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it woud be a good move by BR as they could help building a winning mentality
20th Apr 2013 13:34
20th Apr 2013 14:08
"What a Great Idea Brendan, as this will Help Keep the History of the Club going on into the Future as well. YNWA REDS. "
20th Apr 2013 14:29
"I admire this man everyday. He is clearly very respectful of our traditions and is selfless in his quest to restore out greatness. I like the way he diligently goes about his work and seems not be ever daunted by the herculean task. This man has greatness written all over him. "
poolman 96
20th Apr 2013 15:15
"good idea brendan. it will instill a good winning mentality all through the club. its model that is the same as bayern munich."
20th Apr 2013 15:28
"Dont forget people like Lawro, Hansen, as well."
20th Apr 2013 17:05
"Good interview that. Meets my approval BR.LOL"
Kingston Jah Red
20th Apr 2013 17:10
"Not a new idea, the club has always had ex-players as ambassadors. On match day, the lounges are full of them.. Wise move though, because I think Brendan will need as many insiders in his camp as possible if next season goes like this one."
Billy B girl
20th Apr 2013 23:01
"We need the past but let's hope we have a good future. We can't keep remembering how good we once were.Don't forget Ian St. John who always gives an unbiased account when he is a guest on LFC live after the matches! Brilliant player and would be wonderful ambassador! "
Dede 7
21st Apr 2013 6:52
"IN BR WE TRUST. soon Liverpool will get back to winning ways and not just a one season form but for more seasons ahead. i see it coming. the additions in the squad next season will play a vital role and ofcourse keeping Suarez. YNWA."
21st Apr 2013 9:25
"If it is cheap or costs nothing, I am sure our owners are amenable. Just don't mention buying any players worth more than 12m, or building a stadium to take us into the future. "