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10 games seems a bit harsh. 5 games would have been sufficient.
24th Apr 2013 15:07
24th Apr 2013 15:07
"how about an appeal?"
24th Apr 2013 15:08
"Suarez YNWA"
24th Apr 2013 15:09
"This is ridiculous! Ben thatcher received an 8 game ban for elbowing an opponent in the head and sending him to hospital in 2006!! Although I agree he had to face a punishment, 10 games is totally out of proportion and its clear the fa have a vendetta against suarez."
24th Apr 2013 15:15
"How can a school playgroun antic be worse than racism, clearly is in the FA's eyes. Also, this clearly shows the FA feel biting is more serious that breaking someones leg and ending their career!"
24th Apr 2013 15:15
"Where is the justice, agreed to what he did was completely wrong BUT 10 games banned and someone who makes a racist comment is only banned for 4 games...... Where is the mind of this people who make such decisions"
24th Apr 2013 15:16
"Where is the justice, agreed to what he did was completely wrong BUT 10 games banned and someone who makes a racist comment is only banned for 4 games...... Where is the mind of this people who make such decisions"
24th Apr 2013 15:16
"Where is the justice, agreed to what he did was completely wrong BUT 10 games banned and someone who makes a racist comment is only banned for 4 games...... Where is the mind of this people who make such decisions"
24th Apr 2013 15:17
"oh nooooo!!! that's too much. some players have done worst in the pass and get away with lesser ban. that's.. aaarrrghh."
24th Apr 2013 15:19
"serious leg breaking tackles don't get 10 games. I sincerely hope Liverpool appeal that'"
24th Apr 2013 15:19
"Ridiculous ! David Prutton got a ten match ban back in 2005 when he shoved the referee to the floor. Is this incident really in the same category as that ? Once again the FA are totally inconsistent."
24th Apr 2013 15:21
"We all know what he did was wrong, but this punishment is a joke,,5 games at most, nobody was injured, it was a rush of blood to the head, the FA are making it impossible for Suarez to stay, his treatment is ridiculous "
24th Apr 2013 15:21
"Is this racist or what?? Surez is not English "
24th Apr 2013 15:23
"The ban is a result of the impotence of the LFC management. Leaving it to the FA meant the ban had to be more than the 7 games for the first offence. If LFC had already banned Suarez for the rest of the season, I'm sure the FA would have been more understanding."
24th Apr 2013 15:23
"Its only right that he deserved a ban but 10 games, come on. I wish that they would stop raising the bar for Suarez and bringing it back down for everyone else. Disgraceful, I was expecting him to miss the rest of the season but not this."
24th Apr 2013 15:24
"Fa are out of order.. Suarez has made a hard job for a good finish to the season.. On a good side it will give a chance for borni and sturidge.. "
24th Apr 2013 15:30
"TBH as a liverpool fan i think its not enough should have been double this man has brought nothing but shame on this great club"
24th Apr 2013 15:30
" Suarez Suarez Suarez Suarez Suarez is the best player in epl..... Fa can't Take it nor can any other team... YNWA"
24th Apr 2013 15:31
"10 games from the same FA who went to UEFA to get Rooney's ban for kicking an opponent reduced from their own mandated guidelines. Hypocrites|||"
24th Apr 2013 15:31
"10 games is very very harsh, I was expecting 6 or 7 tops. If Suarez was English it would only be 5. The FA is a joke. Strange how Defoe's was only a yellow?? "
24th Apr 2013 15:32
"More than triple the standard ban, and more than the racism bans. This seems a bit of a joke. Are the FA trying to force him to leave the club? Compared to Fellanis actions a few weeks ago this seems quite severe to say the least."
24th Apr 2013 15:32
"Why are FA always hating on Liverpool, our captain CAPTAINs the national team but still treated like Sh*t. suarez deserves a ban but 10 games SERIOUSLY!!!"
24th Apr 2013 15:32
"one rule for one and one for another the fa should be ashamed of themselves"
24th Apr 2013 15:37
"I'd query the word "independent" in their description, there...."
24th Apr 2013 15:41
"johnnymac27 are you a manc and if your not go and support them we dont want you"
24th Apr 2013 15:41
"Some one remind how many games Terry received for blatant racist remark"
24th Apr 2013 15:42
"David gill had nothing to do with this decision Honest! "
24th Apr 2013 15:45
"What a joke, 3 matches would have been fair as he has paid a hefty fine, apologised straight away and admitted he wants help with his issues."
24th Apr 2013 15:45
"What a joke, 3 matches would have been fair as he has paid a hefty fine, apologised straight away and admitted he wants help with his issues."
24th Apr 2013 15:47
"Lfc ban all media from future press conferences,this is all their doing! If you landed from another planet you would think he killed someone the way the press have ran with it."
24th Apr 2013 15:47
"Ridiculous!!! 10 games?!? He didn't kill a man for sake. He deserved a ban, but this??? Double standards from the FA. YNWA El Pistolero!"
24th Apr 2013 15:48
"he would have got less if he headbutted him"
24th Apr 2013 15:50
"What about Ever's racist comments on You Tube not a word said about that and no punishment metered out either. Agree one rule for one and a rule for another. This is what happens when you have a Man U running the FA. Said it before the witch hunt is on to get Suarez out of the Premiership.Only hope he learns his lesson and in season to come rubs salt in the FA and everyone else's wounds."
24th Apr 2013 15:50
"I've got a question: if Suarez moves to a team out of the UK in the summer, what happens to the ban ?? Does anyone know ??"
24th Apr 2013 15:51
"Im angry at the FA and sad for Suarez. I hope he doesnt want to leave England, but I wouldnt blame him if he does. He will never get a fair chance with the FA. They are a bunch of inconsistent hypocrites who think racism is less severe than biting. That a two footed studs up tackle is less severe. That a British player biting a South American is less severe. I can't stand the BS!"
24th Apr 2013 15:51
"johnnymac27 24th Apr 2013 15:30,You are not a Liverpool fan as it is clear your begin your comments with the words 'as a Liverpool fan' . Come on at least be human. Football is what he loves most.If he made you burn by scoring on your team you can do nothing about it .He will do it again & again & ..."
24th Apr 2013 15:52
"First six games of next season will be City , Chelsea, Utd, Arsenal, Everton and Spurs. Mark my words."
24th Apr 2013 15:55
"it was always going to be this long, luis has previous. The fa would have banned him for longer if he hadn't of shown remorse. The last games of this season are not that important as our season is long over. It is time for others to step up, perhaps we can use this ban in a positive way."
24th Apr 2013 15:57
"When Defoe bit another player, he was not banned for a single game...Suarez is not English and plays for Liverpool...!!! Suarez YNWA!!!"
24th Apr 2013 15:57
"When Defoe bit another player, he was not banned for a single game...Suarez is not English and plays for Liverpool...!!! Suarez YNWA!!!"
24th Apr 2013 15:57
"When Defoe bit another player, he was not banned for a single game...Suarez is not English and plays for Liverpool...!!! Suarez YNWA!!!"
24th Apr 2013 16:02
"This punishment serves no purpose rather than hurting Suarez.FA today despised rather than respected by millions of football loving people.It is not just Suarez who they hurt we all are going to suffer as we miss his magics.So are the kids better off now after given a lesson of grudge not showing help,Educating,and proper punishenentv &love to those who commit violence?"
24th Apr 2013 16:02
"I can just imagine the panic in the chairman's office. No doubt he and Rogers are already preparing the excuses for another pathetic season next year. Sell Suarez, Sturridge, Lucas, Gerrard, Agger, Coutinho for 10 pounds and buy Heskey for 75 million and all our problems will be solved! Hopeless excuse for a club = pathetic"
24th Apr 2013 16:06
"Come on...this is absolutely rubbish! The prescribed 3 games would have been more than enough...LS with the backing of the club should appeal this al the way...10 matches is absolutely ridiculous!"
24th Apr 2013 16:08
"Why not ban him for LIFE English FA! 10 matches for biting!!! If u break his legs, 3 matches ban weird!!! No wonder England won't win another World Cup! Laughable FA, wake up!"
24th Apr 2013 16:09
"About time somebody sues the FA for inconsistencies in giving out punishment! Once again this is another Kangaroo Court! We know Suarez did wrong but he does not deserve this! JFLS! YNWA!"
24th Apr 2013 16:12
"Hypocrites get your masks off? The world knows you inside out! You don't win any respect from any body ,players or football fans! You are even making it difficult for your selves !Hypocrites how many times did you punish Rooney for swearing on the faces of all those much officials ? Wasn't that a bad lesson for the kids ?"
24th Apr 2013 16:13
"They have done this so he cannot win the golden boot award. Bunch of FA conspirators. "
24th Apr 2013 16:14
"REmember Ferguson Ass We'll REmember this Ban and we'll Expect for the rest of the players who carry out Misdemeanors will get the SAME SIZE BANS that Liverpool receive. Because WE WILL........ YNWA REDS"
24th Apr 2013 16:14
"That is complete and utter CRAP. "
24th Apr 2013 16:15
"That is a shame of FA, which is the biggest racist!!Hypocrites"
24th Apr 2013 16:19
"I imagine the 10 match ban is the result of previous infractions as well. Basically telling him to grow up and stop causing problems. Which would be my message to Suarez as well. Get on with the game and stop acting like a damn child and win us some silver wear. Im sick and tired of this guy getting banned."
24th Apr 2013 16:23
"Suarez was right all along the media in this country really is run by man utd.van Persie nearly took a Newcastle players head off with an elbow at start of long was he banned for? Ian Ayre has so many examples to appeal this ban with its untrue!"
24th Apr 2013 16:25
"Suarez we love you. Why shdvsome hypocritical decisions by a bunch of LPool haters kill your talent? Just leave the in FA league and go play elsewhere. 10 matches is 1/3 of the season, Evra who disgraced his country in the World Cup could only be banned 3 matches so what about a simple bite with no scar on that arm? "
24th Apr 2013 16:25
"Suarez we love you. Why shdvsome hypocritical decisions by a bunch of LPool haters kill your talent? Just leave the in FA league and go play elsewhere. 10 matches is 1/3 of the season so what kind of punishment is that? If Evra who disgraced his country in the World Cup could only be banned 3 matches so what about a simple bite with no scar on that arm? "
24th Apr 2013 16:30
"Shocked,angry,disgusted with this decision by the FA. He deserved a ban but also deserves to be treated fairly, this is by no way a fair punishment considering another player has done this before & never received any ban or fine (Defoe). Funny how the FA turn a blind eye with augero for jumping 2 footed with his studs into another player lying on the ground with obvious intent to hurt him?"
24th Apr 2013 16:31
"Subiedude 24th Apr 2013 16:19,It looks like you are a mr. always right!You are an angel that never makes mistakes!If you look inside you can have the answer for yourself !football is a compeive sport.great players & winners like Suarez always get in to trouble! The opposition continuously provokes them."
24th Apr 2013 16:34
"Subiedude he does not need 2 grow up or be punished wot he needs is help no normal person tries to bite someone else without having some anger issues its up to LFC and PFA to get him the help h needs"
Mr Ostrich
24th Apr 2013 16:37
"Some of you are being rather selective with the evidence you choose to compare with Suarez. Yes, Ben Thatcher only got 8 games for hospitalizing Pedro Mendes. But Ferdinand got 9 months for missing one drugs test and Barton (although he is s) got 12 for a failed headbutt and kicking Aguero. Accept it, move on."
24th Apr 2013 16:39
"Not surprised to be honest tho considering that the FA has how many ex man utd board members etc involved in these decisions. Clear witch hunt on Suarez, this the same FA that appealed the standard 3 match ban handed to Rooney for violent conduct whilst on international duty by kicking out at another player. Double standards as usual from the FA, we have to appeal this decision. "
24th Apr 2013 16:41
"Once again the Man-U-biased joke, the FA, slap an over-the-top ban on Suarez. When is there going to be an investigation into this corrupt organisation? How can it be just that one of the 3 FA board members responsible for Premier League matters is the Man U CEO David Gill. Greg Dyke, the new FA Chairman is a lifelong Man U fan... conflict of interests? Just a bit"
24th Apr 2013 16:42
"Suarez did wrong as we all know. Had referee seen it straight red and 3 match ban. Failure to see it 10 match ban!! As someone else put Defoe does the same, no further action. Shearer kicks Ehioug (spelling dodgy) breaks his eye socket and tells FA, you ban me and I won't play in upcoming tournament (By his own admission in his book) Where is the justice!!!"
24th Apr 2013 16:44
"The good old FA over reacting as usual , why dont they do away with refs handing out punishment on the pitch and just do it themselves on monday ? Still Suarez handed them their chance to do him good on a plate , stupid man !!"
24th Apr 2013 16:44
"Wayne Rooney forearm-jabbed a Wigan player in the temple, off the ball, unseen by officials at the time, but clear on footage later, and NO ACTION was taken. That was far more dangerous than Suarez's bite. The FA is corrupt - as is Sky, The Sun, The Times... English football has been hijacked by ManU. Cheats."
24th Apr 2013 16:46
"Perhaps if Ivanovic had not had his arm across Luis' chest,holding him back all afternoon he wouldn't have got it kissed"
24th Apr 2013 16:48
"sorry its deserved hes a repeat offender its sad because he was looking like hed got himself together wonderful talent fear we wont see him again in a red shirt they will accept a offer but it has to be 40 mill at least"
24th Apr 2013 16:49
"Time for an investigation into the FA. Ferguson, Gill, Charlton, Dyke etc are all ManU-biased.... game in this country has been taken over by ManU cheats. There will be no justice as the media has also been corrupted. It stinks."
24th Apr 2013 16:52
"No chance Richie17... stop believing all the rubbish in the media. Media in this country is biased to ManU and desperate for us to lose a great player which is why there is so much of this rubbish spoken. It's all corrupt and garbage. Have faith in LFC and Suarez - eventually the truth will out"
24th Apr 2013 16:53
"We all should take heart but i can only say that am disappointed at those men in FA board none of the will see GOD"
24th Apr 2013 16:54
"This is so frustrating...but to complain about the FA punishment is a secondary matter already. What is needed right now is to lower this issue and help Suarez to change his behavior. I am sure he is one of the best forwards in the world, and the rivals know how "to treat" him in the box....The moment that Luis will only and only answer with goals, then he will be the very best.."
24th Apr 2013 16:57
"this showed us that FA doesnt like LFC"
24th Apr 2013 17:01
"Do LFC really want a player that has a brain the size of a pea, and cannot think about the good of the club? Yes he is a great player but LFC must and always will come first."
24th Apr 2013 17:08
"No doubt Luis plays like a man possessed. There are very few like him in the world who give 100% week in, week out....but alas he is flawed. But the FA hv decided to punish him based on all the media comments....worse still the stupid comments from the likes of Souness, Thompson, Redknapp......they should take a page from John Barnes. "
Billy B girl
24th Apr 2013 17:10
"A 10 match ban is disgraceful - this man needs help not punishment! I suggest LFC take an independant person, say Gary Neville (he spoke fairly about Luis) and appeal this lengthy ban. Who where the independant people arriving at this ridiculous decision?"
24th Apr 2013 17:11
"Hazard got 3 days for kicking a ballboy??? In my opinion FA are close to be racist against Suarez... Stay Strong Luis, We love you !"
24th Apr 2013 17:12
"F... The F.A We're Liverpool FC..who are they ? a bunch of old hypocrites. "
24th Apr 2013 17:12
"Oscar pistorius has condemned suarezs actions and said he can believe anyone would do such a thing:)"
24th Apr 2013 17:13
"Hope he gets that appeal in and this time has a decent lawyer. If it was me I would take it to the Court of Arbitration for Sport."
24th Apr 2013 17:16
"I have said it once I say it again FA is a JOKE"
24th Apr 2013 17:25
"WITCH HUNT from the pompus fa(flipping s) double standards as usual if it was man-u (ana) it would be three match ban . what happened to huth when he stamped on luis chest NOTHIN the fa are outdated old men that dont belong in the sport level playing field thats all i ask harsh on 1 team harsh on all and thats not how it is (defo????) you make me sick "
24th Apr 2013 17:25
"IMPORTANT plase translate; Luis se equivoco, pero es querido por compañeros y amigos, y defiende a Liverpool como pocos, exijamos a nuestros directivos que defiendan los nuestros y no esten para quedar bien con la poco transparente FA, que pasa con la burla de Evra, la agresión de Agûero, como muchas otras cosas que dejan pasar,Fergusson, Manchester manejan la FA y destruyen al Liverpool "
24th Apr 2013 17:25
"IMPORTANT plase translate; Luis se equivoco, pero es querido por compañeros y amigos, y defiende a Liverpool como pocos, exijamos a nuestros directivos que defiendan los nuestros y no esten para quedar bien con la poco transparente FA, que pasa con la burla de Evra, la agresión de Agûero, como muchas otras cosas que dejan pasar,Fergusson, Manchester manejan la FA y destruyen al Liverpool "
24th Apr 2013 17:27
"?? so not only are is he gona miss the rest of the season but all the 5 1st games of the next one. i really do hope luis takes those anger management councilling so he doesnt repeat this behaviour ever again"
24th Apr 2013 17:30
"FA bans to luis with 10 games because he´s foreign, 4-6 games would have been enough"
24th Apr 2013 17:34
"Rayoz20 spot on mate , different rules for different people . Been watching the media coverage and wow it goes overboard bigtime since it happened , John barnes said it best. Definite ban but not 10 games ynwa Luis Suarez "
24th Apr 2013 17:34
"thats what you get for your stupidity. Even an elbow, or a punch would have been cool, but to bite someone is way unacceptable, you reap what you sow, let him do penance for his atude. I feel its a deliberate act so he can go. I am highly disappointed."
24th Apr 2013 17:43
"johnnymac27 are stupid get to hell out of here you are not a Liverpool fan taking he should be ban long "
24th Apr 2013 17:47
"10 games is a bit harsh. I know they say hindsight is 20/20 but this incident didnt come out of nowhere. He punched that dude while on intl duty and it seems as though he was getting more and more frustrated the past few games. Did anyone within the club say anything to him about his behavior in the past few weeks? Anyone? Anyone? "
24th Apr 2013 17:50
"What a crock of ! What happened to Defoe when he bit Mascherano?"
24th Apr 2013 17:53
"10 g games!!! Thats ridiculous absoloutly discrimination just because its luis :/ this is stupid, technically its racism from the fa, i cant belive this, so a bites worse than a carrer ending tackle ? Well done fa you know how to be racist :) i hope luis doesnt leave this summer but it doesnt look good :/"
24th Apr 2013 17:57
"Too much! APPEAL. FA is crazy."
24th Apr 2013 18:00
"He shouldnt have done it in the first place..No good moaning about it we have to get on with it...This fella cant keep doing as he pleases on the field and expect us to just take it on the chin..He's got to learn from this..Last chance for me"
24th Apr 2013 18:03
"Just new the Mancs I mean the FA would flex their pinstriped suits. What this also means is when the FA fix the fixture list what's the bet we get the Mancs early next season. "
Always A Red
24th Apr 2013 18:03
"It was always going to be a long one! LS you silly boy, you had a chance of the Golden Boot! What sense to appeal, LS needs to learn from this and STOP IT. Kiz bite each other at nursery! I love the guy as a player, but.."
24th Apr 2013 18:06
"Don't get upset about it. We knew they would try and stop him being the top scorer this season. I'm guessing Persie will get that one now as in the fa script "
24th Apr 2013 18:08
"Don't think we will appeal we never seem to. But we should if the bite was that bad why didn't he show the world the chunk taken out of it, and that's why the ref did nothing when shown it because he could not see a mark. It was nothing more then a threat then a actual assault. "
Always A Red
24th Apr 2013 18:08
"I would have loved him to win the Golden Boot - that would have been the best way to tell all those who hate him to 'KISS MY BUTTT'. He has previous, so he needs to learn and set a good example to his daughter!"
24th Apr 2013 18:09
"The FA are a bunch of illiterate s. It is quiet evident that they are anti-Liverpool. That is is why England will never win a Euro Championship or the World Cup. If you are English, you get protection from the FA. Foreign players should choose not play football in the UK. LFC must appeal this decision. There is enough evidence to disgrace these idiots."
The DutchReds
24th Apr 2013 18:10
24th Apr 2013 18:10
"i agree with BenHola, 5-7 is sufficient, 10 is out of order, i am going to see Liverpool on 19th may and the only players signature i was desperate to get was suarez's as it could have been his final game for Liverpool, but no the FA have ruined it by doing this lengthy ban. Suarez is a world class player and we have to keep him or sell him for 50 million, any less and we are very stupid"
24th Apr 2013 18:11
"Brought shame on our club thats a laugh brought over zealous passion maybe but passion none the less. Only one LS ynwa......"
24th Apr 2013 18:13
"i hate the english media and the stupid FA.what are we gonna do?"
24th Apr 2013 18:13
"It's funny how in 2006, Defoe was guilty of the same thing by biting Mascerano (at West Ham at the time) and the FA didn't even ban him for one game let alone 10. Pure double standards by the FA - absolute disgrace!"
24th Apr 2013 18:14
Always A Red
24th Apr 2013 18:15
"JSTLFC - LS stopped himself from being top scorer and winning the Golden Boot - he has done this before at Ajax and he got punished, so Y would u b so silly to do it again - ONCE is a mistake, TWICE is a habit!"
24th Apr 2013 18:18
"Prawnsa79, what an excuse of a supporter go on back to the Manure you sure sound like one of them. Prawn and a prawn brain...."
Always A Red
24th Apr 2013 18:18
"YES, I AM an LFC fan, but he is the best player in the Prem, he does NOT need to let this stuff follow him from Intl and old clubs - now Golden Boot will be RVP or Bale! Time for Sturridge to shine!"
24th Apr 2013 18:20
"The FA have got the le in the bag they are just making sure that RVP gets the golden boot. Nothing like keeping it in the family...."
24th Apr 2013 18:24
24th Apr 2013 18:26
"Tello Suarez Sturridge ericson alonso Gerrard Enrique agger skrtel glen reina Sub ochoa new cb lucas coutinho benteke Luke shaw kelly then promote nacho sterling wisdom suso texeria auderjan coast last 15 min in sum games-replies"
24th Apr 2013 18:28
"What a F ing joke!! "
24th Apr 2013 18:35
"It is clear that FA is against Suarez and LFC. 3 matches is fine and not more. "
24th Apr 2013 18:37
"One rule for LFC and another for the rest. "
24th Apr 2013 18:38
"I hope this is appealed a 10 game ban is too much for this offense. All that being said its an honor to play for LFC. I am furious with LS and I hope to God the lads come through without him. How could you do this to your teammates? Forget the act of biting someone, you have left your Club high and dry. Easily one of the most selfish players I have ever seen. "
24th Apr 2013 18:42
"Comments made by Richard Pedder the so called LFC supporters club Chairman are disgraceful and not representative of the LFC fraternity. The supporter's club should confirm if they support his views as I certainly don't. How can a 10 game ban be deserved when the same FA only hands out 4 match bans for racial abuse?"
24th Apr 2013 18:44
"ok 10 games is harsh, but only one person to blame for this. Time for us to regroup and get back to being the club that did things to be proud of. The guy needs help and I hope he gets it soon because he is a flawed genius."
24th Apr 2013 18:44
"sorry, but my opinion is the english football hatesthe player who played with hart.i love LFC since 1977.i remebred when Robbie Fowler was banned because after a goal that he takes cocaïne just up the whiteline.LFC is not an english team.we're hated by the FA. I'm not from Liverpool but i feel my self a SCOUSER. "
24th Apr 2013 18:45
" fa all corrupt like the government,they make a good pair Suarez gets shafted by fa and we get shafted by the government everyday,utter disgusting hope the fa rot"
24th Apr 2013 18:47
"the FA never appreciataed stranger player especially when a guy plays for LFC"
24th Apr 2013 18:55
"How's this one?? Eden hazard 3 matches for kicking a ball boy hahaha what a joke "
24th Apr 2013 18:57
"The same FA ruled that the usual 3 match ban for violent conduct should stand and an "independent" regulatory commission was of the opinion the 3 match ban was sufficient for Eden Hazard kicking a ball boy. That say's it all really doesn't it? YNWA "
24th Apr 2013 19:00
"Luis Suarez he'll bite who he wants lol "
24th Apr 2013 19:03
"Sorry all but the ban is not long enough. He has shamed the club and showed that he is not fit to play the game. "
24th Apr 2013 19:06
"Time for DS to show us if he is a true #1. Time for Rodgers to rally the boys and pick the best team. Things like this can make your team closer, circle the wagons, us against the world. Do we fall apart or do we finish strong and set the tone for next season. What are we made of? What can Rodgers get from the lads? Who is going to step up? "
24th Apr 2013 19:08
"I should damn well expect the club to appeal. If the club doesn't get a damn good lawyer and take this all the way then they are nothing but spineless clowns... end of!"
24th Apr 2013 19:12
""Coley1247" - maybe he should be banned for life from ever playing professional football again aye?? idiot! "
24th Apr 2013 19:13
"Stupid Suarez, instead of biting he should have kicked the guy and break his legs; he would have got 3 match suspension!"
24th Apr 2013 19:14
"Even a former member of the FA has said this is over the top, Gary Neville has said it's harsh. We should appeal this one definitely."
24th Apr 2013 19:19
"So a potentially leg breaking, career ending tackle is a 3 game ban, yet a bite that leaves zero damage at all is 10 games?! Luis did wrong, no ones denying that, but 10 games is showing the FA are 'clearly insufficient' in the brain cell department!"
24th Apr 2013 19:19
"thought he would get about 5 match ban, but his last ban of 8 games didn't teach him a lesson so it is what it is... they should have also said he must play with a muzzle, as animals do tend to flip out and bite every so often.sorry but their is no defending this.."
24th Apr 2013 19:20
"Liverpool should fight this in court , They won`t they will sell him . Give Rodgers 20 m & he will sign Leon Britton ."
24th Apr 2013 19:32
"Coley1247 go and get the jelly out the oven WEIRDO"
24th Apr 2013 19:35
"How INDEPENDENT is that. FA hiding behind so-called independents. One player I wanted to see Live on my annual trip to Anfield won't be there. Reduce the ticket prices for the next 10 games! He might as well do an anger management course. Would it be 10 days? See you in October Louis!"
24th Apr 2013 19:46
"We all know what he did was wrong. We are all people with common sense but 10 games is way too much. Luis You'll Never Walk Alone.We will allways stay behind you."
24th Apr 2013 19:50
24th Apr 2013 20:04
"Was not seen by the match officials??? Ivanovic showed the bite marks to the ref! Who decided NOT to take action. Obviously they need to ban him for 10 matches otherwise they couldn't hurt our le challenge next season. Racists trying to push him out of England and rob us of the best striker in the world today."
24th Apr 2013 20:23
"10 matches!!!!! Harsh!! Come back even better Luis. YNWA"
24th Apr 2013 20:29
"This is like nearly killing somebody and getting 75 years when someone kills a man and gets 25, good thing the fa don't run the high court. I think this is the end of our love affair with Suarez so I'll be hoping this man love us like we love him and stays to link up with our next hot thing when back from ban. Fa=jokers Suarez=the devil to fa and Epl YNWA Suarez and family one love."
24th Apr 2013 20:32
"If they don't reduce the ban, it means Luis Suarez's holiday begins in earnest. He can take an early rest and start preparing for pre-season and next season. Am sure Man U will be an early game next season before Luis returns to the pitch. I'm praying for our number 7 and I hope he comes back strong and focused."
24th Apr 2013 20:53
"FA= discrimination between other players and Liverpool players..FA are a disgrace not luis suarez"
24th Apr 2013 20:56
"Aguero 2 feettackle on David Luiz = 0 ban Defoe bit Mascherano in 2006 = 0 ban Suarez bit Ivanovic = 10 games #FA= injustice= not fair to suarez and liverpool"
24th Apr 2013 20:58
"John Terry- English - 4 game race ban Wayne Rooney- English- 18 Lawyers hired to overturn a ban for Violent conduct"
24th Apr 2013 21:00
"sadly FA is so unfair to suarez and Liverpool.."
24th Apr 2013 21:01
"Terry Racism: 4 Suarez Racism: 8 isn't it unfair Defoe Bite: 0 Suarez Bite: 10"
24th Apr 2013 21:05
"media= anti Liverpool, FA= antiliverpool..I guess new rules will be written just for suarez so he can have a longer ban isn't it unfair..I know he deserves a ban but this 10 match ban is an absolutely joke..."
24th Apr 2013 21:06
"this brings his bans to a total of 18 games in 2 seasons, unacceptable sell him he is a liability"
24th Apr 2013 21:27
"10 matches is tottaly unacceptable. Liverpool Fc should without a doubt appeal to the FA because the way in which the FA turn a blind eye to the Defoe bite on mascerano incident and then state a 10 match ban for Suarez shows how much the FA really do hte Suarez... YNWA "
24th Apr 2013 21:30
"what a joke the fa are..."
24th Apr 2013 21:35
"fergie association at it again !!!! 10 match ban for stupidity yet career threatening leg breaking malicious challenges get 3-4 match ban stinks of racialism against a player who is foreign,lfc player if he played for manure I wonder what the punishment would be its a disgrace but hey YNWA luis just punish them next season with your goals, performances "
24th Apr 2013 21:37
"we all know luis done wrong.10 match ban is just not fair it seems to be one rule for suarez, and a different rule for other players. lfc need to appeal against this ban.YNWA"
24th Apr 2013 21:42
"according to FA biting>racism>breaking someone legs and career..what a joke from the FA!!!"
24th Apr 2013 22:02
"Suarez you are truly a gifted player but with serious issues. we love to watch you play but you must realize that your behaviour reflects poorly not just on you but the entire LFC family. The ban seems to be more reflective of the fact that this is not the 1st time. I guess I was expecting 10 games. I just hope Suarez can stay out of trouble and stay with LFC YNWA "
24th Apr 2013 22:16
"English F.A. appears to BE, making up the rules as they go along...WHAT A JOKE!!AND BASE THEIR DECISIONS ON ETHNICITY!! FA ARE RACISTS NOT SUAREZ!!"
24th Apr 2013 22:23
"What's the biggest joke is deluded so-called fans. Keep supporting him, he will only bite the arm that feeds him.Complete numpties who have probably got kids doing time and think its ok for them to do as they wish.Grow up muppets he deserves what he got and more. Complete liability who will only take this once great club further down the table. "
24th Apr 2013 22:29
"Thought 7 match ban would be bad enough but a 10 match ban! Shocker that. We must now concentrate on further rebuildign the team in the summer adn coming out fighting in August..Yanks needs to give BR 40m kitty..Sick as a dog on hearing that from the MUFA! Shower of c**ts"
24th Apr 2013 22:32
"WhelanR I didnt know the FA were Celts"
Anfield Dog
24th Apr 2013 22:45
"5 games it should have been. Curropt FA"
24th Apr 2013 23:14
"Suarez was stupid but 10 matches is out of all proportion to the damage done. If he had broken the guy's leg he would have a red card and a 3 match ban!! It seems the FA is waging a vendetta against this player and LFC. If this ban is not reduced on appeal there is no justice in English football."
24th Apr 2013 23:38
"Will the club be questioning David Camerons involvement in the matter?"
25th Apr 2013 0:05
25th Apr 2013 0:14
"They keep sayin Luis said 3 games was enough - I can't find where he said this. If he did then that was daft - they probably thought he was insincere and added a couple more games to the ban. Sounds like he isn't being well served by his advisors OR someone is telling porkies!"
25th Apr 2013 1:02
"The majority believe the punishment is excessive but must now leave it to LFC to stand behind Luis and appeal to the highest level. All the comments about ManU dont help. Remember Luis YNWA"
25th Apr 2013 1:03
"Liverpool said they're going to wait till tomorrow when they receive the written statements to male an appeal"
25th Apr 2013 2:47
25th Apr 2013 3:02
"I am very-very sure that SAF was invloved in ensuring RVP wins the golden boot ...Thats how pathetic the English FA is ..."
25th Apr 2013 3:10
"and Evra can taunt Suarez but the FA keeps quiet ??..Can someone form LFC lodge a complain against Evra ??"
25th Apr 2013 8:41
"10 games ah ah ah i still can't believe it. What a shame that is to those who came with that idea. Am sorry & sure if Suarez was an English, 4 matches would be the maximum. i think that's being a little bit harsh to give 10 matches ban for some thing like that. for an Appeal, yes i think Liverpool should try to fail other than failing to try."
Dede 7
25th Apr 2013 9:34
"FA (Ferguson Associates). this is the most biased Football Association i know.even match officials denied him many penalties this season. its a shame but i saw it coming. Liverpool YNWA.sign 4 good players n we are coming stronger next season."
25th Apr 2013 11:43
"10 games ah ah ah i still can't believe it. What a shame that is to those who came with that idea. Am sorry & sure if Suarez was an English, 4 matches would be the maximum. i think that's being a little bit harsh to give 10 matches ban for some thing like that. for an Appeal, yes i think Liverpool should try to fail other than failing to try."
25th Apr 2013 11:56
"i've read that suarez will be banned for 10 games. But why is rodgers want to make suarez leave the club. Isn't it insane because if there is no Suarez then there is no Liverpool."
25th Apr 2013 12:07
"Biggest joke 10 games. what's wrong with fa you give suarez 10 games. how about when defoe bite mashcerano he only got a yellow card"
28th Apr 2013 7:25
"Well it does not surprise me. the FA has always had something against LFC. i think its time to lobby for a change in the FA's chairman, who is definitely a manc s and bacon face's lapdog..."