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Lets not get overconfident again. We need the points. Thank god Andy's not playing, considering how we have been unable to handle the big, powerful centre forwards. I dont think I can take another round of sobbing excuses
6th Apr 2013 9:44
6th Apr 2013 10:01
"1-2 to the neys???? Dont make us larfff."
6th Apr 2013 10:13
"Biggest joke of the year from this long ball team's fan. West ham are in for a rude awakening... 3-0 LFC."
6th Apr 2013 12:07
"you are too optimistic Gus! West Ham style of play does fit at all with ours so I don't see a reason why we could not win comfortably tommorrow! We showed yet our adaptability to the hammers in the first leg at the Boleyn Ground when we had missed Luis and were obligated to play with Jonjo and Joe Cole as strikers! ... "
6th Apr 2013 12:07
"... Thus I am very upbeat for tomorrow! Let's wait and see if the facts will be agree with me!"
6th Apr 2013 12:11
"We can keep the ball for most of the game so lets do that and panic them into bad passes when(if?!!)they have the ball. Could Shelvey's strength and Coates height work here or do we play good passers? We should win 2/3-0."
6th Apr 2013 15:16
"Our vast goal difference opposed to MU's basically due to our defensive frailties. Opposed to MC we are superior in goals scored. Again, our defense had faltered to make the cut above our nearest rivals. Now its time to score goals, goals, goals and only goals for maximum points. Nothing else matters."
6th Apr 2013 19:10
"A win will keep the very faint hope alive with 5points off 4th (pending Tottenham & Chelsea games). 'transition' won't be accepted here...YNWA!"
6th Apr 2013 20:01
"We can win tomorrow if we pass the ball fast and press the ball high and pick a strong starting 11 and the score will be 4-1 "
6th Apr 2013 20:47
"Pretty sure we have a clause in the loan that Carroll can't play against his parent club."
6th Apr 2013 21:05
"Exino 6th Apr 2013 20:47 under PL rules no player can play against there parent club so we did not need a clause "
7th Apr 2013 0:27
"win is all we want"