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Daniel Sturridge WITHOUT A DOUBT - but why did he not start? What he did in the 2nd half is what players tend to do against the club they left - we needed that impact in the first half and we would have won!
Always A Red
22nd Apr 2013 13:51
22nd Apr 2013 13:55
"finally we have a striker, just bring back ANDY CARROLL and we ready to rock n roll....looks manure are winning the le, sucks"
22nd Apr 2013 15:53
"Though the man of the man votes were all about Daniel Sturridge, the fact Suarez is top there competing for shows much about his commitment and desire for success of the club. You can be good and not having zeal and passion for club. QP? knows best. "
22nd Apr 2013 16:26
"Mr Rodgers is wrong to reject criticism. Mr Rodgers is also wrong to play Henderson ahead of players such as Sturridge, Shelvey, Coutinho and Pacheco. Winning on the day should come ahead of any other agenda Mr Rodgers might have."