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I also want my city to be part of the Global Family, please...
24th Apr 2013 8:55
southbrook scouse
24th Apr 2013 9:53
"LFC is one big family of supporters. Good to see JH &Linda back at Anfield !"
24th Apr 2013 11:29
"Please can someone tell me is there any truth in Liverpool coming to Cape Town"
24th Apr 2013 13:56
"Should have done England seeing as it was St George's Day yesterday. Maybe England will be the next one"
24th Apr 2013 13:56
"I do not know if the powers that be on the Liverpool website know it but truevision tv have lost the rights to show live premiership football at the end of this season. It would be great for the thousands ofthai liverpool fans if liverpool could show all liverpool games on thai tv. "
24th Apr 2013 15:47
"Unfair, we are expecting LFC playing in Indonesia but they skipped us... "
24th Apr 2013 17:48
"What a great big happy family we are. Imagine how happy we'll be when we win the Premier league again?!?!?!?!"
25th Apr 2013 0:33
"WHY NO VISIT TO JAKARTA THIS SUMMER?!? Why Thailand yet again? I thought we'll visit Jakarta for sure this year - big mistake by the board not to go!!!"
25th Apr 2013 1:56
"Please come to Jakarta, Indonesia. so you will know how big the BigReds is now.."
25th Apr 2013 1:56
"Please come to Jakarta, Indonesia. so you will know how big the BigReds is now.."
25th Apr 2013 2:27
"Well done my friend, hope to see you in Bangkok. YNWA"