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Come on you young redmen.
12th Apr 2013 15:36
12th Apr 2013 15:37
"He actually covets a trophy? How nice of him albeit a youth trophy."
12th Apr 2013 15:38
"He actually covets a trophy? How nice of him albeit a youth trophy."
12th Apr 2013 15:42
"BR I agreed with you we need good players and teams. please sell those good for nothing first teams players you have and let us give some young one change, and don't forget to buy professional players for the first team and if we also need a very good manager."
12th Apr 2013 18:05
"we have the best youngsters in the country. Can't wait to see them step up :) "
12th Apr 2013 18:17
"br is spot on here, the only purpose of a youth system is to develop players to the level of first team. For to long our youth system has failed to add a player who like carra or sg will be a top pro. "
12th Apr 2013 18:25
" Guys please vote for gerrad in the PFA player of the deacade he is just behind henry by 2% keep voting. Its a matter of pride. Cheers!"
12th Apr 2013 19:10
"The game will be shown on itv4 at 19:30 UK time. "
12th Apr 2013 19:15
"Good luck lads we can do the chelski - ynwa"
12th Apr 2013 19:59
"goodluck young reds. chelsea will prove a tough test, some of them lads prob played in the nexgen series and they got to the finals. but we believe in you all. "
14th Apr 2013 0:41
"With the exception of our wingers and central defenders, I saw no evidence of Rodger's blue print against Chelsea last Friday. Chelsea were more clever and should have won by a wider margin."