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BR, I am sorry but you erred in not starting him. You can be at times a bit too defensive especially at home when we should be taking the game to the opposition.
25th Apr 2013 16:04
25th Apr 2013 16:13
"You should start with him more brendan"
25th Apr 2013 16:13
"Great chance for Daniel to get a run in the side with only four games left and to show the kind of form he's capable of. Pa Cisse is the one to watch for Newcastle with his pace and takes his chances well."
25th Apr 2013 16:25
"This is the opportunity DS has craved at City, Chelsea, and now ours- being the main man up front. Seize the moment 'Daniel Son' and turn a negative (Luis)into a real positive."
25th Apr 2013 16:30
"he is going to be class if you play him cant understand why you dont play him all the tim ynwa"
25th Apr 2013 16:50
"We need another quality striker, if Suarez goes we need two!!! Another winger not average but world class, playmaker, ball winner, center backs and goalkeeper so we need alot of players to compete as we are not good enough and up to now neither is BR."
25th Apr 2013 17:04
"You guys don't read properly. He said DS didnt have a full weeks training (likely meaning he had a niggle). Hence, he didn't start. Consistent training = consistent starting otherwise consistent injury occurs. "
25th Apr 2013 17:07
"Ppl complain about DS being lazy when he's not fully match fit then want him to start when he's missed training due to a niggle. If he then plays w/o full training and gets injured you then blame BR for playing him despite him missing training. Just leave it to the pro's. "
Always A Red
25th Apr 2013 17:33
"DS came on & played long enough so Y not start him and take him off after maybe 45-50mins. He was always going to be up for this game! Shame his first shot hit the post - great strike. He deserved 2 goals!"
Always A Red
25th Apr 2013 17:36
"Y is BR critising the FA?LS is class player but he needs to learn-take the 10 game ban & lets move on! He could have won the Golden Boot, but he won't now he has let himself down and given RVP/Manure more recognition!"
25th Apr 2013 17:48
"Given the meteoric progress this season we can assume an automatic 5-0 victory at Newcastle. And in every game till the season ends. At least 5-0."
25th Apr 2013 17:50
"don't play shelvey as a striker along side sturridge, be fair to him, give him a run in his natural position"
25th Apr 2013 17:59
"Depresses me how many people talk about all the draws and losses we had this season. Under the new "philosophy" draws and losses are actually "opportunities" and as such represent progress. "
25th Apr 2013 18:02
"FA stand for ferguson alex. and now the FA has put RVP on his shoulder to go above luis suarez. what a shame. How many penaltys we didn't get. how many wrong decision went against us because fa stand for ferguson alex. he has them in his hands..."
25th Apr 2013 18:13
"Brendan has worked really hard and smart for the Club. I will advice that we pattern our play aside tiki taka like that of Borussia Dortmund. They are a complete team that will go ahead and win the UEFA Cup. We have done well this season, but next season will be better. We can have a blend of tiki taka and the way the Germans played."
25th Apr 2013 18:48
"well played Daniel!!!"
25th Apr 2013 18:54
"Proud of you Rodgers you were exceptional in handling Luis questions today and right to the point"
25th Apr 2013 19:45
"Buddha 130641 I am with you on this, Sturridge should have started against Chelsea. Hopefully now that we do not have Luis,Danny will be tried as our main striker with Borini supporting him. This combination has a lot to prove to a lot of their detractors. "
25th Apr 2013 21:21
"RedRivelino and KBC, spot on!"
25th Apr 2013 22:26
"Sturridge makes impact every 4 or 5 games.He is not consistent ,is a bit lazy and a big selfish."
25th Apr 2013 23:35
"He will have the oppertunity to prove himself. Newcastle is always a good matchup and the derby match also on the way. "
Anfield Dog
26th Apr 2013 0:00
"Daniel gonna be great for us next season"
Vosta Lee
26th Apr 2013 0:21
"BR did well not starting Daniel Sturridge vs Chelsea. We all know he was motivated for that game. Keeping him on the bench elevated his motivation and got him to play on the edge - where people like Suarez, Gerrard and Carra get and play every week. When Sturridge was finally unleashed it wasn't a fire that was started, it was an explosion!"
26th Apr 2013 3:34
"Laughable England FA! The whole world are laughing at it! Sort out your bias thoughts... "
A Red In My Bed
26th Apr 2013 3:34
"Good to hear We've got plans for Luis, so he don't feel isolated. Etc. We are a club that sticks together. Mistakes are dealt with and we move on. Together. Well done B.R. yNwa"
26th Apr 2013 5:54
"got to go wit VOSTALEE, explosive game by ds and long may it be. should be this way week in n out by all. gr8 n intelligent int by br. cant be said 4 most on here."
26th Apr 2013 6:08
"Rushjob_ have no right to say what you said about Luis.He is astonishingly brilliant player never accepts defeat and never shows complacency.guys like you want to see him out.If he goes it'll be difficult to attract star players.Do you guys want LFC be a training ground for the ACs,JHs,DSs...You understand how many millions quit here from watching rest of LFCs matches? "
26th Apr 2013 7:42
"When he played at Chelsea he seemed moody and lazy. I was happy when he came to us as I felt he had perhaps matured. I still worry that he will not give 100% - unless it suits him. I think he would be suited to playing just behind Big Andy "
Brazilian meastro10
26th Apr 2013 8:04
"OK, with Suarez out for 10 games and and top 4 out of reach, why not change the team a bit??? Sturridge up front with Assaidi on left(we need a player that will take on defenders with Suarez out) and sterling ahead of downing, cont"
Brazilian meastro10
26th Apr 2013 8:06
"By doing this, Courtinho can play the CAM role that his USED TO. Giving him freedom and confidence to play his game in his position. Also why not rest Agger and give Coates a go with Carra, afterall he plays well with Carra, cont"
Brazilian meastro10
26th Apr 2013 8:08
"We not fighting for anything and IMO I don't mind us losing by one or two or drawing, just as long as we can actually see who needs to leave and who needs to play more games. Just my thought, Assaidi can courtinho could shine 2gda cont "
Brazilian meastro10
26th Apr 2013 8:11
"and we can alternate with sturridge and Borini up front coz they both play that position. Any thorts my fellow REDS???"
Brazilian meastro10
26th Apr 2013 8:12
"who knows, it might end up being rugby scores,lol"
26th Apr 2013 8:18
"So Daniel needs to feel a bit angry to motivate himself does he? Well we all knw who can give him a lesson or two! Yellow card for Jermaine Defoe and 10 match ban for Saurez? "
26th Apr 2013 8:52
"Redrivelino...exactly! I also wondered why he hadn't started but if you don't train then how can you expect him to play. Did look sharp when he came on though, so you obviously think he's in tip top condition - Atude and Effort and the rewards will come!"
26th Apr 2013 9:31
"I think next season DS should play through the middle with LS on the left and maybe Coutinho on the right... 2 or 3 good signings and 2 or 3 good sales in the summer should set us for a fighting chance at CL spot and then onwards and upwards. YNWA "
26th Apr 2013 10:15
"Sturridge HAS to see this as an opportunity for him to make a real statement. Go score a hattrick v the Magpies, Daniel - that'll be sufficient to stick two fingers up at the FA!!!"
Brazilian meastro10
26th Apr 2013 10:19
"Aparantly rogers has had a go the FA, fighting 4 Rodgers! YNWA"
whacko jacko
26th Apr 2013 10:48
"Well it is a chance for DS and fabio to show what they are about in last four games. GO FOR IT LADS Would love to have seen Suarez finish as top goalscorer and win PFA award but that,s gone now. JFT96 , YNWA"
26th Apr 2013 18:32
"pls let Ian Ayre 4get Richards of Man city...... pls buy LOic Remy....."
26th Apr 2013 19:51
"Why does BR insist on keeping Borini,he cant score when he is fit,we spent £35 million on Andy Carrol,he scores goals and he frightened the life against Manure for West Ham. Why do we need to sign another striker in the summer another. If we can keep Luis,our front line for next season,Suarez,Sturridge,Carrol,why not give him a chance Bren gun Y.N.w.A"