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benbollix, you and people like you baffle me, we are not chelsea or mc, we are building slowly but surely, as the saying goes the strongest foundations make for the strongest building. for proof take note for the 1st time in 3 yrs we will have improved out league position
11th Apr 2013 14:54
11th Apr 2013 15:00
"benbollix shut the up you bell end. What has Brendon said that makes you think that he's out of his depth? Both him and FSG came into this great club when we were on our knees and in need of rebuilding. I have all confidence in both FSG and BR and I believe that next season we will see a vast improvement as the players will have adapted to BR's footballing philosophy. "
11th Apr 2013 15:01
"I just want to scream to Liverpool. Buy Iturbe!!! No one is looking into him. He is one of the most promising young strikers around!"
11th Apr 2013 18:13
"Benbollix,so comments left on the skysports website proves BR is out of his depth?That "proof" then means that the Liverpool squad must be fools for believing in BR and his philosophy.....foolish comment,take your blinkers off and try to see the bigger picture."
11th Apr 2013 18:40
"A Liverpool fan Quoting Sky sports. I've seen it all now, who gives a rats #ss, Rodgers is doing ok in his first season, Next season we'll push on, if you dont like it go and Join the Chelsea armchair numpties brigade."
11th Apr 2013 19:03
"BR is doing pretty good for a 1st season in charge. Our league position aint bad and should improve a spot or 2 before end of season. Next season I expect better. Back on topic stick with Reina please."
11th Apr 2013 19:56
"The fact that everyone else disagrees with benbollix makes me happy. "
11th Apr 2013 20:10
"The continue the off topic of Ben's bollix... how does anyone say that winning the league cup means last season was better than this?? Last season we weren't in Europe, and if we aren't next season then I'm sure we'll put more effort into the LC as well..."
11th Apr 2013 20:10
"... BR has made progress this year. This is reflected in our league position and the football we now play. Also, why call for BR's head?? He's not gonna be sacked after a year!! YNWA BR"
Liam Bekker
11th Apr 2013 21:18
"Its sad that Benbolix's comment is the one on display, has nothing to do with the article and is total rubbish for Casillas joining us, or even leaving Madrid, I doubt it"
11th Apr 2013 21:46
"benbollix is talking utter tish.... how many seasons did it take man city to take the le from when the arabs bought it? with a bottomless pit of money!!! ....... on topic.. he's a top keeper but i cant see us buying him, that other fella from madrid tho!... Mr Alonso, he should come back home. "
12th Apr 2013 2:03
"I think Rodgers is alright. Give him another full season. Be patient. Buy a few more players like Eriksen, Ince, Jay Rodriguez, Leandro Damiao, Diakite, Diame, Aly Cissokho and Alonso, we should be challenging the le. Sell Allen, Borini, Assaidi, Skrtel, Coates,Andy,Spearing and Wilson. Play Ngoo, Sama, Coady, Teixiera, Dunn and Jordan Ibe. I think Henderson is great!"
Luis Vnthn
12th Apr 2013 5:58
""Please have a look at Mohamed Salah from fc Basel, man! we've been lacking those kind of players for years. Brendan, snap him up! here's the video of him:""
A Red In My Bed
12th Apr 2013 6:03
"Why do people keep knocking FSG? I'll tell you. It's cuz they're not pumping in Millions of pounds to the Club. (Oh, they have pumped in Millions!) Ok, they haven't pumped in Mindless Millions? Well, that's because they are not Arabian or Russian Billionaires with a new plaything! Cont.."
A Red In My Bed
12th Apr 2013 6:08
"What they are, are good and successful business men. With a good track record. There is nothing wrong with them wanting to make money from Liverpool FC. Bear with me now.. For them to do that, they realise We must be a succesfull club. The MORE succesfull we are and for the Longer that success lasts the more money they can make.. Cont.."
A Red In My Bed
12th Apr 2013 6:14
"There is NO conflict of issues here, between them and the fans! The only problem is with those fans who want instant gratification! Rodgers came here with a blueprint for the Long Term success of this Club. Stuff we can't even see. Like behind the scenes Academy stuff etc. etc. So get behind your Club, we ARE getting there!"
12th Apr 2013 7:17
"A red in my bed - despite the stereotype, some the the best businessmen and businsswomen I have had the pleasure to meet are Russians and Arabians......."
12th Apr 2013 7:33
"You can be an owner of an NFL team, baseball team, etc. in the USA and as long as you are in the top 15 teams, you are looking at a minimum billion dollars annual revenue- even if yor team hasn't been close to silverware for 25 years or more.... A completely different model to Euro football. So who has to adapt- us or them? "
A Red In My Bed
12th Apr 2013 7:48
"Kingmat, firstly not knocking Arabs or Ruskies. (I'm not a whites Caucasian male myself ok?) Secondly, do you really think they'd make such a huge investment without having an understanding of what you mention? Really?? Have some faith, overnight success is not very common. Ok? Until, they prove otherwise, give them time. WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM!!!"
12th Apr 2013 8:30
"A red in my bed - are you saying all white caucasian males are racist? Only joking.. Just saying they could sell the club tomorrow for its probable current value of 450 million with planning permission for a stadium and still made a 15 to 20% annual return on investment without having to have done too much- a very nice deal brokered by their old British American Tobacco buddy, Broughton"
13th Apr 2013 6:08
"Defensive lapse, valid goal disallowed, points drop against lesser team, and inconsistency. If not we are in better position right now. And owh dont think he will leave madrid.."