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Rodgers stop doing this to us
12th Apr 2013 9:31
12th Apr 2013 9:57
"after what he said about Suarez why would we want him.Get your head togethor BR"
12th Apr 2013 10:01
"Please please Rogers stop signing squard players, they will never bring back glory days. these are mid table teams players. You make us worrying about your SCOUTING TEAM. you have made mistake on BORINI,ASSAIDI,ALLEN still you wanna do the same mistake????"
12th Apr 2013 10:13
"is Wlliams really that bad?or is it because of what he said about Suarez?if we don't want him here based on that,then we would be just like Chelsea fans who hate Benitez because of comments he made whilst he was LFC manager.Saurez got over that and shook hands with Williams when we played Swansea.I think we need a leader in our back 4,and he has EPL experience."
12th Apr 2013 10:26
"We need to bring AC back, give Ngoo a chance, buy Eriksen, Diame or Gustavo and Dede or Alderweird. That is all. We don't need williams cos we don't want another allen."
12th Apr 2013 10:27
"Find it hard to believe Williams is a Liverpool fan after saying he wants to hit Suarez.It would be a waste of time and money to buy Williams, another stupid move just like the Allen and Borini deals.Bring back Rafa."
12th Apr 2013 10:43
"hey btw i just saw on Sky that huddlesfield have bought Daniel Carr. thought we would get him but oh well..."
12th Apr 2013 11:02
"why would we want another swansea player. we are liverpool not swansea.YNWA"
12th Apr 2013 11:20
"seriously no!!! "
12th Apr 2013 13:37
"Good solid CB, would be a good signing but hopefully he is just an option and BR looks at a few others before signing Williams. "
12th Apr 2013 14:29
"Is this the beginning of end Liverpools own history and style? I hope this is not going to be a Swansea B team."
12th Apr 2013 15:52
"This brute man & average player is not needed here. I simply hate him cos of what he said 'bout Suarez in his absurd book."
12th Apr 2013 19:01
"dhd39...... quite right. Not lfc material"
13th Apr 2013 11:07
"This has got to be a wind up.Williams is nowhere near as good as Richards or any of our youngsters, and Swansea will be laughing all the way to the bank, just as they did re Allen. Have they missed him?? Andy Carrol would be twice the CH that williams is"
14th Apr 2013 21:14
"Fed up hearing of all these 2nd rate transfer targets.Need proven quality.We are Liverpool F.C for crying out loud.Rodgers is doing a fine job of lowering expectations.2 cup finals last year under Kenny.Where is the progress from that?"