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I totally agree Jose the team does need to be more consistent and show a winning mentality on the pitch, you reference Utd and Chelsea which is fine but what we need to show is more determination and grit to score not just to play accurate passing football, that doesnt win games. We need a few more quality players this summer, may be then we can challenge.
12th Apr 2013 9:33
12th Apr 2013 10:21
"Wise words from one of our most inconsistent players in the last 2 seasons. To me he is one player id like to see replaced,weak in the tackle I've seen him go into tackles half hearted far too many times. His distribution majority of the times is extremely wasteful in the attacking sense. I think a lot to do with because he is far to one footed which makes him far too predictable. "
12th Apr 2013 11:39
"We have conceded more goals than Wigan and almost as many as QPR on the road, two teams that are in the relegation zone. This is an area which needs to change. A safety first approach might be better suited to away games. All of the players need to look more alive in the first few minutes. The defenders need to play with responsibility first and let the forwards worry about their stuff."
12th Apr 2013 12:59
"Consistency can only be achieved if you have players with determination and good old fashioned "bottle." A number of players, who shall remain nameless, go absent when confronted by physical sides. This puts pressure on others like SG who try to cover for them and then mistakes happen. We must try to deal with teams that dont sit back and admire Ticky-Tacky"
12th Apr 2013 13:54
"We have defensive disasters all too often, we dont coach a solid system, the coaching staff aren't capable of doing so. This manager will always get enough bad results to keep us in no-man's land mid-table."
12th Apr 2013 14:08
"We need consistency, a winning mentality & a few quality players to challenge the very best. Either you play well or not, just try to win the game. That's what a certain club does year after year & it's now won more league les than us."
12th Apr 2013 16:02
"A manager has to manage for the team to be consistent.Allen,Borini and now he wants Williams!More money wasted & more work for the sports psychiatrist! We need fit in form top quality on the pitch not favoritism."
12th Apr 2013 16:38
"Scotty78--If you had said those things about Glen, I might have agreed-(wasteful attacks dribbling into defenders and one footed) except for the part about replacing him. Jose does nothing half hearted, especially tackle. I can only assume you have "obstructed view" seats at Anfield."
12th Apr 2013 16:56
"always next year."
12th Apr 2013 17:31
"Poolboyusa, i also said im not a fan of Johnson either my opinion is they are both wasteful. So is Enrique not one footed? Pretty sure he is hence why he never comes in on his right foot. So yes at this level its far to predictable. Its a well known fact that he started well here then played crap, started this season also crap recent form ok. Is that consistency? "
12th Apr 2013 17:57
"What is up with Jose's hair!! I wonder! It is definitely affecting our tiki taka style!"
12th Apr 2013 18:04
"Enrique seems to forget that Southampton are a more ambitious team these days than us.That is why they got a manager who they believed can take them forward .They even fired the former manager in the wake of a victory.They have a man who excelled BR and never sings after a win over fellow smaller teams.And they are also playing beautiful football ."
12th Apr 2013 18:08
"If we can get 60 points, considering how bad we were first half of the season when br was trying to get the lads to run through barbed wire that will be a reasonable return for the second half. Hope that wire wasn't rusty as blood poisoning is serious!"
12th Apr 2013 18:26
" Guys please vote for gerrad in the PFA player of the deacade he is just behind henry by 2% keep voting. Its a matter of pride. Cheers!"
12th Apr 2013 18:31
"Well said Cordoso. I think Enrique is an ok defender but not a top class. Hope we can get a strong Lb this summer. And defo Johnson will be a nice sub if Kelly is fit:)"
12th Apr 2013 19:19
"JustRed- Too Funny! LMAO! Scotty78- As far as consistency is concerned, there are really (IMO) only 2 players that have demonstrated consistency throughout- Stevie and Luis. Even those two have had their bad days. Jose is not the best left back in the league by any stretch. I guess it was the "half hearted" comment that got to me more than your opinion of his skill."
12th Apr 2013 19:47
"That is not to say that I think Glen is half hearted, either. The article was about mindset and atude, not skill. I think both have the mindset for LFC-work hard for the club. "
Gerrard o ya beauty
12th Apr 2013 20:10
"Too many times we blew it this season. We need some $$$$$$$$$ off FSG this summer. YNWA"
12th Apr 2013 21:33
"I sincerely hope all this rubbish about 4th is a smokescreen. We need only One goal next season and that's win the dam EPl. Europe can wait until we cNquer home territory first. Enough of flash in the Pan stuff like 05 where we scale heights and then vanish for the next fI've years "
12th Apr 2013 21:54
"Shankly built his team and dynasty on the battlefields of getting promoted to div one. He did it be owning the old div one. Similarly Brendon has to dominate Europe by first dominating the EPl"
12th Apr 2013 23:13
"Tired of 'determinatn by mouth', prove it wit d last 6"
12th Apr 2013 23:53
"Next season would certainly be better in terms of consistency. BR has made brilliant buys thus far and would make even better bargains in the summer that would keep us challenging in the top end from the first match of 2013/2014 BPL season"
13th Apr 2013 1:40
"scotty78: your an idiot, jose is one of our best players and is one of the best fullbacks in the prem"
13th Apr 2013 2:15
"Been talking about consistency for the past 15 years."
13th Apr 2013 2:53
"So in short, Man Utd have continued a near 20yr rampage of the EPL top honours, and have changed their squad just as much as Liverpool have in that time. We now hear from Jose (who I respect as a gritty player), that the team needs a winning mentality to be able to challenge. Something's wrong there!!"