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Have you noticed this guy is getting sooooo much coverage on here. I wager he will be sold this summer.
10th Apr 2013 9:59
10th Apr 2013 10:13
"Sure, you took your little sister ;) Methinks the fella doth protest too much. Hehe."
10th Apr 2013 10:15
"Haha. credit to the person who asked him the tree question. "
10th Apr 2013 10:17
"I wouldnt mind to sell him He is a Justin Bieber fan! JOKE :)"
10th Apr 2013 10:19
"Also, great questions, shawct. Makes for a nice read."
10th Apr 2013 10:34
"Buddha, you have some strange opinions... I'll give you 4-to-1 against!"
10th Apr 2013 10:56
"Buddha - not a hope of him getting sold, loads of potential now he is doing things right a bit more, the penny has finally dropped with him that he needs to be in the game more not just shadowing the opposition for 90 minutes. "
10th Apr 2013 13:45
"Buddha - I remember somebody betting that Sahin would be a mainstay of the squad, that we'd be top4 under BR, that Hendo/Downing would be sold. Buddha Keep your money. Use it to spend on a diet plan after all the Humble Pie you will be consuming v soon."
10th Apr 2013 13:48
"Although Hendo - You have lost some cred with the Bieber comments.He has a few good songs????? I almost changed my tag to RedaRobbo! "
10th Apr 2013 15:23
"The only reason this lads still here is because nobody wants him. Give him a few runouts from now to the end of the season, he cant do any worse than how he normally performs. and hopefully someone like Stoke will come in for him in the summer. Goodbye and good riddance"