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The only reason BR will play Skrtel is to put him in the window for sale! he broke up the partnership to make way for more of his rubbish!
Billy B girl
27th Apr 2013 13:51
Billy B girl
27th Apr 2013 13:54
27th Apr 2013 14:23
"Why has Skrtel been side lined? Is he injured? Or has our player of the year 2011/12 fallen out of favour with Mr. Rodgers. I agree with Enrique, he is one of the best centre backs in Europe"
27th Apr 2013 14:49
" he was great last season & the central pair him & Agger but he wasnt playing well so rightfully got dropped simple as that. Listen to his fellow pro & team mate there he was dropped due to mistakes etc & its gave him a wake up call he needed. Since Carra has took Skrtels place you can see the difference how he organises the defence keeps everyone switched on & we look better defensively for it. "
27th Apr 2013 14:49
"maybe an excuse to bring Williams to the club, hopefully not Richards for me."
27th Apr 2013 14:49
"Billy B Girl. I know Martin was our player of the year last season but I have personally never been fully convinced with him. Seen him get out-muscled a few times and sometimes his positioning is questionable. Wae have looked far more assured with Carra back. Just my opinion though"
27th Apr 2013 14:53
"Before criticizing BR, Skrtel is responsible for lots of the goals we conceded, a rare start vs the saints and look how many goals leaked due to his poor decision and position"
27th Apr 2013 14:53
"scotty78ynwa- we more or less agree. Took the words outta my mouth pal"
27th Apr 2013 15:07
"Did you guys watch him against Oldham and Southampton? He is seriously out of form, hence BR giving him a spell on the sidelines. Give the conspiracy theories a break about BR just wanting to get rid of him for Ashley Williams and co. and get behind our manager and his decisions. YNWA"
27th Apr 2013 15:19
"It doesn't matter how hard Skrtel worked ,he wouldn't be given the chance as they deliberately benched him to play Carrhager.It was pre arranged from the Start and they were looking for an excuse and they thought they found one at the Oldham game. If it was for footballing matter no manager on earth would pick Carra ahead of Skrtel."
27th Apr 2013 15:35
"LFCftw2010 27th Apr 2013 14:53, be honest to yourself.Carragher is the reason we are out of Europe .If mistake was a reason to bench a player ,Carragher would have long gone! We,Skrtel ,the players & the managers know the true but the covert reason.Skrtel is by miles better than Carragher. And Williams can't even hold a candle for him."
27th Apr 2013 15:40
"All of a sudden he plays a couple of bad matches and hes been benched. Remember when we all said Skrtel was/is a fantastic CB, including BR?! Just give the lad a chance"
27th Apr 2013 15:40
"It is also known that the team has nothing to fight for.So why is Carragher ,"the in form defender", playing ? Is it not more important for the team if the other players were given the chance to improve themselves?I mean if the team cones first ?"
27th Apr 2013 15:52
"Oh my god... A conspiracy that it was pre arranged that Carra would come in and any excuse would give BR the chance to drop Martin. Carra has always had is doubters from the odd fan but I assumed him coming in this season and our defence performing far better would have put those doubts to bed. Semmingly not"
27th Apr 2013 16:15
"I wonder how much criticism BR would come in for had he not started Carra since Jan. Local lad and legend - he deserves the privilege and honour of finishing his epic career with a few minutes under his belt. Skrtel in the meantime will rue being sidelined and will come back stronger. Suions he will be sold this summer? Nonsense."
27th Apr 2013 16:45
"Downing came good after some words-Skrtel can too. Keep him please and let him regain his form."
27th Apr 2013 19:31
"Alot of our players have lost a bit of form and fair play to BR for dropping them. Skrtel will come good for next seasonas i hope will Borini as fans we must back our players as it is clear with the Suarez incident the FA definetly wont. Yes we can strengthen but still support what we have LFC YNWA "
27th Apr 2013 19:48
"Kakaman, well said. "
27th Apr 2013 20:40
"Of cus he will be back when Carra retires next year, but who knows if he even want to stay after this and if he even features in Rodgers plans next year. Fazio or Aldeweireld would be good to bring in even if we keep Skrtel wich I hope we do"
28th Apr 2013 16:23
"I also believe he can regain his excellent form of last season. YNWA Srktel!!!"