top player!"
28th Apr 2013 22:04
"Every player played brilliantly - even the much maligned Hendo. Whether its his renaissance - I don't know but, what is clear, he was brilliant yesterday. Sturridge proved what I already knew - a world class player in the making. He will cushion the severe blow of losing Suarez - our new Prince... "
28th Apr 2013 22:06
"yea Coutinho is doing great, its mind blowing that Inter didnt see his potential and dropped him ...i was the sceptic before he join us, havent seen him play much"
28th Apr 2013 22:16
"Qatari investment firm rumoured to be flying out to US for talks with FSG re sponsorship and potential full ownership. Watch this space....."
28th Apr 2013 22:21
"The Qatari's interested are a communications company called Ooredoo for those that are interested. Apparently looking at shirt and Anfield sponsorship, and potentially a full buy out. As a company, they're worth 10 billion £. "
28th Apr 2013 22:24
"Rushjob- lets hope their loaded lad!!!!!"
28th Apr 2013 22:30
"Rushjob_ well! thats good news, would be great if we could compete by our own means but we cant have change"
28th Apr 2013 22:31
"Rushjob you are like santa claws lets hope its true,"
28th Apr 2013 22:37
"Buddha - Are U feeling yourself? Just sit back down and take deep breaths, someone will be with you very soon."
28th Apr 2013 22:45
"Rushjob- just been on there website formaly qtel - defo interested in sponsership, my guess is stadium rights and not shirts- could be good news mate!!!!!"
Billy B girl
28th Apr 2013 22:46
"Rushjob - are you Father Christmas ? I hope this news is true yippppeee"
28th Apr 2013 22:50
"Redahend- behave yourself' !!!!"
28th Apr 2013 22:51
"Just posting what I'm hearing. They have been in due diligence with FSG last week. Naming for Anfield which would fund the redevelopment. Also after shirt sponsorship for following season. £200 million investment touted for a stake in the club. Could be huge this. "
28th Apr 2013 23:00
"Lets hope it comes to fruition cos its obvious somethings going on......, "
28th Apr 2013 23:04
"centrecircle - Sorry Dad, Will go to bed with no supper."
28th Apr 2013 23:07
"Rushjob - I hope not. Liverpool at home at the Ooredoo? "
28th Apr 2013 23:08
"And dont wet the bed son !!!!!"
Billy B girl
28th Apr 2013 23:12
"Wow - just seen tomorrow's papers on the Qatar group looks really interesting! Time we started filling the Trophy cabinet at Anfield again and this can only help. My only worry would be the manager ????"
28th Apr 2013 23:56
"First game of The season I didn't,get the chance to watch...heard it on the radio though and let me tell's sounded great! Great job lads!"
29th Apr 2013 0:26
"Original75- Reading comprehension not your strong suit. The "Top Player" comment was quote FROM Hendo ABOUT Sturridge. MUPPET."
29th Apr 2013 1:40
29th Apr 2013 1:48
"Beautiful match and Fabio netting the goal was the icing on the cake. Hendo starting to show what King Kenny saw in him and I like it. Its all for pride now but wearing that shirt Pride is everything. "
29th Apr 2013 6:35
"Well done lads you've all been brilliant!!"
29th Apr 2013 7:49
"We can't sell any of are gig players again, when we sold our last big players like, alonso, masarano, arberloa, Torres ect. We went down hill we can't do the same with luis suarez!"