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From my point of view he can be Carra's successor! A big local lad with passion and pride!
25th Apr 2013 11:08
25th Apr 2013 12:12
"Whatever happened to Wisom?"
25th Apr 2013 12:40
"Well wisdom comes with age, but it doesn't always."
25th Apr 2013 12:41
"Brendan should start to play Martin as a CB. He could be great backup for Agger and Skrtel and if he plays like we know he can, he could even be regular next season. With Agger, Skrtel, Kelly, Wilson, Coates and maybe even Sama we should be ok at the back, but they need to play like we know they can and show that we don´t need to buy new ones!"
25th Apr 2013 13:21
"go to Barca, sign Song, we can lure him out of there if he will get more playing time here, get him and Erikson and our midfield probs will be sorted,clear all dead woods. "
25th Apr 2013 13:23
"Kopite_NL: agree 100% with that, Kelly is gonna be big player for us and Wisdom will certainly be a regular somewhere along the back in the next season or 2. "
25th Apr 2013 13:35
"I've always seen Kelly as a CB. With Carra retiring BR should hold off signing a new defender and instead giving some of the younger lads such as Kelly, Coates, Wisdom or Wilson a chance."
25th Apr 2013 13:39
"Personally, next season I would sell Downing, push Johnson up to RW and play Kelly as RB. Both great going forward and would be able to seamlessly interchange positions during a game. "
25th Apr 2013 14:34
"In an ideal world: Liverpool would let Carroll, Downing, Spearing and Allen go first just to make some $...and not need to buy any CB's because we have Kelly, Robinson, Wisdom, Coates(too slow?), Flanno, and Wilson"
25th Apr 2013 15:55
"Cant wait for kelly to come back-weel have more competion in the squad"
Anfield Dog
26th Apr 2013 0:19
"Kelly and Wisdom are the future of Liverpool defense"
26th Apr 2013 7:28
"He could be the next Hyypia but injury prone. Another defender to buy is a must to replace Carra."