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Greatest tactician ! Liverpool are blessed to have had his services to win our 5th European Cup ! I'll remember that day for the rest of my life!!
16th Apr 2013 18:19
16th Apr 2013 18:20
"I wonder what Rodgers' 10 best moments will be? Answers in 3 envelopes please. Rafa is a managerial giant compared to Rodgers."
16th Apr 2013 18:34
"Happy Birthday Rafa. Welcome Home on Sunday, back were you belong. Sadly,hope you get thrashed on Sunday."
16th Apr 2013 18:35
"Some great memories there cheers Rafa!"
16th Apr 2013 19:07
"Easily the best manager we had since we last won the le."
16th Apr 2013 19:39
"Top manager, would love to see him back at Liverpool fc YNWA Rafa Benitez."
redhead lfc6
16th Apr 2013 20:02
"Rafa our best manager ever after Shanks and Paisley"
16th Apr 2013 20:04
"Rafa will always be a legend at Liverpool!"
16th Apr 2013 20:05
"rafas need to come back we have not matched league points and never got champions leaugue since he has left no discussion needed"
16th Apr 2013 20:09
"Great Manager..honorary scouser."
Save us Kenny
16th Apr 2013 20:14
"I'd have chosen Sir Rafa Benitez over this blarney every single time"
16th Apr 2013 20:15
"I am surprised that Billy B is not on here waxing lyrical about his hero. I am a massive fan of Rafa but we have moved on..It will be very odd seeing him in the other dug-out "
16th Apr 2013 20:20
"Best manger I can remember please come home benitez"
16th Apr 2013 20:23
"I miss Rafa, he is on of our greatest ever managers. We are still reaping from his time with us. I hope he returns soon. I think him and Carra would be excellent together. For me, Rafa has changed he is a lot more easy going. I think that when he comes back there will be a very different atmosphere and I am confident that the players will love having him. "
16th Apr 2013 20:24
"Buddha we haven't moved on we have moved back stop thinking we are better off without Benitez because we're not"
16th Apr 2013 20:25
"Would have Rafa back like a shot. Loves the club. Loves the city. Just like KK and all our past great managers have."
16th Apr 2013 20:28
"Can't wait for the game I will fly my Benitez flag raffa raffa raffa "
16th Apr 2013 20:31
"And yes.. Happy birthday Rafa, hope you'll get your song on Sunday and I hope you lose. YNWA"
16th Apr 2013 20:31
"Rafa,Rafael,Rafa,Rafael, Rafa, Rafael, Rafael Benitez!"
Save us Kenny
16th Apr 2013 21:01
"Whos name do you think the home fans will be chanting on Saturday? Has rodgers even got a chant? Its going to be strange one. Liverpool fans chanting for Chelsea manager, who their fans hate, while we have their ex coach screwing us up, who nobody will chant for"
16th Apr 2013 21:29
"Rafa was, and always will be, a true gentleman and an adopted Scouser. :-)"
16th Apr 2013 21:48
"Happy Days !"
16th Apr 2013 22:07
"Haha I went back on dis site today and my god do people on this site live in the past still??? This site is for 13 and over yea??? Loving the work ure putting in brenden , staff and team and I certainly won't be shouting rafas name on Sunday , sure why don't you so called fans sing the Torres song aswell. Ynwa "
16th Apr 2013 22:27
"I love BR, i really do, he loves the club and is a great manager.. But, if we don't get any results next season, then I'd like old Rafa to come back... He'll without a doubt, be able to bring back the old days.. I'd love if BR could take us back, but if not, then it's Rafa time.. <3"
16th Apr 2013 22:55
"Gluten Free - is that you Brendan or your talent free brother in law? I suppose Rafa's trophy haul of 2 Ligas, UEFA Cup, Champions League and FA Cup counts for nothing. If Rodgers ever wins anything he'll be feted!"
17th Apr 2013 0:31
"In Rafa 5 years era we qualified 4 time to the CL, 3 times we reached the semi final, twice the final and won it once. We knocked out teams like Barca, Real Madrid(5-0 in aggregate), Milan, Juve, Inter, Chelsea (Mourinho) and Arsenal. Cont."
17th Apr 2013 0:32
"In the league we were in the top 4 for 4 years and ended second in 2009 with the highest points for LFC in the PL. He bought Reina, Skrtel, Agger, Johnson, Alonso, Mascherano, Lucas, Kuyt and Torres. He put a great foundation for the academy. We cannot give him enough credit for what he has done to LFC. Cont."
17th Apr 2013 0:33
"Unfortunately his contract was terminated by the same lifelong Chelsea fan that has choosed FSG a others who had better offers, and we still after 3 years under FSG waiting to reach Rafa's worst year achievement with us. "
17th Apr 2013 1:22
"I would love to have rafa back, should be interesting match this weekend. I think BR might have some uncomfortable moments, as I am sure Rafa will get some massive respect from Liverpool fans. "
17th Apr 2013 1:44
"Give BR a chance, The same fans who wanted KK out are still seeking RB back, disgraceful. Yes he was great but wasn't KK nd you jumped on his back, what if RB came back and we ended up mid table then what would you be saying?"
17th Apr 2013 1:52
"Its just swings nd roundabouts if we go down this road again .Give BR the time needed to push his way back into the top 4, then who knows what might be possible in the future. YNWA!!! In BR i trust!!!"
17th Apr 2013 2:27
"R A F A E L B E N I T E Z"
17th Apr 2013 2:52
"Best manager we've had or could have said since the end of the first Dalglish era. How distant that all looks now..."
17th Apr 2013 3:33
"Rafa brought back glory to the club when we won the CL in 2005. The club did not have money, and he brought in fringe players that suited his tactics. Who was Alonso, Abeola, Mascherano, Reina, Torres, Garcia, Agger, Skrtel, before LFC. They all became wanted by BIG clubs after one or more season at LFC. We would have got it right had he not left. YNWA Rafa! "
Brazilian meastro10
17th Apr 2013 7:22
"what a perthetic bunch of low life BR slaters. how old r u guys? sounds like small kiddies talk on here! who gives a abt CV's? We REBUILDING a team. I LOVE Rafa, but its B.R's turn now. and for his little experience and time he had he actually is doing quite well, considering we cud of still fort for top 4. "
Brazilian meastro10
17th Apr 2013 7:22
"love to see the BR slaters comments after we down Chelsea, even took down a few names here"
17th Apr 2013 7:35
"one of the best managers in the world"
17th Apr 2013 7:56
"Need minimum 3 points from the next 3 games or br will have to accept that he needs better, revamped coaching staff and/or a director of football....fergie's success has been based on having the best coaches around him, and yet BR thinks he can do it all alone with pascoe- he was given the chance, but this season shows he needs help. "
17th Apr 2013 8:02
"He gave us glories but sincerely he is the destroyer of this great club - Alonso, Sissoko, Finnan, Arbeloa, Riise, Smicer, Didi..."
17th Apr 2013 9:30
"Benitez was great with Liverpool.. we even came close to win the league.. i think Benitez could have continue with Liverpool.. just see how many teams keeping their manager without winning angthing for years..."
17th Apr 2013 9:50
"tears now. need these days back, and soon YNWA"
17th Apr 2013 9:55
""You're red..and you know you are!" should be the chants aimed at Rafa (and Torres!). Would welcome a REAL manager like Rafa back with open arms. And if he wants to bring Nando back where he knows his heart is then that would be ok too."
17th Apr 2013 10:09
"Can't believe the couple of comments re Rafa winning CL with Houlliers team!Houllier was a great manager for us and built a decent team.However he already had Gerrard,Carra,Fowler and Owen (before he sold God!).We wouldn't have won it without Rafa's gems of Luis Garcia and Alonso!!"
17th Apr 2013 10:11
"He should be given an honoury knighthood for managing a CL winning team which had Djimi Traore in the back four!!! offence to Djimi(who scored a cracking goal in the MLS the other week!)."
17th Apr 2013 10:21
"Left the club? Cecil threw him out the door"
17th Apr 2013 11:11
"GlutenFree - In response to your comment about Rafa's spending here are some facts for you mate. "
17th Apr 2013 11:12
"2004/05: IN: £2m Josemi; £1.5m Nunez; £10.7m Alonso; £6m Luis Garcia; £6.3m Morientes; £1m Carson; Free Pelligrino. Total: £27.5m. OUT: £2.5m Murphy; £8.5m Owen; Free Babbel, Henchoz. Total: £11m. NET SPEND: £16.5m. WON: Champions League. PREMIER LEAGUE: 5th "
17th Apr 2013 11:13
"25/05/05 = 5"
17th Apr 2013 11:15
"2005/06:IN £240,000 Barragan;£6m Reina;£5.6m Sissoko;£7m Crouch £150,000 Hobbs;£190,000 Idriza;£1.5mGonzalez;£5.8mAgger;£250,000Martin;Free Zenden, Fowler;Exchange Anderson for Welsh, Kromkamp for Josemi; Unknown Miki Roque.Total: £26.73m.OUT:£3.5m Diouf;£2m Alou Diarra;£2m Nunez;£6.5m Baros;Free Smicer,Pellegrino;ExchangeWelsh for Anderson,Josemi for Kromkamp. "
17th Apr 2013 11:15
"Total:£14m. NET SPEND:£12.73m. WON:FA Cup PREMIER LEAGUE:3rd"
17th Apr 2013 11:16
"2006/07: IN: £6m Bellamy; £2m Palletta; £6.7m Pennant; £9m Kuyt; £200,000 El Zhar; £750,000 Ajdarevic; £2.5m Arbeloa; Free Fabio Aurelio; Loan Mascherano, Padelli; Undisclosed Brouwer. Total: £27.15m. OUT: £200,000 Whitbread; £3m Morientes; £675,000 Barragan; £2m Traore; £500,000 Mellor; £1.75m Kromkamp; £525,000 Potter; £1.5m Warnock; Free Hamann, Diao; Undisclosed Cheyrou. "
17th Apr 2013 11:16
"Total: £10.15m. NET SPEND: £17m. PREMIER LEAGUE: 3rd and reached Champions League final."
17th Apr 2013 11:17
"2007/08: IN: £5m Lucas; £270,000 Jose Dominguez; £1.8m Leto; £20.2m Torres; £5m Benayoun; £11.5m Babel; £1.3m Insua; £6.5m Skrtel; £18.6m Mascherano; Free Voronin; Undisclosed Nemeth, Itandje. Total: £70.7m. OUT: £2.7m Sinama-Pongolle; £100,000 Oâ"
17th Apr 2013 11:17
"Total: £36.7m. NET SPEND: £34m. PREMIER LEAGUE: 4th"
17th Apr 2013 11:17
"2008/09: IN: £7m Dossena; £3.5m Cavalieri; £1.5m Nâ"
17th Apr 2013 11:17
"2009/10: IN: £17.5m Johnson; £17.1m Aquilani; £2m Kyrgiakos; £160,000 Ayala; £1.5m Maxi Rodriguez. Total: £38.26m. OUT: £250,000 Anderson; £3m Leto; £3.5m Arbeloa; £30m Alonso; £4.4m Dossena; £1.5m Voronin; Free Pennant, Miki Roque. Total: £42.65m. NET SPEND: -£4.39m."
17th Apr 2013 11:18
"TOTAL BOUGHT: £229,340,000 TOTAL SOLD: £151,000,000. TOTAL NET SPEND: £78,340,000 And how much money did the club make from the Champions league during that time?"
17th Apr 2013 11:20
"Answer - a hell of a lot more than Rafa spent and recouped on players. So next time you just spout out some drivel that you have read in a second rate tabloid- try and get your facts right GlutenFree - RANT OVER "
17th Apr 2013 11:49
"ISTANBUL 2005! Rafa's first season as manager!Thats the greatest night in the history of LFC...and definitely the best ever final of any competition in the history of the world of sports...YNWA!"
17th Apr 2013 11:56
"Bring Rafa back...with the right support from the owners this man will bring back the magical nights we so enjoyed during his term! End of discussion."
17th Apr 2013 12:04
"Save us Kenny 21.01- Great Post that. Sunday could be highly embarrassing for a number of people."
17th Apr 2013 12:06
"LMAN 955- Spot on post that."
17th Apr 2013 12:09
"Kingmat 7.56. Agree on that post too. The very best managers surround themselves with the right people. Spot On."
17th Apr 2013 12:11
"Im absolutely gutted that my first home match of the seaon that Im gonna miss is this Sunday (Missus running London Marathon). This match defo gonna be some occasion, and likely to be a number of people 'squirming' in their seats! Wonder if FSG are sticking around for it, or if theyve got back to Boston sharpish? (understandable if so btw)."
17th Apr 2013 12:26
"996_Turbo - If Moores loved the club so much how come he sold it to those two cowboys for an extra £20 million in his back pocket instead of selling to Dubai International Capital whose chief Sameer al-Ansari is an LFC fan and season ticket holder?"
17th Apr 2013 12:27
"Rafa had us as the top ranked team in Europe - Brendan can't even get us to being the top ranked team in Liverpool. Draw your own conclusions."
17th Apr 2013 12:29
"Moores could have still been in charge now if he had the right team around him. The problem was the massive commercial value of Liverpool was not being exploited to its potential back then, which meant he was having to invest more and more of his own money."
17th Apr 2013 12:33
"My worry is the longer we are out of the champions league the more damage that will be done to our worldwide supporter fan base. The game is not just about those of us who attend matches anymore, its about selling merchandise worldwide and using that money to invest into the team. "
17th Apr 2013 12:39
"Brendan has been trying to drive down supporters expectations since the moment he arrived. Its going to take years to get the club back to where we want to be. No champions league wont be a disaster. Oh we want to do well in the Europa. Now the latest is it wont be a disaster if we dont qualify for europe next season. Wake up Brendan Liverpool not being in any European competition is a disaster."
Billy B girl
17th Apr 2013 12:42
"Ravsta - Agree with all your comments ! Rafa back with Torres or BR and Allen???"
17th Apr 2013 12:42
"Just ask the commercial department what effect your under achievement will have on next years budget. Great managers see the bigger picture, great coaches have directors of football to see the bigger picture for them. "
17th Apr 2013 13:21
"Rafael Benitez gave this club many proud moments, he fought for the club, he didn't talk a lot about 'philosophy', and was misunderstood by many, but those who understand football and do not listen to what the xenophobe 'pundits' and journalists say, can truly see what a manager he is. I wish him all the best in his career, and perhaps a return to LFC one day."
17th Apr 2013 13:41
"I genuinely think that Brendan Rodgers should be given time to get things right. At least another season. But if by this time next season we remain where we are, there can be no excuses. Benitez is a proven winner, and I hope the owners do not criminally overlook him again, if there is a situation when we need a new manager."
Save us Kenny
17th Apr 2013 14:06
"I think its safe to say, the majority of fans would have Kenny or Rafa back, over rodgers. This forum doesnt lie. But of course FSG, ayre and the other rounders wallies dont listen, unless theres something in it for themselves"
17th Apr 2013 14:06
"You could make it 20 or 30 without blinking an eye!"
17th Apr 2013 14:07
"To all you deluded ignorant people. Were is RB at the moment? Does he not have 1 of the best squads in the PL at this time? why cant these world class players play good football for him? RB had his chance nd its time for BR to show he can be that man, given time!"
17th Apr 2013 14:19
"darren86 - i take it 86 is the year you were born. If indeed it is I've been supporting the team before you were born mate. Who said anything about not supporting the team , i will forever support the team as i did when Woy was in charge. Idiots like you need to realise everyone is enled to an opinion even if you dont agree with it. "
17th Apr 2013 14:20
"BR out RAFA back home sounds good to me"
17th Apr 2013 14:20
17th Apr 2013 14:24
"while im here darren86 -on your point about Rafa and the Chelsea team - your the one who is deluded if you think the chelsea players are playing for Rafa. They know that he's gone come the end of the season. If he was satying they would be playing a damn site better knowing their chelsea careers are on teh line. As it stands they know another manager will come in. "
17th Apr 2013 14:25
"while im here darren86 -on your point about Rafa and the Chelsea team - your the one who is deluded if you think the chelsea players are playing for Rafa. They know that he's gone come the end of the season. If he was satying they would be playing a damn site better knowing their chelsea careers are on teh line. As it stands they know another manager will come in. "
17th Apr 2013 14:27
"Just like they didn't play for AVB, they got him sacked becuase he tried to break up the old boys network - does that make him a terrible manager too. While i don't mind people differing in opinion to me at least know what your talking about darren86."
17th Apr 2013 14:28
"yes you are ent!tle to an opinion, i was born in 86 but that means sh!t, all im saying is give BR a chance, we have lacked fire power this term, i dont blame BR for our lack of points, we have a good squad base to add to next term."
17th Apr 2013 14:37
"When did i say RB was a terrible manager? i didn't, you put them word here not me. i loved every season he was here except his last when we played boring football."
Save us Kenny
17th Apr 2013 15:00
"But BR let Kuyt and Bellers go, then loaned out AC and bought Borini. That is exactly why we lacked firepower isnt it? Do you honestly believe Man utd, Barcelona, Milan or any top club would have employed him? And why do you think that is? Nothing personal, he just isnt good enough for a insution like LFC"
17th Apr 2013 15:12
"Kenny- I understand your concerns but BR can't be blamed for Kuyt and Bellamy leaving. "
17th Apr 2013 16:02
"Pls bring rafa back. Rogers never gone take us top 4. I don't think players respect or believe in Rogers "
Billy B girl
17th Apr 2013 16:31
"FSG must put things right and get Rafa back it is what most of the fans want. Sunday will be a telling time!"
17th Apr 2013 16:55
"Welcome back Rafa - thanks for Istanbul and all the other great moments!!"
17th Apr 2013 18:00
"Agreed he is a good tactician, who sometimes have a bad day, but my only problem with him then is his erronous signings and of late his crossing of London divide. "
17th Apr 2013 22:57
"Rafa..special..end of! Rafa much. I'm in a state, chelsea hate / Rafa =Love ...confused, Rodgers ...apathetic?"
18th Apr 2013 1:07
"someone on here said best manager since paisley do you remember acertain french gent 3 trophies in one season runner up to the amazing arsenal team man who found sami made jamie bought gary mc if he hadnt been so unlucky with his health chelsea rent boy wouldnt have been here your not comming back live with it "
18th Apr 2013 9:45
"rafas judgement get rid of alonso go to chelski as interim manager . br judgement leave swansea go to lfc buy coutinho ynwa"
18th Apr 2013 12:06
"With all the comments i have gone thru, the owner would guest what the fans are after. they need trophies success 22 years is tooooo long in fact. me personally am tried waiting & gave up watching my beloved Liverpoolfc playing. every time i see us losing, that weekend become wasted to me so i just have to avoid by not going watch. "
18th Apr 2013 12:16
"RB is quality. 3 semi finals, 1 final with a 3rd place league finish as an interim manager and with the player power boys that got all of the previous short term managers sacked. He did well to bench JT,FL,FM and not tolerate them"
18th Apr 2013 12:18
"I believe in BR but RB will get us back to the top in quick time"