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I just can't get enough!LS...lov him to death..YNWA Melbourne
10th Apr 2013 10:39
10th Apr 2013 10:43
"YNWA my friend. Having lived in Adelaide for the past 40 plus years, but am, and proudly so an ex pat looking forward to getting my hands on some tickets for the MV pre season match. As a current member 1st, made up. P.S. I'll check out your website later my friend. And yes there r plenty of die hards in Adelaide."
10th Apr 2013 11:14
"Wonderful comments from a real Red. I shall try to get to the Melbourne game from the Philippines where I live. It'll be difficult - money is sparse but if I make it ... maybe a tinny or two?"
10th Apr 2013 12:25
"Cant wait to see the mighy reds play over here! We wont let the lads down with 100,000 fans singing YNWA. It will be an epic event. All the best for the rest of the season from the guys who are up in the early hours for every match of the year. YNWA"
10th Apr 2013 12:32
"I love you Aussie LFC supporters! Your passion and love for the club is second to none! Keep loving and backing your beloved LFC guys! YNWA Melbourne LFC supporters!"
10th Apr 2013 13:15
"Traveled the Mt Barker to Hindmarsh route many a times. Live in England now and whenever i feel a bit homesick I nip in to Anfield and it somehow fixes things."
10th Apr 2013 14:04
"Thanks everyone for the kind words. Very humbled and proud by all of this. This one is dedicated to my brothers in the MLSA. We've worked together for 8 years in getting to this point. Amazing! Also to those in RAdelaide - looking to getting things rolling again for local Reds in a big way too! YNWA."
11th Apr 2013 7:04
"A Liverpool fan since 1951 I have watched every game on TV here in Oz. I have just tried to get tickets for the Melbourne game,and,although I was on the net two minutes after 'opening time' found that all had been sold. NOT POSSIBLE for a 100,000 stadium. Please can you do something to assist overseas fans for future tours. "