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just a bit bad, we are covered enough at the wings to cope with the momentarily absence of Raheem. Coutinho, Downing, Assaidi and Suso will make their good work for sure! Heal well and with calm Raheem! YNWA RS
5th Apr 2013 14:48
5th Apr 2013 15:58
"BR needs to give Assaidi a chance, he is a talented player and was the best signing for us during the summer. "
5th Apr 2013 16:25
"Nothing serious IMO."
5th Apr 2013 17:27
"Give Assaidi a go on the wings, we have hardly seen him this season."
5th Apr 2013 17:43
"Assaidi had a chance few months ago and looked lost in space. At this stage I personally do not believe he will get another chance this season."
5th Apr 2013 18:07
"I'd love to see Ibe on the bench again. He's going to be a great player. On the other hand, I also rate Assaidi highly and would love him to be on the bench / feature too."
5th Apr 2013 21:38
"Kmp - What chance? He has hardly played any games this season and is far better than Downing. "
5th Apr 2013 21:41
"Rest him and give Suso and Assaidi a chance."
6th Apr 2013 1:25
"Luis 7??9 Better at Downing than what?? Running around trying to look the big un?"
6th Apr 2013 13:37
"redahendo - Well well well look whose back? Thought I had given you a good hiding a few months ago when you kept saying how good Downing was but you couldn't reply since I shut you up stating facts. Assaidi needs to be given chances so he can easily overtake Downings poor stats which shouldn't be too hard since he will never hit double figures. "
6th Apr 2013 19:43
"Luis7??9 Good hiding?? Why don't you do one! Typical LS fan, cant see the wood for the trees."
7th Apr 2013 14:27
"redahendo - I see that you still cannot come up with a constructive reply. What happened to Downing during West Ham, got injured hey :) Hopefully hes out for a few weeks. I got my wish with Allen and Borini missing the rest of the season, having Downing out will be just perfect. Those 3 players bring nothing to LFC and are average at best!!! "