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offer 6m, they will have no choice but to accept
22nd Apr 2013 9:25
22nd Apr 2013 11:00
"This guy is not LFC material we need match winners lets bid for Christian Benteke, Burak Yilmaz and or Leandro Damiao. we need players that can win us the league and Europe aiming to finish 4th will take us nowhere"
Kingston Jah Red
22nd Apr 2013 11:11
"He's available for 4m, so not sure why we'd offer 6m, unless Ian Ayre or someone equally clueless is negotiating.."
22nd Apr 2013 12:17
"Kingston Jah Red - Maybe your the clueless one for actually thinking he would go for anything under 5M. For starters there would probably be at least 3 clubs after him over the summer so QPR will most likely sell to the highest bidder. "
22nd Apr 2013 12:53
" REG2012- spot on mate! we need to aim higher than a mere 4th place finish.However we need to be realistic about where we are in terms rebuilding.the owner has said they are not going to throw money into the this rebuilding is going to take a while than we would like "
22nd Apr 2013 15:35
"really we Think we have a good midfielders but we are so poor on midfield position so if we offer someone just offer benteke, Christian Eriksen, Alderweireld and goalkeeper and one defensive midfielder"
22nd Apr 2013 16:20
"Remy and Michu, Hooper would add some goals to our attack. Another winger, Eriksen we would be strong."
22nd Apr 2013 18:58
"a bit too much like DS and with possible no European footy don't think so."
22nd Apr 2013 19:07
"Just Sign him!! See if we can loan them Borini. "
23rd Apr 2013 6:38
"We have Sturridge n he is on d bench when Cautinho plays. So how many strikers will play at any one time? Anyway Remy is ok, Benteke better n Michu just perfect! "
23rd Apr 2013 9:14
"injury prone ..there was talk on this guy during KD's time ..."