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For MOT of the match.... Enrique and Coutinho! Excellent through balls from Coutinho and all flawless defensive duty from Enrique... we've finally found a RB after so many years!
28th Apr 2013 9:51
28th Apr 2013 10:11
"CARRAGHER! Conceded 2 goals all month and one of them was Suarez's fault (handball). It's the last one, so lets give it to Carra"
28th Apr 2013 11:56
"We've been good defensively this month, and Carra was the main man. Last nights performance influencing people to vote for Cout or Stud but in total months performance I think CARRA deserves it for the last time. YNWA"
28th Apr 2013 12:59
"Hendo gets my vote personally. Coutiniho has been excellent but the workrate and energy that Hendo has provided has been exceptional. He's starting to look like a real quality player!!!"
28th Apr 2013 13:19
"Has to be coutinho.He is giving lfc what we have been missing for so long.some of his passes reminds me of a young ronaldinho."
28th Apr 2013 18:15
"I think Hendo has been outstanding, Then there's Coutinho of course. But I'm gonna give it to Carra. His last month at the club starts this week and he's been in top form it has to be said. Everyone thought he was finished a year ago. I'm going for CARRA!"
28th Apr 2013 18:16
"I think Reina has been back to his brilliant best too ! It's nice to have so many choices"
28th Apr 2013 19:12
"""CARRAGHER! Conceded 2 goals all month and one of them was Suarez's fault (handball)." What an irony! I remember Suarez scoring two goals against Zenit when Jamie Carragher gifted them an early lead with a tame backpass."
28th Apr 2013 20:42
"Philippe Coutinho"
28th Apr 2013 22:29
"ZXCV, left back? Johnson needs to be as assured as Enrique these days. I was really impressed with the way our team defended along the left side and also attacked. "
28th Apr 2013 22:30
"Coutinho has been out of this world sometimes actually. "
30th Apr 2013 13:04
"Hard to choose but Carra has been superb. I thought he was all washed up but he is back better than ever..should he be retiring at all?"