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Come back well. Best wishes.
23rd Apr 2013 8:43
23rd Apr 2013 9:04
"3-5-2 agger skrtel carra - johnson henderson lucas gerrard enrique - coutinho sturridge - good luck borini for your return....."
23rd Apr 2013 9:12
"This guy needs all the best of luck wishes in the entire world with the rotten luck he's had so far. Just hope that his 5 clubs in 18 months didnt know something that Rodgers didnt! All the best Fabio."
23rd Apr 2013 9:17
"He is a good player but has had no luck so far,get fit mate and show em what your made of."
23rd Apr 2013 9:19
"Borini you have got to start finsing the net otherwise your career will finish as its started at Liverpool very badly. I like you as a player but you need to be involved more around the box if your going to be part of the first XI."
23rd Apr 2013 9:23
"Up to now what we've seen of Borini is not up to LFC standard..."
23rd Apr 2013 9:23
"Just in time if Suarez gets banned! Come back really soon! We really need and miss you! YNWA!"
23rd Apr 2013 9:28
"hope u will be sold Borini ..not LFC material .."
23rd Apr 2013 9:37
"if suarez is sold..that will send us back even further..and whats worse is we wont attract the caliber of the same person..and we will be 4 steps backwards,,if he stays he will be made to not play for some stupid number while idiots like mcmanamans tackle williams boot to rvp etc etc go unpunished ..were screwed..with borini no where near his roma swansea form.ships .goin down to fast"
23rd Apr 2013 9:47
"I have supported Borini as a young striker but its now time for him to contribute something more. Put a shift in, be brave, gamble and just have a cool head when opportunities arise. "
23rd Apr 2013 9:49
"Do something other than nothing mate..... "
23rd Apr 2013 9:50
"The ship has only set its first sail! A few crew members light this season so let's cast a proper assessment of Rodgers' style next season. The tempo of play is not high enough yet, that's what we need to see next year."
23rd Apr 2013 9:54
"Let's get Benteke! Sturridge, Borini, Benteke and er...Suarez? That's not a bad quartet. Borini just needs a good run of games and he'll start to show his worth - there'd be plenty of goals within this bunch."
23rd Apr 2013 9:56
"Great news! I like Borini, unlike some others here, it seems. He's got the raw material to be a really effective striker. Also, for those urging him to 'put in a shift', cast your mind back to how he injured himself. Yep, he was careening into a tackle."
23rd Apr 2013 10:00
"KINGOFCLUBS: agreed! I like the rumours linking us to Loic Remy, too (for the past decade, admittedly)."
Gordon Ottershaw
23rd Apr 2013 10:22
"It is too soon for Borini to play, hew is only just back to training. will take at least 15 days to get fit and 4 games to get nearer match fit so too soon. LS will be banned, no question, so we need DS to play up front, as he wanted to do, with our midfield assisting. Lest see what DS is all about on his own.. "
23rd Apr 2013 10:35
"Seeing as Suarez will be up for the rest of the season - well done Luis - we'll need all the help we can get. Unfortunately it will come in the form of this tube. At least he has nice hair. "
23rd Apr 2013 10:51
"Well needed boost with Suarez suspension! Show em what you got Borini! YNWA"
23rd Apr 2013 10:56
"be good timing. he will need to build up match fitness quickly, but hope we see him in action before end of season"
23rd Apr 2013 10:57
"Can't wait to see you back in the side to silence the doubters. Your movement off the ball and game intelligence helps open holes in the defence for others. Its not just about goals with you but many don't see it"
23rd Apr 2013 10:58
"Is Remy better than Benteke? Haven't really took any notice of him - is he stronger, quicker, good technically?"
23rd Apr 2013 11:19
"come back soon Fabio stronger than ever.Good luck.YNWA"
23rd Apr 2013 11:44
"BR must play him as a centre forward and not on the wings.He does show glimpes of a good centre forward"
23rd Apr 2013 12:19
"Dont shoot the messenger, but rumours circulating that Andy Carroll has been househunting on Merseyside as he's decided that he has 'unfinished business' at LFC."
23rd Apr 2013 12:28
"So glad he is back.. now we can sell him for a better fee. BRING BACK CARROLL"
23rd Apr 2013 12:30
"We are a small team in terms of tall players. Get Dede or Diateke or some tall strong defender and keep Carroll we need him. "
23rd Apr 2013 12:43
"well, our main man Suarez has messed up big time, he has let him self down than anyone else, cos no golden boot nor player of the year for him. He needs a psychotherapist rather than than be on the field. God, I am highly disappointed."
23rd Apr 2013 12:46
"Anyways, welcome back Fabio, cos am sure Suarez will be very lucky if he gets banned for only 8 matches."
23rd Apr 2013 12:51
"Can't believe the rotten luck this lad has had. Hope you hit some form and come out strong next season."
23rd Apr 2013 12:51
"If Carroll can speed up his link up play and keep improving technically then he will be an asset, would still like Benteke though."
23rd Apr 2013 13:01
"KINGOFCLUBS- Carroll and Sturridge??????"
23rd Apr 2013 13:03
"good luck Fabio"
23rd Apr 2013 13:14
"If we get AC back then he would be a good plan B, but I don't think he would like that, or maybe a front 3 of, AC, Sturridge and Suarez, hmmm. With Coutinho, SG and Lucas behind, sounds mouthwatering, huh. "
23rd Apr 2013 13:25
"Borini looked good when he came on against utd in second half,but seems very injury prone.lets hope next year he stays fully fit and then we can judge him!cant believe even david Cameron talking bout Suarez,who next Barack Obama !media witch hunt continues!"
23rd Apr 2013 13:27
"Oh let's not forget van persie elbowed a Newcastle player near start of season,and Webb missed it would you believe,why didn't the fa charge van Persie with violet conduct?"
23rd Apr 2013 13:41
"Guys,unless FSG fork out big time in summer ie 100m we wont compete again next year.Yes we are building,and the foundations are in,now we need big investment,to push on from here.But do i believe FSG will pay in,I dont,so it could be more of the same next season!!Sorry for being pesamistic."
23rd Apr 2013 13:43
"Personally I think Benteke has everything that Carroll has but with better skills. Anyway I don't know why I keep going on about him we'd have a job keeping him out of the clutches of the teams playing in Europe next season - the lad will definitely leave Villa though just hope we're in with a shout."
23rd Apr 2013 13:48
"Big advocate of Rodgers, great manager with a terrific work ethic, Borini though was a poor signing. Sturridge has always been a better striker and that'll become more apparent when Borini is sold onto a mid/lower table side. Simpy not good enough to help Liverpool become a Champions League side."
23rd Apr 2013 14:01
"will be like a new signing"
23rd Apr 2013 14:11
"KINGOFCLUBS: I can't really say objectively whether Remy is better than Benteke, because I've only really started watching Benteke this season and know a bit more about Remy. I think they've got similar skills levels. Remy slightly faster, more flair and prone to the stunning finish, less aerial prowess. Not unlike Sturridge, in build and style!"
23rd Apr 2013 14:14
"cont. -Agreed about Benteke and Carroll. Remy's no pushover, but Benteke seems steadier and can outmuscle as well as he can control in tight spaces. Ngoo could become a similar type of striker, I hope."
23rd Apr 2013 16:02
"Keep fighting Fabio! YNWA!"
23rd Apr 2013 16:39
"Please god no...."
23rd Apr 2013 17:42
"Well done the medical team and welcome back to the pitch Fabio. Show us your best."
23rd Apr 2013 17:59
"Ben tornato Fabio!"
23rd Apr 2013 18:06
"Now you prove a point like Sturridge did on sunday"
23rd Apr 2013 19:43
"Take it easy dude."
23rd Apr 2013 19:45
"PATTERSON, BR has already said he will not be getting much money fro this summers transfer market. The talk is he will get 20/25 Mil max. This was announced the day after FSG sought assistance from the Mancs and Arsenal owners"
23rd Apr 2013 19:57
"come back fitter and stronger fabio al the best ynwa"
23rd Apr 2013 20:22
23rd Apr 2013 21:17
"Wishing good luck but in order to replace Mr.Luis Suarez we are going to need 5 Borinis and also has to prove play 40 games without injury so GOOD LUCK MR.Borini"
23rd Apr 2013 21:55
"Heres what we should do. S borini for shane long or benteke-purchase one send borini loan the other way. If not borini plus money for jovitec. Get erikson for CAM position. Get alonso for holding mid with gerrard along side him. Get a CB cover for skrtl/agger partnership. Get tello for left wing if not play suarez left sturridge right and carroll/benteke in middle knocking balls down. "
23rd Apr 2013 21:55
"Sell just spearing only as we need a big squad for the cup comp. Buy luke shaw as cover. And promote sterling suso ardojan texeria and nacho. Replies please"
23rd Apr 2013 22:02
"Tello,suarez, sturridge,ericson,alonso,gerrard,enrique,agger,skrtel,glen,reina.4-2-3-1.Subs gk,luke shaw carrol benteke/long,cb sterling, suso "
23rd Apr 2013 22:19
"Rushjob _ 23rd Apr 2013 12:19,Andy Carroll is not even considered by England.He is technically zero.What do you want to achieve with this guy?Can he help our cause?Can he score the goals we need to go back in the land of top 4?Absolutely no?If he was that important there would have been a talk about him.he is playing at a level he belong."
23rd Apr 2013 22:29
"Buddha 130650 23rd Apr 2013 13:14,AC& LS never complement each other.They are a tale of two different football philosophies .his game is disgusting.He is technically poor and no drop of talent in him.He is even lucky to play football.In Spain,France or Italy no manager would give him the chance of playing in a training session."
Anfield Dog
24th Apr 2013 3:49
"Looks like Borini on the bench on saturday. good for him though i was hoping that provided he was still imjured that Adam Morgan could have a go at the bench. I´m sure borini will do just fine though. YNWA"
Anfield Dog
24th Apr 2013 3:49
"Looks like Borini on the bench on saturday. good for him though i was hoping that provided he was still imjured that Adam Morgan could have a go at the bench. I´m sure borini will do just fine though. YNWA "
24th Apr 2013 7:49
"If there's anyone that u need to proof, its to yourself not to the fans! I believed no one will ever shortchange himself in terms of training, commitment! Previously so many have failed miserably, so they'll be examples for u to avoid."
24th Apr 2013 9:28
"when borini signed with us we played exactly like roma was a perfect fit..but now we play like barcelona of todays game against bayern 800 passes look lost at times when it dosent come off then other days just control the whole game..things look good..cont"
24th Apr 2013 9:29
"but we need to fix up to many areas so we dont have the same finishing off games or defending against lower still certain we would of made cl...we dropped to many points when we had thought we could just turn up to a ground and expect the team to just let us walk in goals..that game at home against villa..everton,,we had arsenal under our boots just like city.utd..endlesssssssssss"
24th Apr 2013 11:11
"Borini or Carrol for plan B ??? I go wit Carrol long as he works hard , imporves his speed , willing to sit on the bench and agrees on wage reduction.."
24th Apr 2013 12:06
"Glad Borini is fit, just in time to be offloaded!He is the worst player ive seen at lfc since eric meijer and sean dundee! Lets just cut our losses on the crap we have like Borini, Allen and shelvy and get Alonso back."