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Well done Luis
19th Apr 2013 12:07
19th Apr 2013 12:10
"He is the best and deserves to win it. Phew, for a second I thought the short list was that of players most likely to leave LFC at the end of this season....."
19th Apr 2013 12:15
"Never a more deserving player to win this award given all the crap he had to endure last season."
19th Apr 2013 12:20
"According to my analysis its either him or Juan mata... "
19th Apr 2013 12:21
"Luis Suarez: a head and shoulder above the rest"
19th Apr 2013 12:23
"HE is the best player in the league...he has to win it.."
19th Apr 2013 12:30
"Got to be Luis, especially after previous media hunt. He's really just played his way out of those difficulties. Great character as well as skill and work rate. Simply the best."
19th Apr 2013 12:31
"Got to be Luis, especially after previous media hunt. He's really just played his way out of those difficulties. Great character as well as skill and work rate. Simply the best."
19th Apr 2013 12:32
"Michael carrick is that a joke?One of the worst players I have seen live,I can pass the ball side to side can I get nominated?"
19th Apr 2013 12:48
"Quite rightly so! Well done Luis Suarez - let's hope you win it now! YNWA"
19th Apr 2013 12:49
"Leaving sentiments aside, our Luis deserves it after having to come from a horrid previous season and also overcoming the continuous heckling of opposition fans! Desoite that he has still managed to score 29 goals and hopefully a few more before this season ends! YNWA Luis!"
19th Apr 2013 12:50
"i love the list. it show that manc with manipulate this list. here how they going to do it, remove one of the man, one from cheki, one from tot and at last manc, cheki and LFC and the winner is manc been number one on their new list and cheki two and LFC third. i don't care as long as suarez promise to stay and FSG buy and sale"
19th Apr 2013 12:52
"Luis should be the one who wins it, but the deemed nice guy Gareth Bale will probably win it. His fellow professionals won't be voting for the best, but for who they like the most. "
19th Apr 2013 12:57
"You deserve it Luis and I am not just saying it as a Liverpool fan. You are the best player in the PL fullstop."
19th Apr 2013 13:04
"3-5-2 Skrtel Agger Carra - Johnson Hendo Lucas Gerrard Enrique - Coutinho SAUREZ......"
19th Apr 2013 13:07
"In our(LFC)Hearts, you're the winner cos those thieves, Ferguson & Associates (FA) always have something up their sleeves."
19th Apr 2013 13:13
"Test comment"
19th Apr 2013 13:24
"The Guardian has a supporters poll and Luis is winning easily with 45% of votes."
19th Apr 2013 13:27
"LFCTechSupport - can you have the latest comments on top - getting repeive strain from having to scroll through some of the longer threads..."
19th Apr 2013 13:57
"He won't win it. Will he? He's not british and doesn't play for united. Bale is british and rvp plays for united. So I think either of them will. Hope I'm wrong tho."
19th Apr 2013 14:01
"Suarez will be the PFA player of the year "
19th Apr 2013 14:12
"Won't be surprise if the accolades is given to someone else from LS. FA is so biased that it's shown in all area of the english premier league. Luis is more than deserving to have the prestigious award this season. Hope he scored in the next game. #El- pistolero "
19th Apr 2013 14:29
"Good luck Luis! "
19th Apr 2013 14:37
"Simply the Best. You deserve the highest accolade despite all,(apart from true LFC fans), trying to derail you. Kepp your chin up and play for LFC till the end of your career. You are adored by all LFC fans. Your emotion and grief at the Memorial was touching and appreciated.YNWA"
19th Apr 2013 14:44
"Luis deserves player of the year award.Good luck Luis Suarez.YNWA"
19th Apr 2013 17:07
"Luis should win it. No one has been more consistently excellent than he. He leads the league in goals (should win golden boot for that). "
19th Apr 2013 19:49
"1. Everyone else can go away."