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So glad I read both the stories on Alonso..
Kingston Jah Red
22nd Apr 2013 12:16
22nd Apr 2013 12:20
"Would love to see him back as I feel he can still serve us for a good 3 seasons which would be enough to get us back into the CL where we belong! "
22nd Apr 2013 12:33
"No as much i love him hes too old and would be competing with our great captain gerrard. Instead of getting him to replace lucas we should go for someone like wanayama,kevin stoortman,lars bender and someone like that along with erricksen. Gerrard ? eriksen"
22nd Apr 2013 14:13
"You areand will always be welcome back. YNWA."
Save us Kenny
22nd Apr 2013 14:35
"Come home where you belong Xabi, we love you YNWA"
22nd Apr 2013 14:44
"TOM.R - Alonso is a holding midfield player. Why on Earth would he be competing with Gerrard who is an attacking midfield player or with Lucas who is a defensive midfield player? If he joins, he will most likely be playing alongside the pair of them! "
22nd Apr 2013 15:00
"Come back home Alonso! We will welcome you with open arms! YNWA!"
22nd Apr 2013 15:35
"really we Think we have a good midfielders but we are so poor on midfield position so if we offer someone just offer benteke, Christian Eriksen, Alderweireld and goalkeeper and one defensive midfielder"
22nd Apr 2013 17:07
"luis7??9- Actually gerrard used to be an attacking midfielder and is not anymore "
22nd Apr 2013 17:57
"If he wants to return to Anfield to finish his career get him!!!! We can easily get 5 good seasons from him! Xabi come home!"
22nd Apr 2013 18:10
"A good servant no doubt, "
22nd Apr 2013 18:53
"Alonso the past eriksen the future,"
Save us Kenny
22nd Apr 2013 19:02
"Get Eriksenn and Alonso, sell Spearing and Allen, loan out Shelvey. "
22nd Apr 2013 19:11
"TOM.R - And now you see where the problem lies. BR used him as a holding midfield player against Chelsea and it got us nowhere. Allen, Shelvey and Henderson are also not good enough. Liverpool have gone down hill ever since our engine midfield of Mascherano and Alonso left. "
22nd Apr 2013 20:35
"Nothing in this."
23rd Apr 2013 9:20
"we need one CB , one LB and ALONSO to win the BPL.."
23rd Apr 2013 11:20
"Come home Alonso.. YNWA"
23rd Apr 2013 12:24
"This is such a Great Club ,was glad to see common sense was used with the dealings of our striker Saurez .Pitty Evra didnt show the same level of common sense as liverpool fc YNWA"
24th Apr 2013 0:05
" time to show us what a manager you are BR make alonso's mind up for him. come home ynwa"