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Can we have Mighty Red here in nairobi..

23rd Apr 2013 14:46
23rd Apr 2013 14:48
23rd Apr 2013 15:08
"Hmm. I just wish they didn't sponsor some other club..."
23rd Apr 2013 18:12
"Mighty you are very lucky,I could do with one of those cars here where I live(Portugal), so that I could also have the opportunaty to promote the club."
23rd Apr 2013 18:12
"Looking at that first photo, he's gonna have to climb in through the boot..."
23rd Apr 2013 19:38
"LOL! i doubt even if he wasn't excited, we would never know since Mighty's constantly got a huge grin on his face;)"
23rd Apr 2013 19:40
"wonder if he could fit into that front seat?"
23rd Apr 2013 20:38
"C'mon mighty red."
23rd Apr 2013 21:34
"The same Chevrolet who also sponsor MUFC and who reportedly are looking to finance Baconface in his attempt to re-sign Winker Ronaldo for £75 million?"
23rd Apr 2013 21:36
"Stick the daft mascot up ya backside...dont even dream of letting go to Anfield..We dont do tack!!"
23rd Apr 2013 23:37
"Great to see United's major sponsor giving us a cheap free car. "