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Kyriakos Papadopoulos or Kurt Zouma would be great, as defenders are what we need. Rojas could be worth a punt at that kind of money. Tello is probably just recycled news.
19th Apr 2013 11:27
19th Apr 2013 12:01
"Roll on summer window, already.we have been linked with some decent players ahead of the summer transfer window.i hope we make right acquisitions"
19th Apr 2013 13:40
"Marco Rojas woul be a good acquisition at half a million! He is an unknown talent who could be a revelation next season!"
19th Apr 2013 14:45
"Not sure where the 500k came from when his contract expires in June. He would actually be a free agent so we should sign him asap. His stats are quite impressive; 15 goals in 25 apps and also 5 assists. He can play on both wings but has mainly played on the right this season. "
19th Apr 2013 16:10
"Tello or Sanchez..kurt Zouma and Ogbonna or ajax defender..Diame + or Alonso and Eriksen..Coates and Skertel sell or part deal to bring defenders..Allen ,Suso and Henderson loan..,Borrini and Carol sell or exchange with aston villa for Benteke..Torres back and clear off chelsea's 15m debt"
19th Apr 2013 18:28
"Scored a couple of crackers this season, deserves a chance in bigger competitions. Be seeing ya down under. "
19th Apr 2013 20:03
"Definitely not Papadopoulos...or Rojas!"
20th Apr 2013 13:13
"Rojas is a talent,but a gamble.we will probably move too late for him as usual."
20th Apr 2013 23:59
"I'm a Liverpool born kiwi living in Oz and can assure you that Marco is a great young talent, a fantastic investment and quite simply a MUST-BUY!I'm salivating at the prospect of him lining up alongside Louis, Phillipe and Danny Sturridge. BRING IT ON. YNWA "