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am ask,if he will be here next season?
25th Apr 2013 10:47
25th Apr 2013 13:04
"(off football) Did big Daniel Agger do your tattoo's? (by the way you and agger must be the hardest in the prem)"
yung geezy
25th Apr 2013 14:07
"what is the situation with suarez? How are the club and the local lads treating him, and is he as settled as he was when he first came?"
yung geezy
25th Apr 2013 14:10
"how are u copin with not playin for sometime now. Is it difficult for you or it is for the best of the team?"
25th Apr 2013 15:35
"cau Martin. Som tvoj velky fanusik, a trapi ma , ze nehras.Nechapem naj na Slovensku. dufam ze im to ukazes aj tu. Drzim palce. "
25th Apr 2013 16:00
"How are you coping with not playing for some weeks now?? "
25th Apr 2013 16:07
"why do you shave your head bald? does it help you head the ball better?"
25th Apr 2013 18:46
"Where will you be next season? Where do you think Agger will be and do you think you will both miss playing together? "
25th Apr 2013 19:42
"how many tattoos and which holds most meaning? "
Mr Ostrich
25th Apr 2013 21:48
"Who do you prefer to play alongside: Agger or Carragher?"
25th Apr 2013 22:22
"With the way FA punished a star player ,Suarez , don't you think it is a bit scary for big name players to come and play in England?"
25th Apr 2013 22:24
"Do you really feel what we feel that You are being sacrificed to make Carra end his career on the pitch not on the bench ?"
Anfield Dog
26th Apr 2013 0:33
"How much do you think we will get from your sale?"