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Nooo stay at swansea or go arsenal plz, why would you want to come here? Suarez is staying and we dont have europe
12th Apr 2013 9:30
12th Apr 2013 11:04
"Let arsenal take him and we get adil rami. 200% better than williams. "
12th Apr 2013 11:19
"no thanks, bound to cost way more than he's worth and there's plenty of better, cheaper players out there."
12th Apr 2013 13:35
"He is an option only LFC fans, surely BR has other targets in mind too but if they fail to come, then there is no harm bringing Williams in. "
12th Apr 2013 13:41
"No more than 10m please keep the cash for Erikson."
12th Apr 2013 15:42
"Ashley williams, you are NOT welcome here. "
12th Apr 2013 15:49
"This thug who wanted to hurt Suarez is NOT NEEDED HERE."
12th Apr 2013 18:28
"no no no"
12th Apr 2013 18:30
"I agree with luis7??9,Williams is an option of a few,but I really like this guy.In 60 something games Swansea have played in the EPL,I've only seen Williams drop 2 rickets...that's A+ consistency for a CB."
Vosta Lee
12th Apr 2013 22:53
"LFC fans would prefer that Ashley Williams joins Arsenal rather than LFC. That's settled then. There are much better options out there from a footballing to a team chemistry perspective. "
13th Apr 2013 7:35
"Alderweirdeld would be better then get Eriksen if he will come, off load Borini and Allen and push for Ben Arfa we then need to develope the youth and push them forward. That at least will get us back in Europe then the following season build and challenge for top 4. Ppl dont seem to realise how faw back we have gone LFC YNWA "
13th Apr 2013 11:13
"I admire Arsene Venger for the way he developes players and doesn't waste money on rubbish like Williams. This is obviously a ASwansea ploy to up the anti as they did with Allen "All the top clubs are after him!!" surely Rogers aint gonna be conned again!! "
13th Apr 2013 11:50
"No freak'n Swansea players please. Now, repeat that three times!"
13th Apr 2013 12:04
"Sorry messer MidTableTeam, did you have anything against Ashley Willams. Though i don't really want to have a say as to this but what could have warranted the MidTableTeam's comment YNWA"
13th Apr 2013 12:36
"lets do a straight swap for allen!"