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Considering FSG's criteria for purchasing players, and BR's desire to play a Barca-style football: pulling the stops out to get this kid is a no-brainer, really.
11th Apr 2013 16:26
11th Apr 2013 17:10
"Oh no, competition from Newcastle ooooh... Lol."
11th Apr 2013 17:28
"For that price no way, Isco from Malaga is a much better option"
11th Apr 2013 18:17
"get him he'll prove to be a bargin, allen cost 15m so its a no brainer."
11th Apr 2013 18:34
"Go get him"
11th Apr 2013 18:42
"i would make him are number 1 target.."
11th Apr 2013 19:13
"No thanks! I would prefer Alonso and a solid CB. "
11th Apr 2013 20:51
"If he cost us 25mil he'd be worth every penny. He should be our number 1 target along with cover at left back. All the calls for a CB, let's not forget Martin Kelly will return next year."
11th Apr 2013 22:03
"the only players we will end up signing will be BR's old players. fing disgrace"
Luis Vnthn
12th Apr 2013 5:57
"Please have a look at Mohamed Salah from fc Basel, man! we've been lacking those kind of players for years. Brendan, snap him up! here's the video of him:"
12th Apr 2013 9:15
"If we can't be competition from Newcastle things are bad!!"
12th Apr 2013 9:36
"This should be our marquee signing this summer and I'm sure Agger and Suarez could influence him to come to us, god knows we need more creativity around the box then we can get re-inforcements in at the back so we stop leaking goals like we did in the first half of the season. "
12th Apr 2013 10:28
"I don't trust rogers"
Big Az
12th Apr 2013 12:35
"For sure erickson is a gud playa bt I dnt tink nxt season is a time to gamble on if he fits into d epl. Pls lfc focus on bringn on Ben arfa n giv him d free role he plays for Nw castle. He is very creative,gt pace,skillfull,greatleft foot,hs an eye for goals,gud on one on one situatn n is rugged.All we need is gt our gr8 medical staff to manage his injuries den we hv gt ourslves a genius."
12th Apr 2013 13:34
"This guy is a 100% must. He is the heir to the throne of Stevie G. Him and his centre back team mate should be our summer signings.Quality not quany unless more funds are available"
12th Apr 2013 14:07
"as much as i would love this guy at liverpool, it just isnt goin to happen. we have as much chance of signimg him as we would signing messi.... sad but true YNWA"
12th Apr 2013 18:29
"the jury is still out on this guy"
13th Apr 2013 6:13
"Last time we finish 2nd, we got subs who can change the game & score winning goals like benayoun, kuyt etc. so do the same BR..."
13th Apr 2013 11:12
"I'd like to see us buy him or Jovetic to play behind the front man and I'd bring in Isco as well to play out wide Hernanes for centre mid. Then if we can buy a quality centreback and leftback Hummels and Cissokho Id be looking forward to next season"
Kingston Jah Red
13th Apr 2013 11:31
"Not sure about Eriksen, partly because he said he wanted to play for manure last summer... He certainly fits the franchise owner's profile of players. Not sure if he fancies a season of no European football or not though. Agger must already have explained the score, imo if he's not jumped at the chance, no thanks. "