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Looks like it's going to be a tough start next season.
24th Apr 2013 15:30
24th Apr 2013 15:38
"why are everything going against us??"
24th Apr 2013 15:45
"Seasons over get the surgery done now.It would be pretty unfair for the overseas fans though if Stevie misses the tour matches. It's all about next season.Let's get him 100%fit for the beginning of next season."
24th Apr 2013 15:50
"Suarez and Gerrard may miss start of next season. So make sure we get Eriksen and a striker in as soon as possible! "
24th Apr 2013 15:53
"Hope he pushes to Brazil v England friendly here in Rio. I've been expecting to see our capt there :("
24th Apr 2013 15:55
"Looking forward to start of next season already :/"
24th Apr 2013 15:58
"He should have his surgery done now and not wait, so he'll be ready for next season."
24th Apr 2013 16:06
"typical playing players who are injured ,especially wen our season is a write off anyway , so we keep playing them and they miss the start of next season,the mind boggles at some of our tactics "
24th Apr 2013 16:24
"Make the right moves in the summer to make sure we have a strong start next season. Also getting in a good preseason to make sure the new members gel properly. A good strong start next season is what we need."
Mr Ostrich
24th Apr 2013 16:32
"Not to worry! With no Europe next season, we won't get started until mid-August and don't forget, Stevie needs to be back by 3 August for his testimonial anyway!"
24th Apr 2013 16:35
"Does any good news ever come out of LFC ? Mad players , injured players , thirty odd points and now two les behind utd and no europe next season. I cant wait for brendan and Ian to tell us we have had a great season."
24th Apr 2013 16:36
"We've still got Sturridge and others who can all score goals while Luis has the enforced rest. BR will also make additions and get the balance right. YNWA"
24th Apr 2013 16:46
"Sign ALONSO to cover for Gerrard at the beginning of the season. Allan not strong enough."
24th Apr 2013 17:08
"this is heartbreaking, if Steven is out for preseason he'll not only struggle for fitness at the start of next, but he'll miss coming to Australia. if i miss the opportunity to watch him play, i'll be absolutely devastated. "
24th Apr 2013 17:10
"And in other news-Liverpool will have to play next season in flipflops."
24th Apr 2013 17:18
"the season almost end... gerrard will keep fight until the end..."
Save us Kenny
24th Apr 2013 17:32
"Get it done now, this seasons a complete write off anyway. Next season will be even worse"
24th Apr 2013 17:34
"Personally I would prefer SG had treatment now and was ready to start fresh next season... But I have faith BR will make the right decision."
24th Apr 2013 17:35
"i agree everything seems to be going horribly wrong."
24th Apr 2013 18:06
"Get on with the op NOW. Forget the rest of this season."
24th Apr 2013 18:13
"Three players needing shoulder surgery?"
24th Apr 2013 18:26
"Tello Suarez Sturridge ericson alonso Gerrard Enrique agger skrtel glen reina Sub ochoa new cb lucas coutinho benteke Luke shaw kelly then promote nacho sterling wisdom suso texeria auderjan coast last 15 min in sum games-replies?"
24th Apr 2013 18:44
"classANDsuccess - ive been in a bad ass mood for the last couple of hours pal and that comment still made me chuckle haha was a joke wasnt it ;/ "
24th Apr 2013 18:59
"gerrard plays through the injury and is still class, allen is just an average player anyways injured or not! we need better players this summer"
24th Apr 2013 19:08
"Joe Rice- I hope so, the independent panel of fergie, fergie's sons mate his dog might include this...!"
24th Apr 2013 19:15
"Save us Kenny - Ditto. What have we got to gain? lets blood the young lads while we've got the chance."
24th Apr 2013 19:24
"Not good news!"
24th Apr 2013 19:26
"hope you back for start of next season rearing to go,YNWA SG."
24th Apr 2013 20:14
"More bad news what a day i hope u r back 4 pre season and 2 push us into the top 4 next season "
24th Apr 2013 21:07
"Steven should quit England as protest against the corrupt FA"
24th Apr 2013 22:03
"If this does not give us the conviction to buy Eriksen the I don't know what will!"
24th Apr 2013 22:26
"Our season was effectively over ages ago. Why on earth didn't he have surgery a while ago so he could have as full a pre-season as possible. Next year is so important as we can continue our season being over and out of any hope of silverware or top 4 around Jan/Feb time again."
24th Apr 2013 22:30
"Well get AC back, young Eriksen in midfield and a few top centre backs..well be fine"
Anfield Dog
24th Apr 2013 22:46
"How did we go from the Tottenham game (our best) to Getting Luis banned and Stevie injured?"
24th Apr 2013 23:56
"Don`t be surprised Australia you will get the kids. They did the same last year to us in Canada, After all the tickets where sold in Toronto. Tens of thousands very angry."
25th Apr 2013 1:35
"Play it out. He's played every minute of every PL game for us so far. Let him finish that run til the end of the season. Leave the choice to him!"
25th Apr 2013 3:28
"hmm its still possible that we can catch that blue lot so im not sure SG would say we are all done, rest up. maybe fergie will think the start of next season will already be tough and not be as harsh with our first fixtures when writing them up like he was this season :P "
25th Apr 2013 9:36
"6 matches without suarez, may b without gerrard too , and a transfer kitty of 20 m what can we do FSG common gIVE RODGERS ATLEAST 40 TO 50 MILIONS utd want leodwanski, city want cavani , chlesea want falcoa despite all of them hv good strikers we without suarez we need to a prolific striker to start the season, can't depend only on sturrige "