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So who won?! I loved playing that game as well.

5th Apr 2013 16:20
5th Apr 2013 16:35
5th Apr 2013 16:39
"I'm convinced I invented that game. It's called footnis "
5th Apr 2013 16:49
"In Nigeria we call it 'paralo'. It's a game of fun...YNWA!"
L0\/3 4Nfi3LD
5th Apr 2013 16:55
"Great stuff ..!! We should be practising Shooting & link up play :-P Our best 3 players along with Gerrard.. 4 nil on sunday please- brace Suarez-Coutinho 1-Gerrard or Sturridge the other.. See you Anfield :-) "
5th Apr 2013 16:58
"Our long term starz, philippe, luis and Lucas "
5th Apr 2013 17:30
"2Pat, am sure you invented the game in a dream, well dream on, every man has the right to dream..... hahaha, lol"
5th Apr 2013 17:32
"Usijayboi am nigerian and not sure i have heard of paralo'' lool"
5th Apr 2013 19:08
"AWSOME! Best part of training back in the day :D"
5th Apr 2013 19:47
"Couldn't this have the adverse effect of teaching our strikers to hit the ball over the net? Just kidding of course -- looks like fun."
5th Apr 2013 19:50
"nice pics! original way to train some lads! pleased to see so much effort in this match of footbal-tennis, who knows that one day some of them can participate to Wimbledon!!! Jokes apart the mood looked good around the ground and I am delighted of that, good team spirit in sight of a cracking game! Come on you Redmen! YNWA"
5th Apr 2013 20:38
"Looks like Coates was Suarez' partner. Lucas & Coutinho v Coates & Suarez. I reckon Suarez won, better partnership little & large as opposed to little & little."
5th Apr 2013 21:40
"Uruguay VS Brazil Guess Uruguay won!!!!"
5th Apr 2013 22:59
"If that is Coates as some suggest, why is he only in the last pic and only the back of him too! A little respect for our players please LFC!"
6th Apr 2013 2:22
"See we do practise heading!"
Papa Syed
6th Apr 2013 17:36
"Must be a draw lol! Saw that kinda game in far east with a rattan ball. Not mistaken it is called sepaktakraw. Amazing game with the ball smashed at g8 speed! YNWA!"
6th Apr 2013 23:06
"AfricanSubzero, it's likely u didn't grow up in Lagos, because 'paralo' was common while growing up there. LOL!!"