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come on home xabi we need you YNWA
22nd Apr 2013 10:19
22nd Apr 2013 10:21
"please brendan rogers if you can get alonso please get him.ynwa"
22nd Apr 2013 10:31
"Come home xabi "
Kingston Jah Red
22nd Apr 2013 10:44
"FSG don't seem to understand the importance of experience. They're only into young players with sell on value. One eye on the future, the other eye on the profit. That's not how you win football matches or trophies. Thats how you make money..."
22nd Apr 2013 10:52
"Xabi will not be coming home unfortunately this is media crap"
22nd Apr 2013 14:25
"He is going know where and our owners wont be buying, forget about it! We know there plan is ti stick to buying young up and coming talent and our payroll restrictions will come in next season so we need to ensure we are getting value for money, Xabi is class but not what we need right now."
22nd Apr 2013 18:08
"In what capacity The Judderman if i may ask "
23rd Apr 2013 22:03
"Would love to see him Xavi back, I've watched him at real and for me he's become a even better player wit age plus it all went pear shaped when he left . Come on home Xavi man ynwa "
23rd Apr 2013 22:40
24th Apr 2013 3:35
"Kingstonjahred: take it dude, Take a chill pill and relax. Too many of fake fans like you causing instability within the club constantly criticizing decent owners is not good.All owners, players, are in the game for profit HELLO!Just support the club in its entirety or go away support chelksi"
24th Apr 2013 3:37
"FSG dont understand the importance of experience...mpfhahahahaha...i guess thats why they are multi millionaires and your washing a car someplace right?"