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Good to hear Dirk's doing well-he was always a favourite and a hard worker to say the least (as well as key goals). Great of LFC to print this story too!
17th Apr 2013 15:12
Vosta Lee
17th Apr 2013 15:42
"YNWA Kuyt."
17th Apr 2013 16:00
"Best of luck against Benfica Dirk."
17th Apr 2013 16:07
"YNWA Dirk...all the best and hope you win the Europa League!"
17th Apr 2013 16:16
"Should still be here."
Billy B girl
17th Apr 2013 16:26
"Wish you all the luck in the world Dirk and most of all wish you hadn't gone! YNWA"
17th Apr 2013 16:54
"There are no words for me to tell how much I miss Dirk. Cause I do. Now more than ever. Wonderful lad. Best of luck Dirk in your chase for European glory! Still have your number on my old LFC hoodie, and wearing with pride. xx YNWA #18 always."
17th Apr 2013 17:27
"Backing your lot to win the Europa."
17th Apr 2013 18:04
"Yes a workaholic will always stand out YNWA"
17th Apr 2013 18:26
"Best of luck Dirk. You are well loved and missed at LFC. "
17th Apr 2013 19:17
"Wish you success in your cup tie, Dirk. A super guy. YNWA"
17th Apr 2013 19:58
"Good Luck Dirk. "
17th Apr 2013 20:01
"good luck dirk hope you bag the winner."
Kingston Jah Red
17th Apr 2013 21:08
"It still inspires me too Dirk, and boy do we miss you lad.... With Kuyt and Carroll in our squad we'd be a very different team.. We let too much experience go in the summer and replaced it with inexperienced and untested. A big gamble and it's not paid off imo. I like our young players, but experience is important..."
17th Apr 2013 21:40
"top guy dirk always gave 110% so glad hes career is going well , he deserves every accolade . "
18th Apr 2013 0:37
"Miss you and all the hard work you were putting on the pitch. I challenge some of our current players to match your work rate, then we should be alright. YNWA Mr Dirk Kuyt... ever!"
18th Apr 2013 1:54
"YNWA....Dirk Kuyt"
18th Apr 2013 2:51
"Dirk, we miss you buddy! Glad that things are going well for you at Fenerbahçe! -Stump"
18th Apr 2013 6:45
"always been fan of kuyt.."
18th Apr 2013 8:25
"A true red to the bone"
18th Apr 2013 11:30
"Dirk, you're a gem who always gave 110%, wish you all the best! YNWA"
18th Apr 2013 11:39
"Am really missing Dirk so so much that i would love to see him one day come back to Anfield if not to play but to sit there watching us playing. Kuyt, just want let you know that we love, miss & wish you the best of luck with your new club.YWNA Kuyt coz u r pure RED "