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Your top quality is strength, Jose. You can use that well for both defense and attack. Seeing you surge forward is almost as good as seeing Suarez nutmeg the opposition back four.
17th Apr 2013 9:43
17th Apr 2013 9:50
"I understand attacking is important, defending is equally important and is an area requiring work/replacement players. Letting in 3 against Southampton really proves my point and this has occurred all season. So Henrique!"
17th Apr 2013 9:56
"On the whole you have had a good season Jose.I agree with BR regarding our FB's. A commanding CB is imperative this summer and with a few more additions,I believe we will be good to go next season and this disappointing one will be a distant memeory.(fingers crossed)"
17th Apr 2013 10:13
"We have two of the best Fullbacks in the world in Glen and Jose, Jose is always getting better defensively and we all know how good he is in attack. We are lucky to have them and we could not do any better ia that department. We have also good youngsters comming up."
17th Apr 2013 10:35
"A great buy from King Kenny!"
17th Apr 2013 10:40
"GT-LFC, that's the spirit, sir"
17th Apr 2013 11:02
"NO.13- My sentiments have always remained consistent."
17th Apr 2013 11:30
"Where'd you get the hair Jose? Clearly not from Pepe..."
17th Apr 2013 11:34
"how i miss the old John Arne Riise....... to me he was the best left-back after Roberto Carlos!!!"
17th Apr 2013 11:38
"GT-LFC, good man, keep it up. Now stop sniping as you know I am way too good - to take on. "
17th Apr 2013 11:46
"No13- Keep telling yourself that,you might believe it in the end and maybe that will stop your insecurities.AHHH bless you.Good day to you my Kings road friend."
17th Apr 2013 12:01
"And therein lies our problem. Our right and left back are caught out of position. Enrique can defend though, Johnson cant"
17th Apr 2013 12:04
"We make far too many mistakes at right and left back, its been a major weakness this season. Not aggressively cutting out crosses, caught out of position etc has cost us dear this season. If we want top 4 we need to improve dramatically in these areas, we also need a centre back in mould of Sammi to defend set pieces"
17th Apr 2013 12:35
"BR has good knowledge on the passing football but don't know how to implement it. He should go back to his tutors and collect the implementation manual on the passing football."
17th Apr 2013 13:01
"WhelanR- Good points.Do you think this is because the FB's are not good enough or the system? Because IMO we have 2 superb FB's."
17th Apr 2013 13:38
"top class lad better with hair too :)"
17th Apr 2013 13:42
"I still think though that if our full backs are too far forward then we get found out on the counter especially like the game against Arsenal, Johnson was too far forward on both of the times they came at us and he was left up the ptich racing back without any joy, should depend on the opposition."
Save us Kenny
17th Apr 2013 14:07
"I think its safe to say, the majority of fans would have Kenny or Rafa back, over rodgers. This forum doesnt lie. But of course FSG, ayre and the other rounders wallies dont listen, unless theres something in it for themselves""
17th Apr 2013 14:35
"Your right in all what you say jose. And for me the key to not just next season but going forward is sticking with rogers as manager even if things don't workout in terms of a trophy or top four as long as we make big steps in improvement. I love the way l.f.c are playing at the moment. Keep it going lads. YNWA"
17th Apr 2013 15:01
"I've mentioned this before; your form as well as the team dropped since you put the wig starting from the Southampton match. Get rid of it man. I watch the games from Kuwait and by God it's affecting my life adversely. God."
17th Apr 2013 15:02
"Speaking of striker, Congr ats to Craig Bellamy on getting Cardiff promoted"
17th Apr 2013 15:07
"Jose Enrique is in our Top 5 for Player of the Season. And for people criticizing Johnson, did you know he has the most clean sheets for a RB in the Premier League with 13."
17th Apr 2013 16:47
"oh cmon are some of you on about bringing kk and rb back get a life as I see it rodgers is the way forward he is putting in young players who will develop, we started the season with one recognised forward one year is not enough for any manager."
17th Apr 2013 17:07
"Bring back Souness or Hodgson!!!!"
17th Apr 2013 17:10
"...Sound silly don't I? I don't get why people risk the chance of a finger injury when they type things about bringing back past managers. Dalglish will never come back..and Rafa is very unlikely with FSG calling the shots. Cont.."
17th Apr 2013 17:13
"KK is the past, Rafa is the past. Brendan hasn't done anything worthy of the sack..he inherited an average squad..what were people thinking heading into the season?? I'm on record in saying 6th would be a realistic target and a satisfactory one too. LFC is all about being number 1..but sadly we are not there yet..cont.."
17th Apr 2013 17:16
"I will dare not say give BR the time..because I know the vultures will be out in there thousands lol..but one thing I've learned from 5 yards (Hendo) that he's young, time is on his side and he has potential..kind of like BR in terms of management. In Brendan 'I' trust."
17th Apr 2013 17:19
"Enrique after a slow have performed well over the season. Kudos."
17th Apr 2013 17:53
"Enrique has done well this season as has Johnson, but sometimes Johnson is so infuriating. He could do with a good kick up the ar$e on occasion, it's as if he thinks he can just put in about 70% effort and that will do - he has always been the same, especially against the lesser teams. A class player but should put in 100% every game..."
17th Apr 2013 17:54
"Would like to see Micah Richards come in the summer who can play CB or on any of the flanks. Would also like to see a stronger, quicker DM - for me Lucas possess's neither of these attributes."
17th Apr 2013 18:21
"LDW(Buddha's Other half) - Was that a back-handed compliment? I really like JE as he can do the simple stuff when required. Although he's not too bad at the tricky stuff either and runs his legs off for the cause. V impressive this season."
17th Apr 2013 18:25
"Practice using your right foot and play simple balls with it instead of fannying to get it onto your left man"
17th Apr 2013 18:36
"You've been one of the better signings of the past season and do like seeing you and Glen get forward, however our defensive frailties have been exploited and I do feel you need to learn how to not get caught out of position when you do attack."
17th Apr 2013 18:51
"Redahendo, how much is Henderson paying you by the hour??"
17th Apr 2013 19:03
"I think I'm one of the few LFC fans who believes that Enrique is overrated. So for those who want to attack me now - pay attention to how often he is out of position and how many times he has a simple pass availabe, but either holds on to the ball or thumps it forward into no man's land. Would be good if the club got someone new and better to compete for LB."
17th Apr 2013 19:36
"No doubt you have the licence to move up from BR, but please realize your main duty is on the defends. Mot of the time our fullbacks are conceding, and that's not good for the team. Please check the stats."
17th Apr 2013 19:46
"jose has been a great signing as left back was a problem area for a long time. We will need to add a top quality centre back who can head the ball and our defense will be sound.If br goes for williams then he is just mad as he is a poor defender. cristen zapata would fit in well with br's philosophy "
17th Apr 2013 19:49
"Have heard it said that andreas wiemann of aston villa is a main target in attack. Would be a great signing imo."
17th Apr 2013 20:59
"Keep dreaming jose"
17th Apr 2013 21:03
"West ham fan for the night. Come on AC!"
Kingston Jah Red
17th Apr 2013 21:05
"We have some top players, but can't get winning runs because BR started the season short of strikers and is one dimensional in his stype of play. Both al flaws imo. BR's January buys were good, but it's too little too late. Another season 'progressing' like this and he will be on very thin ice."
17th Apr 2013 21:27
"AC has caused Man u trouble tonight - we need a player like that. It won't be AC though as BR doesn't like him and he'll want to go where he is wanted."
17th Apr 2013 21:37
"He'll certainly be a good acquisition for which ever team gets AC, he was even defending stopping hernandez scoring. Our defence could do with a bit of help at times."
17th Apr 2013 21:51
"I would like him to be a defender first"
17th Apr 2013 22:21
"Cross it / put through balls in from deeper. It'd provide an element of suprise. If Poshbecks can do it, so can you. It'd mean less running back. If GJ goes forward, you should sit back and vice versa. You don't need to get to the byline. There's very little height waiting anyhow. If not, give and go, but quick! "
18th Apr 2013 0:43
"We all know that for a large part of the season you played through pain. Hopefully we will acquire a left back worthy of being a strong back up in that position. I'm sure you will cherish the challenge too. YNWA Enrique"
18th Apr 2013 1:12
"Crisis at Manure!!! They drew with West Ham!!!! Call the mayor, call the police, call the army. We have a full scale crisis on our hands. How can any top team draw with WHU???"
18th Apr 2013 9:43
"GT LFC - My solution is to bring in Jamie C as defensive coach and ensure we defend crosses much tighter, get Sammi type player in central defence to defend the air and work hard on our positional play. However i believe Johnson should not play RB, perhaps give him a go on right wing or sell him when we can get good money for him. Kelly for me all day if he gets back to full fitness"