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No no no no no ... Nooo
12th Apr 2013 9:32
12th Apr 2013 9:42
"not worth it at all."
12th Apr 2013 10:01
"brendans doing the right things and taking us forward. if he thinks this will help ive confidence in him and the club that we will progress. Next year top 4 and the following season we will challenge the top"
12th Apr 2013 10:12
"No no no no...the guy slates a liverpool he is over rated...we have good solid players coming through in the postion..."
12th Apr 2013 10:23
"BR is obviously not serious. They have removed blog so that we don't get to discuss the team. We need Alderweird or Dede, Diame who was even recommended by a club legend, Eriksen. With three players only we will compete. Just look at Munich."
12th Apr 2013 10:25
"it is crazy to pay that much for an avarage defender. He is not the top class player that we need. save the money and spend them on quality instead. PLEASE just get Gotze!! "
12th Apr 2013 10:29
"If we keep signing these type of players then i dont see if we are really serious. "
12th Apr 2013 10:30
"Should he sign it would be interesting to see how the "I want to punch Luis Suarez" comment is dealt with. Or was he "misquoted"?"
12th Apr 2013 10:33
"No way. We've already got Skrtel, Agger, Kelly able to fill that role. Coates still to convince, but he's hardly had a chance. Danny Wilson and Andre Wisdom also can be developed there. Spend the money elsewhere."
12th Apr 2013 10:36
"if you look on our team, we are strugling on defending SET PIECES and this is because we dont have defenders who are very commanding and powerfull in the AIR. Pls go n get DEDE he is a GREAT defender, win tackles, very good in the air, score goals on set pieces, very commanding."
12th Apr 2013 10:38
"12 mils for a 29yr old defender? this swans are trying to rob us again. 15mils for allen great example, while they go for cheaper and more quality options."
12th Apr 2013 10:44
"The i want to punch Suarez was not misquoted he wrote it in his book & has backed it up by also talking about why he wanted to punch him. Saying he hates pretty much everything about Suarez so it is very clear he really doesn't like him. He plays on the left side of centre 2 in Aggers position too. Id say 12m far too much when we could get either De Vrij or Alderweider for the that."
12th Apr 2013 11:02
"Need to sell before we can buy however not worth the money quoted better and cheaper CH available in Europe give kelly or wisdom a crack BJ."
12th Apr 2013 11:09
"We need to move heaven and earth to sign Falcao. Rumours are United are close to signing him and that would be a disaster. Can we please make him our number one priority this summer. YNWA"
12th Apr 2013 11:10
"No freaking way.. We don't want this guy at all.. Get adil rami from valencia, a better player and cheaper also. "
12th Apr 2013 11:12
"Another average player from Swansea. I think all our scouts are watching Swansea game."
12th Apr 2013 11:14
"A front three of Coutinho, Suarez and Falcao would give us the best attack in world football. With a midfield of Gerrard, Lucas and Alonso behind that front three we really could win the Premiership. Come on FSG and BR make this potential a reality. YNWA"
12th Apr 2013 11:16
"NO NO NIO. Too old, too expensive and too average. I do hope this is just more column filling rubbish from the press."
12th Apr 2013 11:18
"I really can't understand why we employ scouts if all we do is sign players from Brendan's previous clubs!"
12th Apr 2013 11:24
"oh dear... "
12th Apr 2013 12:08
"12 million no way. Good defender but we shouldn,t pay more than 7 million for Williams."
12th Apr 2013 12:44
"To the people saying sign Falcao, Gotze and other ridiculous names. Please use some common sense and realise LFC are no longer in the position to be signing the top stars. I mean come on! You really think Falcao is going to join us, we can't even qualify for europe. We need to buy players like Alderwireld and Coutinho and challenge the top 4."
12th Apr 2013 12:45
"This guy is an average player and 28 years of age, and they want 12 mill for him! BR should go with Alderweireld. He is a good player, 4 years younger than Williams and i think we could get him for 2 mill cheaper. Also he said he would like to join us. "
12th Apr 2013 12:46
"If we can't get Alderweireld we should get Dede he would be a superb purchase. If Skrtel doesn't get back his form from last season i think we should sell him, and if that was to happen we should get both Alderwireld and Dede."
12th Apr 2013 13:37
"Too much to pay. Prefer Ajax centre back for 8m in a combined deal for Erikson."
12th Apr 2013 15:04
"The Suarez issue seems to be on people's mind... Surely you understand it was written in his book? This was perhaps true but also used to sells books. Also, he is a solid defender... I think he is the ideal replacement for carra, leadership qualities and a footballing brain. As long as we sign another CB too it will be all good"
12th Apr 2013 15:54
12th Apr 2013 17:58
"he's not bad. "
12th Apr 2013 18:23
"No way....."
12th Apr 2013 18:47
"12mil for a 28 year old CB from Swansea?? No thanks. "
12th Apr 2013 21:22
"Not for 12m. I'm out."
Vosta Lee
12th Apr 2013 22:49
"A boyhood fan that wants to punch his team's most consistent performer? The bigger the separation between Suarez and Williams the better if you ask me. Leave him in Wales. Besides, we don't want LFC to become Swansea Reserves."
13th Apr 2013 11:20
"BR obviously wants to get rid of Skirtel, Aggar,and our yougster hoping to break into the first team. If he buys Williams BR will obviously have to play him and I cant see him being better than we have already. Please spend the money on a player we really need"
13th Apr 2013 12:09
"If Ashley Williams is compared to Jamie Carragher, why not ask the latter if the former could be his successor-in-waiting YNWA"
14th Apr 2013 4:13
"Would prefer Richards"
14th Apr 2013 14:25
"Does not fit in with owners criteria of buying players. Go get Dede or even De Vrij to replace Cara and look at getting Sakho from PSG who can play at centre or left back.Then get Alonso and Erikson and Isco then a top striker"
14th Apr 2013 19:00
"forget Ashley williams lets beat Arsenal to the Mohammed Diame signing"
15th Apr 2013 10:18
"BRING IN A. WILLIAMS AND OUT GOES L. SUAREZ! this is another proof that BR is a mid-table team manager, no chance for European football as long as this man remains the manager at Anfield! "
16th Apr 2013 14:18
"I dont understand that if FSG didnt want Dempsey at the start of the season for half that because he was too old - why then Williams ? Why is it that the last two managers and King Kenny does not count in this discussion feel the need to bring their average players over to LFC? "
17th Apr 2013 1:17
"i hear that BR is trying to persuade JC to play for another season, i say good we need his leadership at the back, our defence will not be the same without him. JC YNWA!!!"