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Some incredible goals here! Thank you :)
9th Apr 2013 14:37
9th Apr 2013 15:03
"What about Terry Macs cracker in 7-0 thrashing of Spurs in '78 ?"
9th Apr 2013 16:37
"some were made this season. That's means we are on the track....."
9th Apr 2013 16:52
"...and Suso is instrumental in 2 of them - c'mon Brendan let him play centre mid!!"
Vosta Lee
9th Apr 2013 21:03
"Good to see Heskey in goal 10."
9th Apr 2013 21:23
"This video clearly shows that we have greatly improved our performance under BR compared to the last few seasons since RB left.The team is playing beautiful football we just lack consistency and luck."
9th Apr 2013 23:30
"Great video! You know we really are starting to play like those teams of the past. Long may it continue."
9th Apr 2013 23:31
" certainly can't be scouse speaking of Lucas like that. Have a word."
10th Apr 2013 0:28
"don't ruin it by speeding up the footage like that again. "
10th Apr 2013 3:17
"OMG i can't belive the media Spin those yanks are doing putting few this seasons goals in to show that we are going the right way, BS i could name about 50 goals that are better, what the SG goal V Madrid, SG CL final goal count the passes, Torres goal against the Mancs 4-1, also what about any goals from the 9-0 versus palace or 8-0 V Besiktas"
10th Apr 2013 5:39
"one of the best games I ever watched :-) "
10th Apr 2013 5:44
" scousemolby96 Just shut up if you can't say anything positive. People like you disgust me, Lucas is superb. Go and support Neverton or Schester if that's your way of supporting. I've been an Anfield faithful for 60 years and hate whingers. "
10th Apr 2013 10:16
"scousemolby96: that is a disgraceful comment on many levels."
10th Apr 2013 13:46
"Please no free clips, we pay for a reason"
10th Apr 2013 14:58
"Speed of thought and passing in the opponents half typified all these goals. We need that sort of intensity now!"