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He played really well and had judas in his pocket all the game. I'm guessing that's why he got the elbow
22nd Apr 2013 12:24
22nd Apr 2013 12:35
"he's still the best defender we have. (legend)"
22nd Apr 2013 12:46
"Any talk of that traitor coming back should be quashed after the rent boy's discraceful elbow on our Jamie. "
Always A Red
22nd Apr 2013 13:54
"I had my reservations about Carra playing, but he was fantastic and I love the way he dealt with Judas! I would have taken a red card for taking him out! He was rubbish and Rafa left him on the pitch on purpose!"
22nd Apr 2013 13:54
"Poor Torres, he looked sad, it was nice to see Benitez back home, in the dugout, thats where he will be when BR leaves....wishfull thinking"
22nd Apr 2013 14:02
"I thought Carra had a great game but these stats are wrong - there were at least two maybe three occasions when Torres jumoed higher and won the ball - so how can Carra have won all the aerial duels? "
22nd Apr 2013 14:22
"Jamie you once again played a big part in this team.You will be missed next season many thanks for a great night out on Thursday,and you drank water all night."
22nd Apr 2013 15:31
"Any chance he might change his plans for retirement? At least for one more season for his replacement to under study him. "
22nd Apr 2013 16:14
"and still he didn't make the Premier League Team of the Week, what a joke. "
22nd Apr 2013 16:53
"are these stats right? Every one of our players won every tackle he attempted??"
22nd Apr 2013 17:43
"Carra was his usual consistent self.He's never had an abundance of pace,but actually out sprinted Torres in the second half !! Shows how much pace Torres has lost !! Carra is a legend."
22nd Apr 2013 20:04
22nd Apr 2013 22:27
"Jamie... Please change your mind and continue with us next season"
22nd Apr 2013 23:54
"From the horses mouth he will definitly finish this season.A big gap to fill as he will be greatly missed."
23rd Apr 2013 4:29
"Do not know who does these stats,must be Carras Dad. Once again as in most games this season he was responsible for the first Chelsea goal,a yard too slow to get to Oscar,then beaten to the header by the smallest Chelsea player.Skrtel, must be gutted not to be in the side.Between them Carra, Lucas, & Rodgers have cost us a top 4 spot."
23rd Apr 2013 13:12
"He got stuck in, and then seeing him jumping about like a schoolboy for Suarez' goal, was a great sight for the last game I'll see him play!"