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I was sure my brothers told me that LFC were playing a bunch of pink birds! It was LFC vs Flamingos. I'm serious and it took me a while to work out what I misheard. I'll let you work it out for yourselves. Showing my age...
10th Apr 2013 11:30
10th Apr 2013 15:13
"The 4th of May 1974. I was 7 years old watching the FA cup final.I watched Kevin Keegan destroy Newcastle. After the match my dad said Keegan was from South Yorkshire like us. I was a LFC fan from that day on and my son is now the same. I'm 46 now and still get that tingle when i manage to get tickets for Anfield. We certainly don't need any acoustics experts !!!"
"My first memory was going away to Man City at Maine Road, way back in 1968. Although we drew 0-0 the Reds played with such fantastic speed when attacking with Callaghan and Tompson on the wings, I was hooked, line and sinker."
10th Apr 2013 17:08
"My earliest memory is of Emlyn Hughes saying "Liverpool are Magic, Everton are tragic" after the FA cup semi final replay in 1977. Closely followed by Kevin Keegan leaving for Hamburg that summer - I cried."