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Haha loving the cheeky line at the end
11th Apr 2013 17:32
11th Apr 2013 18:07
"If Saurez leaves it wont matter whether it is used or not."
11th Apr 2013 18:13
"Yes and the next step is video replays once play stops and cant come soon emough. That may stop some of the pathetic dying swan acting when tackled and even more so some of the shirt pulling antics in the penalty area. What are they scared of?"
11th Apr 2013 18:17
"Love the last sentence!"
11th Apr 2013 18:34
"Draw a straight line down to he's foot which as already travelled to kick the ball out and you can clearly see it was over the line."
11th Apr 2013 18:39
"At long last"
11th Apr 2013 19:04
"mushroomscouser0413...stupid statement, and there's no one at the club with that name!! "
11th Apr 2013 19:52
"I still would've preferred a penalty and a red card for Cech!!"
11th Apr 2013 20:22
"Its 2013, of course we should use sensors or cameras. I think the ref should also have support from the fourth using video technology."
11th Apr 2013 20:27
"Great last line Mr Rice!"
11th Apr 2013 20:46
"Love the comment at the end:)"
11th Apr 2013 21:54
11th Apr 2013 22:18
"Mushroom cant even spell the player who he wants our club to keep so much lol you my friend are a class ( A ) MUPPET!!! Yet another pointless negative comment from you which has nothing to do with what the story is about. You are one sad poor excuse of a supporter, just pathetic!!! I take it you meant Suarez you plum lol"
12th Apr 2013 0:06
"love the last paragraph. want more writing like this with some character "
12th Apr 2013 0:28
"Not forgetting Andy Carrol's header against Chelsea in last years FA Cup Final..........that was also over the line."
Vosta Lee
12th Apr 2013 7:11
"The last line is not cheeky, it's just FACT!"