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Next 4 games are going be a big test for us without suarez, our player of the season. With Gerrard likely to undergo surgery at the season end, our owners must spend to start next season well. I can't bear the abuse coming from the manchester side anymore.. YNWA
27th Apr 2013 7:53
27th Apr 2013 10:05
"With or without Cabaye, Liverpool doesn't have any chance."
27th Apr 2013 10:16
"so we are going to be beaten by one man are we... its time for the players to stop thinking about their summer holidays and start working hard... never say die atude is what wins les and cups."
27th Apr 2013 10:21
"Given all the progress we have made victory is guaranteed, given Newcastle's current standing. Unless of course we haven't made any progress. "
ywna cy
27th Apr 2013 10:58
"bring xabi alonso back"
27th Apr 2013 12:00
"The last time Liverpool and Newcastle drew 0-0 was back in 1974 at St James's park, hard to believe but true, so expect a few goals today. 2-1 Liverpool. "
27th Apr 2013 12:21
"This will be not only a test against a half decent team at home but also a big test of character in my opinion. Just like last season with Luis's ban we tend to forget how much of an impact it could have on other players at the club, being thrown into the limelight and having so much bad press. I do actually believe it ruined our whole season last year and effectively lost KD his job. "
27th Apr 2013 12:21
"Thankfully there are only 4 games left this season and nothing to play for. Off course I want LFC to win but equally I wouldn't jump on the players or BR's backs if we don't win. Not sure I could be so tolerant if we lost the derby mind."
Gerrard o ya beauty
27th Apr 2013 12:44
"Very depressing being a Liverpool fan at the minute, poor season and it just gets worst. YNWA"
27th Apr 2013 14:10
"In Shanklys days we never worried about the opposition. We focused on our strengths only. Perhaps the current management team should take a leaf out of Shanklys and Paisleys time."
Billy B girl
27th Apr 2013 15:36
"Gerrard o ya beauty 12:44 You took the words out of my mouth 100% agree with you. Sad days for Liverpool !"