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I love watching this lad - and frankly I think he deserved his chance at least start at the bench and get some experience. I also think he might do some impact and if Raheem got his chance, Ibe should have it as well. Just don't rush him much ;)
11th Apr 2013 9:54
11th Apr 2013 10:16
TheLight of the LoneWar
11th Apr 2013 10:46
"In my humble opinion I think this lad is better than ince and sterling, so I hope he goes on the pre-season tour like sterling did last year and shows what he can do!"
TheLight of the LoneWar
11th Apr 2013 10:47
"FAO: frankcharlestond 10;16, that would be some team...."
11th Apr 2013 10:59
"TheLight - Watching now tserling and Ibe I also think right now Jordon shows much much more progress and desire to play than Raheem. I also hope little lad will go on Aussie pre-season and will have a chance to play!"
11th Apr 2013 11:01
"I love this guy, he's very promising and looks even more mature than many great players at his age were, I would like he keeps on working still for a couple of years under the guide of Mr Inglethorpe as we have yet a crop of youngsters who broke through the first team and are passing through a period of stalemate in their development, ..."
11th Apr 2013 11:01
" ... so I would like the things were done gradually with him! Jordon is of course a gem to be protected! YNWA"
TheLight of the LoneWar
11th Apr 2013 11:07
"to fobiuz and rosso, good comments, and I do agree handle with care when it comes to this young man, but what a player he could be if given the chance, maybe a few cameo roles through the season."
11th Apr 2013 11:08
"We have kids the envy of the premiership and this is why we should all be optimistic with the way we are heading. We are steadily making progress and for those who don't see it then a big raspberry to you. When you think of Kelly, Jonjo, Sterling, Ibe, Wisdom, Sama, Coutinho etc, you can only smile at the future prospects. "
TheLight of the LoneWar
11th Apr 2013 11:11
"FAO Buddha, I am very proud the club has supporters like you, you obviously know football and see the bigger picture!"
11th Apr 2013 11:31
"TheLight - Thanks mate and also very good comments by Buddha & Rosso, pleasure to read indeed! I agree on the Big Red future and yes, of course I also pretty much love Stephen Sama, he in some way reminds me Sami Hyypia, hope one day he will find himslef in the heart of 1st team defence!"
11th Apr 2013 11:39
"TheLight, you likewise my friend. It will soon become clear to everyone else how great we going to become. "
Gordon Ottershaw
11th Apr 2013 11:39
"Pleased to agree with these sensible posts. makes a change to see we have a great future , just need patience so we can reap the benefit of planning."
11th Apr 2013 11:44
"Jordan Ibe is the best prospect Liverpool have in my opinion! The speed and quality this lad has when going at people is unreal, I think he's better than raheem.. He's stronger, faster and works harder! Since I seen this lad bag against Sheffield Wednesday and Chris Kirkland I knew he was gunna be class! hope he tears up the summer tour and makes a few 1st team apps next season! "
ani-road mk2
11th Apr 2013 12:20
"What diving and cheating. Take a look at Stevie the model professional rather than that cheating "
11th Apr 2013 12:29
"I think the reason for all the good posts at this article is, because the so called "fans" don't know who Ibe is and therefore do not comment ;P think i have to agree, that Ibe looks more mature, straight forward and maybe even a bit more positive in his attacking play than Sterling. He can only get better!"
TheLight of the LoneWar
11th Apr 2013 12:31
"to fobiuz and Buddha, yep the youngster coming through like Sama, Wisdoom, Ibe are going to be some players when they get into the first team! "
TheLight of the LoneWar
11th Apr 2013 12:33
"FAO Chris1110, your post made me chuckle, and is probably true..."
11th Apr 2013 12:53
"think with raheem being rested Jordan should be on the bench for certainly a few of our remaining games as I think if he was to come on his skill and pace would scare the life out of some of the teams we will be playing especially reading "
11th Apr 2013 14:00
"Mmm, try studying Messi, by far the best player in the world."
11th Apr 2013 14:20
"As long as you don't copy his egotistical atude and selfishness."
TheLight of the LoneWar
11th Apr 2013 14:21
"to ecored, I have to agree, I would also prefer he copied messi than Ronaldo.."
11th Apr 2013 14:45
"What a pleasure to read everyones comments on this article. Its nice to hear some positivity from true fans of our great club instead of the uniformed and uneducated fans that comment on other blogs. YNWA"
11th Apr 2013 16:08
"I watched Jordan Ibe play the first half on last year's pre-season tour at Toronto and he was outstanding. We have an absolute gem here."
11th Apr 2013 19:18
"the future is definitely great with such talented players coming through the ranks. keep it up lad, your time will surely come.ynwa"
A Red In My Bed
12th Apr 2013 5:39
A Red In My Bed
12th Apr 2013 5:43
"You got nothing better to do than make negative comments about people's positive posts? I think there's an opening over on the MUFC site for you. "