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Make JC the head scout for LFC.......
12th Apr 2013 12:04
12th Apr 2013 13:32
"World class player before he joined, world class player still and will be in the future. Good luck to any european club prepared to fork out over 50M for his services! Hopefully he stays for years though :) "
12th Apr 2013 14:10
"hope Jamie gets his coaching badge and stays as defensive coach"
12th Apr 2013 14:17
"We must keep him. Period!"
Coutinho's Flicks
12th Apr 2013 15:59
"Couldn't agree more Carra. You have been a great defender of the shirt of Liverpool Football Club as well and are a true legend. No questions to be asked there."
12th Apr 2013 16:57
"I would as well "
12th Apr 2013 17:51
"To be honest I always admire what Carra speaks and his honesty as well.But not his playing style .I admire defenders who are good with the ball ,who play it forward not to their own GK,and those who can properly pass it to their own team mates not hoofing it to the no man's land."