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congrats to El Moro!
6th Apr 2013 11:07
6th Apr 2013 11:14
"This is a wierd statistic.. :) "
6th Apr 2013 11:37
"Needless stats IMO."
6th Apr 2013 12:16
"diao at stoke!! some strange names up there. Could he have made it, strengthened up for the PL? Shame think he was the top scorer in the CL when we got him."
6th Apr 2013 13:10
"Loved Morientes.Gutted he didn't score the goals his hard working eye catching displays deserved."
6th Apr 2013 13:45
"What a pointless stat! Is there really nothing more interesting to talk about in lfc today?"
6th Apr 2013 14:54
"Stats eh? The cause of and solution to all arguments on the internet."
6th Apr 2013 19:12
"This was a strange one, he could score at will wherever he went, then he joined us and had a real problem, then left and was scoring for fun again. Shame it never worked out."
6th Apr 2013 19:18
"I can hardly remember him playing. He scored a few goals, apparently. Obviously not suited to the English game. Shame."
6th Apr 2013 21:50
"Tells you everything about Stoke when Salif Diao is theirs. Those stats lost all credibility when Cleverely was Uniteds though."
6th Apr 2013 22:08
"I wonder who has the lowest- my money is on kvarme....."
6th Apr 2013 23:42
"20 PL games is definitely not enough. That's not even 1 season. I was thinking atleast 50 games so that you know the player has made an impact."
7th Apr 2013 1:16
"Can we have stats on the keepy up challange please?"
7th Apr 2013 5:08
"It doesn't matter how many games it's over it's an irrelevant stat, just because a player was on the winning team doesn't mean anything, he could've been the worst player on the pitch and not affect the result, would rather see who scored the most winning goals "
7th Apr 2013 8:58
"Th Spanish seem to settle well in Liverpool and its nice to see so many Spanish around in the city.Many scousers have a bit of spanish in their blood..."
7th Apr 2013 11:57
"Mr Rogers, bring back Torres. Look at his stats this year : 17 goals. Premier leagues Games : 0,25 goal/match, but for all cups, he has 0,50 goal/match. Look at Demba Ba, first part of the league : 13 goals at Newscastle, against 3 goals at Chelsea. Chelsea is full of ego, not giving strikers neat ball. Lampard has got more goals than SG, but SG is a greater player as he puts strikers before him!"
7th Apr 2013 13:00
"34.2% of stats are misleading and the other 73.1% are wrong. ;)"